Saturday, November 5, 2011

No, The Jobless Rate Didn't 'Dip'..

Headline: Jobless Rate Dips to 9 Percent

No, what it means is 9% of people are collecting unemployment benefits, not that more have gotten jobs. IOW, more people have been out of work for so long, the Gov't doesn't count them anymore.

Lying w/ numbers while they try and ruin the country.

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Illinois 'Justice'

Recently, a 14yo girl was stabbed to death after walking in on a goblin burglarizing her home. He took only a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, mostly in the form of her Ipod, cellphone and a bowl full of change. They caught the scum after he started sending the mother harassing text messages from the daughters phone.

This should come as no surprise then:
John L. Wilson spent 17 of the last 20 years in prison, and had been on parole for just 11-1/2 months before his Wednesday arrest in the stabbing death of Kelli O’Laughlin, according to court and Illinois Department of Corrections records.Link
1991: In January, police spot Wilson dealing drugs and chase him, finding a total of 5 grams of heroin in several bags on him. Then in February, police who stop Wilson on Chicago’s South Side for traffic offenses discover the car he’s driving is stolen. They arrest him after a brief chase. He’s sentenced in August to a total of five years in prison.

1993: Wilson paroles out of prison in February. In June, he’s found at his home with eight packets of cocaine. While out on bond in November, he forces his way into the driver’s side of a car by pointing a gun at the driver’s head on Chicago’s South Side. He’s spotted a few hours later by police and crashes the car. While running from police, he drops his coat with the gun in it.

1994: In May he’s sentenced to a total of eight years for both the drug and carjacking cases. He’s sent to prison in June.

2001: While in prison in Downstate Pontiac, Wilson is charged and sentenced for aggravated battery of a prison guard. He paroles out in May but is sent back to prison July 19 for an apparent parole violation, though corrections officials couldn’t say exactly why Friday.

2002: Paroles out in June. In August, he steals the purse of a woman who tries to help him after he rams her car with his bike. As she’s going to give him money and bandages, he grabs her throat and her purse.

2003: Sentenced in May to 11 years in prison for unlawful vehicular invasion.

2010: Released on parole Nov. 16.
Remember the gun controller's mantra. If you give them what they want, they won't hurt you.


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Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a Gun Owner Butt + Fudd = This Guy

Uncle points to a textbook example Fudd who is perfectly willing to throw all other gun owners under the bus as long as he can keep his 'huntin' guns'. He even quoted Brady Campaign statistics.
I'm not worried that laws clamping down on handguns and automatic weapons will affect my hunting options one bit.
Yet who will he come crying to when his 'hunting options' are reduced by loss of lands, expensive licenses, etc. ? Oh right. All those handgun and automatic weapon owners that support the NRA etc. and have done his heavy lifting for all these years.
Of course I am aware that my hunting rifles can be used to kill people as well as deer and ducks, but they're not designed for that, and that makes a big difference.
I certainly can think of no reason why he should be allowed to own an intermediate power sniper rifle like the Remington 700, do you?
What's needed is a new movement of responsible sportsmen who recognize the fact that there is so much unnecessary death, injury and suffering that goes on in this country thanks to our lax gun laws.
Boy, that sounds familiar. Maybe he should check out the AHSA. The Obama shill 'sportsmans group' that disappeared right after the election and which supported all the gun control schemes he does.

I wonder if this @ss realizes that there wouldn't be any firearms left except for specially licensed hunting clubs for the elite if it weren't for the 'radical' NRA and the millions of firearm owners who finally said people like him were anachronisms. The very reason Harlan Carter staged his 'revolt' back in the 70's.

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Here We Go Again...

RANSON, W.Va. (AP) — Authorities evacuated a small-town post office Friday and quarantined 15 workers after a package exploded and spewed an unidentified white powder.
LinkAnd now how many copy-cats are we going to start seeing? Especially right after the whole 'Geriatic Militia' and their attempts at using ricin.

This seems pretty sophisticated though. No just dumping baby-powder in an envelop but a small explosive device just powerful enough to deliver whatever it turns out to be in a distributed cloud.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remember the 'Hutaree'?

A group 'planning on targeting law enforcement' were arrested w/ much media fanfare, quickly followed by accusations that Fox and Glenn Beck were promoting terrorism. It later came out that there was an FBI plant and he may have been involved in promoting and advocating the discussed attacks.

Now we have the 'Geriatric Militia' , arrested after planning on making ricin attacks against the gov't w/ much media fanfare, quickly followed by accusations that Mike Vanderboegh and Fox is fomenting terrorism. Again there was an 'FBI plant'.


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MAIG's 'Do It Yourself' Push Poll #2

So what do gun control advocates do when a REPUTABLE polling agency shows they're losing? Why hire yet another push polling agency to create the numbers they want for press releases. Not Lunz this time but 'Lake Research Partners'.

Kurt Hoffman did the legwork on this group back in '10, showing just how unbiased they really are:
The right message to the right audience wins the day. LRP is one of the most reputable firms in providing issue advocacy organizations with research that shapes the debate and leads to winning policy outcomes...

Most of all, we’re a firm of true believers – each one of us feels privileged to work with our clients to advance progressive ideals – it’s the primary ‘intangible’ benefit of Lake Research Partners.
The reason they need to do this is because they KNOW they're losing. Unfortunately for them, they don't have control of the 'message' anymore like they did 20 years ago. There's all these 'traitors' and 'insurrectionists' running around armed w/ the truth.

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@CSGV's Target Audience

Nine days before his death, Evanovich, 23, gave an interview on video that an anti-violence group intended to show to at-risk youths.
You have to love the irony. Evanovich was the individual who, according to Ladd Everitt of the CSGV, was 'executed' 'drive-by style' by a CCW license holder (who's NOT being charged btw) after he PISTOL WHIPPED and ROBBED a woman.

So when they talk about 'gun violence', they've proven once again they don't really care about reducing it, only reducing legal firearm ownership.

H/t to GunFreeZone

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gangs in the US

After getting a giggle out of the FBI classifying the ‘Juggalos’ as a criminal gang, I perused the Gang Threat report some more. Some highlights:
  • Some jurisdictions in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Texas report that gangs are responsible for at least 90 percent of crime.

  • Gangs are involved in approx. 66.2% of homicides nationwide.

  • NGIC reporting indicates that juvenile gangs are responsible for a majority of crime in various jurisdictions in Arizona, California, Connecticut,Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

  • NGIC reporting indicates that gang members in at least 72 jurisdictions have compromised or corrupted judicial, law enforcement, or correctional staff within the past three years.

  • NGIC reporting indicates that gang members in at least 57 jurisdictions, including California, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia, have applied for or gained employment within judicial, police, or correctional agencies.

  • NGIC reporting indicates that law enforcement officials in at least 100 jurisdictions have come into contact with, detained, or arrested an active duty or former military gang member within the past three years.

  • Enlisted military personnel are also being utilized by gang members as a ready source for weapons.
  • • In November 2010, a US Navy Seal from San Diego and two others were arrested in Colorado for smuggling at least 18 military issued machine guns and 14 other firearms from Iraq and Afghanistan into the United States for sale and shipment to Mexico, according to open source reporting.

  • In 2009, suspected gang members in Broward County and West Palm Beach, Florida burglarized nearly a dozen marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles stealing firearms, ballistic vests, and police identification.

So a huge percentage of crimes are being committed by those w/ no regard for life, property or society. Federal, state and local laws along with sworn codes of honor are already being broken but the mentality of gun control advocates is that ‘one more law’, laws not even targeting the criminals, will make drastic changes to crime in the US. It's all the fault of 'gun nuts' not accepting their 'reasonable, common-sense' 'compromises' in which we get nothing in return

Does that make any sense at all?

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Cartoons Come To Life

I'm a fan of the cartoon 'Batman Beyond'. One of the antagonists in the show is a gang called the 'Jokerz', petty criminals who dress up like clowns and named after the long-time nemesis, the Joker.

So when I saw this story:
The FBI has classified fans of the Detroit-based hip-hop band Insane Clown Posse--who call themselves Juggalos and paint their faces like their heros--as a violent, fast-growing "gang" worth monitoring.

I had to laugh. Cartoons are more relevant to modern society than 'Reality Shows'.

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It's All They Have Left

Sebastian (TBFKASIH) states in regards to another feelgood post by MAIG strategist Cliff Schecter:
While it is good for our movement that the supply of reasonable people on the other side is in precipitous decline, when you’re a blogger, you start feeling like you’re just refuting the same, tired mischaracterized arguments over and over again. I’ve seen dozens of Cliff Schecters over my nearly five years as a gun blogger, and while I can appreciate that feeling superior to your fellow Americans is a powerful motivator for our opponents, it’s tiresome. Ultimately the Schecters of the world either have to start acting like intelligent, reasonable people, or face being ignored in political obscurity. Their inability to make quality arguments I believe has played a role in the decline of gun control in this country. As a shooter and Second Amendment supporter, I am glad for that. But it certainly doesn’t make it easy to run a blog about gun policy when the only arguments you ever get to refute are ridiculous and clownish.
I agree. One of the reasons we don't see many quality arguments anymore is that the majority of people who could make them were not 'true believers' in gun control but were professional 'guns for hire' who moved on to greener pastures. A prime example of this is Peter Hamm. Now that the main stream media no longer controls the info-sphere, their core arguments themselves, no matter how well portrayed, have been shown to be fabrications and mis-characterizations.

On Cliff, he is a prime example of those that need to feel smug and superior to others and use cartoon-ish characterizations of firearm owners that they've created to do so. I mean really, he creates some utopian aliens so he can continue to justify his own pre-concieved biases and bigotry. How pathetic is that?

And I also agree w/ Sebastian that having to club people over the head when they try and portray semi-auto's as 'machineguns' gets old. And it's not just coming from their shrinking rank & file, but their leadership as well.

The advantage it gives us though is, while repetitive and at times boring, it keeps giving us the opportunity to show just how the entire mythos of gun control is ridiculous and dishonest.

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The NRA Boogey-Man

The AZ Daily Star journalist puts out a fairly balanced report on 'Fast & Furious'. That is until it comes to the NRA, which of course had little to nothing to do w/ breaking the story.
A gun-control conspiracy?

What's missing in the Watergate comparison is a clear motive for the Obama White House to send weapons to Mexico. The National Rifle Association and its allies have filled that void with a theory that, in Babeu's words, Fast and Furious was part of a "master plan" to bring about more gun control.
Oh that's right, the 'NRA and its allies'. The NRA controls all in the gun control world.

So who does he quote in response? Robert Spitzer, who pulls out the 'It's the NRA's fault for limiting the ATF so much' argument.

They either ignore or are unaware of the handy little e-mail from ATF officials stating they were going to use it to push for long gun reporting.

Oops. So it is a 'conspiracy'. One w/ evidence from the perpetrators themselves as they conspired to gain more power for their organization by any means necessary.

As usual, when it comes to the NRA, even when they have little or nothing to do w/ an event or situation, just the very name makes journalists @ssholes pucker and go completely irrational.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Way To Screw Oak Park, IL Firearm Owners

Having had their longstanding handgun ban overturned as unconstitutional and seeing how Chicago has gotten reamed trying to snub their nose as SCOTUS, Oak Park decided to try a new tact, send their gun restrictions through their 'Department of Public Health'.

IOW, they're going to make training and storage requirements so ridiculous that it amounts to a defacto gun ban for the majority of its citizens and they'll waste thousands of taxpayer dollars defending it.

No surprise they're getting advised by the Joyce Foundation Funded 'Legal Community Against Violence'.

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