Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Narrative

A child was shot multiple times in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago.  After escaping, he was picked up by emergency personnel and transported to a local hospital.  This carnage will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in hospital and court costs along w/ lost current and future wages.

We need to institute full background checks, licensing and registration of firearms along with the restriction of magazine limits and assault weapons.

That's the 'narrative'. That's the spin that anti-gun advocates will put onto most situations.

Here's the reality.
Teens charged in shooting of Oak Park police officer

An armed 17yr old 'child' and his 18yr old friend ambushed an off-duty police officer, eventually deciding to execute him.  The officer pulled his firearm and a shootout ensued, hitting both the officer and the 17yr old who ran away.  He fled the scene and was picked up by police later, his firearm also recovered, where he was transported to the hospital. He is being charged as an adult for felony attempted murder of a police officer.
This is the reality of most 'gun violence' involving 'children'. Gang-banging thugs shooting eachother or actual children in their drive to commit murder and mayhem.

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