Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm outta here.

until sometime in February. No idea what posting will be like from me. Most likely slim to non-existant.

Until then, Melody's got the keys to the trailer.

Mel's Saturday Quote worth Re-quoting

A gun is a tool, Marian. No better, no worse than any other tool.
An axe, a shovel, or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that."
The movie Shane, Allen Ladd (1953).

Friday, January 4, 2008

Bryan Miller continues to distance himself from Prof. Riley.

In his latest post:

As to your silly hubbub about a CeaseFire PA Board member (that's PA as in Pennsylvania), neither Ceasefire NJ (that's NJ as in New Jersey) nor I have any role in choosing, endorsing, supporting or whatever anyone on CeaseFire PA's Board. It ain't our business. So, the accusatory Comments to my blog about a CeaseFire PA Board member are ridiculously out of place, which is why I deleted all of two hostile and inappropriate Comments (out of nearly 600 appended to my entries). Finally, I have neither time nor inclination to seek information on CeaseFire PA's Board members. As I said, I am busy doing what I do. 'Nuff said. Adio, fellas.

And yet:

And, energetic and strategic leadership has emerged at CFNJ's sister organization, CeaseFire PA, around which all concerned to make Pennsylvania (and, indeed, New Jersey) safer from handgun crime and violence are gathering.

Sure sounds like support to me. Especially since he was the one that co-founded and was Executive Director of CF PA. How would he know that they have "energetic and strategic" leadership if he knows nothing about them? Is that just what the other board members told him? Is he just a mouthpiece regurgitating talking points now or is he actually active in his organization? Is he stating he no longer has any influence in the organization he started?

Notice that he refuses to use Alex Tristan Riley's name? Or that the post he deleted was a link to Riley's "Vermin" blog about the very topic Bryan is discussing? Why would he possibly do that?

You can't make this stuff up.

Legalese in DC v Heller..

The DC Brief is in and they still can't tell the truth.

the majority invalidated D.C. Code § 22-4504(a), which requires a license to carry concealable weapons in the District, seemingly on the theory that it eliminates respondent’s right to use hand-guns for self-defense in his home. However, licensing laws ensure that only law-abiding, competent individuals have access to dangerous weapons...

Nonetheless, the majority concluded that section 22-4504(a) functions as a complete ban on using handguns for self-defense at home because one cannot obtain a license for a handgun.

So they're saying that they feel there are no law-abiding, competent individuals residing in DC. They must have been talking about Congress.

My favorite:

Third, handguns cause accidents

They "Cause" them? Idiots.

These are the "reasonable regulations" that the Brady Campaign supports. If knuckle-draggers like me can pick their brief apart this easily, they're hurting worse than we thought.

And so it begins

I was pleased to see her majesty lose. 4 more years of the Clinton's is not palatable although, she may return the stolen items to the White house. Unfortunately, it still has a chance at the highest office in the land, regardless of how nauseating she is. I can not say her opponent, the winner of Iowa is any better.
What choices democrats have, a know nothing done nothing from Illinois, and a worthless ambulance chaser from North Carolina. (Who says Tarheels do not have a since of humor) neither would be someone to look up to, respect, or even hire as garbage collectors.

The republicans are pretty lack luster as well, but still a dammed sight better than the alternatives.

Admittedly I am waiting to see which of the noisy little bugs will don a camouflage outfit take up a shot gun and pretend to be going hunting. Murmuring hollow statements, to the effect, they really support the second amendment and the Bill of Rights. The big laugh will be forgetting to remove the price tags after the quick stop at Cabelas.

I can only hope that all of the pro freedom people take the 2008 election cycle seriously. And get the word out that your Bill of Rights is in the hands of what ever arrives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. next year.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Think about this..

This (as Alex puts it) "Shitty little blog" that "nobody reads" and "doesn't matter" has generated more hits on both Paul Helmke's and Josh Sugarmann's Huffpo blogs than either of their organizations or, for that matter, ANY anti-rights blog or organization. And I'm just small potatoes.

Chew on that one for awhile.

Little white lies...

By the Brady Bunch to intentionally mislead the public:

BATF agents reported that the Branch Davidians at Waco fired .50 caliber sniper rifles at BATF agents attempting to execute a search warrant. BATF had requested the use of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to execute the search warrant because the Bradley is believed capable of withstanding .50 caliber firearms. But the Bradley's were not used and four agents were killed.[13]

And how many were killed by the alleged .50 cal fire? None. But you wouldn't get that from their statement, now would you?

Update: DETAILS!! Brady's don't need no stinkin' DETAILS!!

Ron Paul supporters out of this world.....literally.

And into the World of Warcraft.

WoW Players Stage In-Game March for Ron Paul

Political action was surprisingly a largely civilized affair.
By Mark Whiting, 01/02/2008

That's why it's interesting to hear about the big demonstration that went down yesterday over on Blizzard's servers. Apparently, sometime around 8:30 PM EST on Tuesday, a throng of Alliance members took to the streets of Ironforge in a surprisingly well-orchestrated in-game demonstration designed to drum up support for (very real life) Republican dark horse presidential candidate and Internet darling Ron Paul.

Surprisingly, the WoW demonstration seems to have gone down reasonably smoothly, without much civil unrest or excessive PKing. The procession opened with upwards of 200 Alliance members who assembled en masse in Ironforge sporting names and guild affiliations (such as "RP Revolution") obviously designed to indicate support for the candidate. Some players went as far as to sport custom armor bearing a scroll symbol meant to represent the US Constitution.

I have to admit, that's pretty inventive. Wonder if the various other politicos are going to try and start organizing cyberspace rallies now.

The tale of DC V Heller

It’s all over the news, D.C. Case imploding. Where I do show cautious optimism anyone who assumes this case will put the issue of freedom to bed really needs to re-think this issue. The supreme coming down solidly on the side of freedom and the individual right will be wonderful.
But be aware the Supreme has not ruled yet. Further one need only look at the likes of Miller, Helmke and their noisy, mouth breathing, and feral minions, not to mention the organizations that are not simply packing up shop and going away.

Realize the rabid supporters we have all come to know and love, at the old Brady Blog, more recently in Huffpo whine, occasionally in the Miller knee-jerk column to name a few, will continue to be flies buzzing around every Bill of Rights supporter, and will not give up an emotion based, propaganda and lie driven position.

You need only look as far as the evening news, the vote for me folks, and realize our fight has just begun. Because if there is one thing we all have learned (or should have) is how crafty the Anti-Freedom crowd can be. Moreover this issue is not really over firearms, it is power and control over “The People”. History has taught us if the second falls the rest are sure to follow. I will continue the belief that mine is the fight of freedom. Firearms are just scapegoats.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They're still number one!!!

New Orleans retains the murder capitol of the US title w/ 209 in 2007 giving it an estimated 71/100K murder rate.

Going by last years numbers, NO had 30% (161) of the states murders (530) but only 6% (255K)of the population (4.3M) giving it 7X the murder rate of the rest of the state. I doubt the rest of the state saw a similarly large increase.

I guess residents should continue to rely on the police and NG for protection. They're doing a fine job of it now. My hats' off to you Mayor Nagin.

NYC and Chicago are claiming the lowest levels in years. I'ld like to see a neighborhood breakdown of those claims because areas like Englewood sure haven't seen a decrease.


It would appear the Good Ole Huffpo comments are running at blazing speed. I posted a comment on 12/30/2007 just showed up today.

Dear Paul/Brady Campaign ~
As usual I came here looking for a laugh and was not disappointed. The drooling mindless bantering of the rabid Brady Bunch supporters, regardless of how lacking in merit their arguments are, but never fails to entertain. The Anti Gun rights crowd ~ will continue to devalue truth and reason, resorting to lies and hysteria to propagate fear of inanimate machines.Looking forward to Paul Helmke's lie filled propaganda as well Paul and his followers getting their butts handed to them in 08. And a very happy, safe New Year to those in gun ownership and freedom advocacy.

Many thanks.


Was begining to feel unwanted...

UFOs, 9/11 Conspiracies, Gun Control & Other Myths

Ceasefire PA has them all. Like Bryan Miller says, You can't make this stuff up.

The should write a book. Here's the cover.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Children & Guns

Even PSH UK is recognizing that allowing children to play soldier/cowboy&indians/cops&robbers does no harm and can increase the use of imagination and teach safety at an early age.

PuSH'ers on this side of the pond however, feel differently. Kelli, our favorite sycophant of the Brady Bunch, sees no difference between teaching firearm safety and recruiting child soldiers al la Rwanda while Alex Riley of Ceasefire PA feels parents who let their children play dress up should be imprisoned.

I expect to be served a summons to a UN War Crime Tribunal any day now:

Fourthpower Alpha

Fourthpower Bravo

Note: That's no 'redeye'. They really are evil.

Mexican Gov't PSH

The Mexican Gov't is claiming that illegal immigrants are being recruited to be used as cannon fodder for the US military:

It's commonly asserted in Mexico that the US military uses minorities, including Hispanics, as cannon fodder.

The governor of the Mexican state of Zacatecas recently made the astounding declaration that 70% of the US military is black and Hispanic - with 40% being of Mexican origin.

To bad that isn't even close to being true:

Hispanics, on the other hand, continued to be underrepresented, with 14 percent among NPS accessions compared with nearly 18 percent for comparable civilians. In terms of the force, African Americans are overrepresented in the enlisted ranks when compared to their civilian cohorts.

This is like their claims that criminals are importing 600,000 AR-15's along w/ high explosives every year from the US. They need to do everything they can to distract from their own incompetence and corruption while prices are increasing and their facing an economic collapse when their oil supply runs out.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Please stay where you are.

I stumbled across this site. Basically this is a New Jersey pinhead from Hunterdon County, NJ thinking of moving to Georgia, Fulton Next County over from my home.

My thoughts please stay in New Jersey. We really do not want our part of the world contaminated.

To expand on a post...

From The Real Gun Guys:

"CeaseFire PA Goals:

  • Reduction of illegal handgun trafficking by requiring gun owners to report lost and stolen firearms, and by limiting most handgun buyers to no more than one handgun purchase per month.

  • Translation: We blame legal gun owners for crime.

  • Closure of the gun show loophole at the federal level.

  • Translation: Make them all go through licensed dealers,

  • Public access to federal crime gun tracing data.

  • Translation: who we can then sue out of existence,

  • Effective product safety standards for firearms.

  • Translation: and then legislate away all remaining guns as "unsafe" with non-existant technology.

  • The eradication of needless gun violence."

  • Translation: Thus making the world safer for criminals.

    Thank you Third for the wonderful Introduction

    Hello and Happy 2008 Kids.

    Thirdpower has graciously offered me the use his forum, and invited me to be a guest writer here. I would like to thank him for this wonderful opportunity. I will do my best to keep the open lively discussion going. I may have “Melodies Little helpers” from time to time, but I am sure we will all have lots of fun.

    Now a little about me.
    Many of you know me as “Melody” I hail from Georgia, but split my time between home and New York/ New Jersey area. “Yuck” Business is Business, Money is Money and “Melody” does like her job, as well early retirement is a wonderful goal…..I find little enthusiasm for the Northeast, and look forward to my escapes back to the free world. I have little if any tolerance for Anti-Gun Anti-Freedom people, and find it difficult to understand why someone would want to toss a freedom in the trash can. I am a conservative, a proud member of the NRA, SAF, GOA, as well as the SAS (Second Amendment Sisters). I look forward to the coming month, and hope you all show patience as I have never handled a “blog” before.

    On that note I will wish you all a Merry Christmas “albeit late”, and a Bright, Safe and Wonderful New Year.

    All the Best


    Compare and Contrast..

    One says "B…R…I…N…G…I…T" and when we do, he scurries away like the sociologically similar vermin he states we resemble.

    Now another says "Bring it on". Care to lay odds on a different result?

    Guest Bloggers..

    After this week, I'm going to be gone on business for awhile. Internet access will be spotty at best and possibly not available. I'm not sure yet. Not wanting to leave it completely idle, I've invited Melody over as a guest blogger to keep the home fires warm while I'm gone. One or two others may be in the works.

    I first encountered Melody on the old Brady Blog and she posts now on the Huffpo and Miller blogs. She's a regular trap shooter and doesn't pull any punches as to what she thinks.

    Hypocritical Quotes of the Day..

    Violence is here to stay, I fear, and some of us will choose to use it to protect the people we love from those who will choose to use it to hurt those people. I’m not into the idea of imaginary supernatural beings who will do the moral sorting. I think we have to do it, or it doesn’t get done. And yes, I do indeed take some pleasure in anticipating the doing of moral good by working to prepare myself for that task.

    -Prof Alexander Tristan Riley, Ceasefire PA board member

    And now contrast that to this quote from his now defunct blog:

    What a blueprint for a culture, that of the NRA. Paranoid people who imagine murderers and evil government agents are at every street corner, waiting to strike at innocents, and therefore arm themselves to the teeth, which legitimately terrifies their neighbors and helps produce exactly the kind of distorted world that the gun extremists believe already exists--i.e., a world in which everyone is deathly afraid of everybody else.

    So prepare yourself to defend against the violence that is out there and revel in your "Marshall Dillon" complex but don't use a gun to prepare against violence because that's paranoid and increases violence by creating a "Marshall Dillon" complex.

    Sunday, December 30, 2007

    The position of Ceasefire Pennsylvania board members..

    From board member Alexander Tristan Riley, the "energetic and strategic leadership" that they've recently admitted:

    And FYI, repeal of the 2nd Amendment is EXACTLY my position. The 2nd Amendment is a relic of history, which in any event has never meant what the NRA thinks it does (at least according to the Supreme Court–but what do they know, when we’re talking about the opinion of Moses and Wayne LaPierre, eh?). No smokescreens from me. Firearms produce very, very little that can be objectively considered social good, and MUCH that is obviously socially destructive.


    Bw, a lot of us are working politically to try to take your gun away from you, or at least to make it very, very hard for you to justify your need to have it:

    So is this the official position of Ceasefire PA?

    And who could this possibly be?

    David has a troll threatening libel action against us. Homosexual insinuations, ad hominems, claims that we're losing, and lack of the concept of irony:

    If you did know anything at all about how the technology works then you'd appreciate that, if I knew what your IP address was, I could make this post of mine appear as though it was made from your computer.

    Oh guys! Whatever happened to your powers of detection? Take a look at my IP address. I'm not posting from Lewisburg PA, am I?

    You know, the usual.

    Obviously DeadEyeTroll is concerned about an independent investigation.