Friday, May 8, 2009

Fu@k Chicago

In Illinois, a bill pre-empting the laws of local areas needs a 3/5ths majority(71/35) to pass. By that rule, a pre-emptive "shall issue" CCW law is, in effect, impossible due to Chicago and the collar counties.

A "Home Rule" bill, however, only requires a 2/3rds (60/30)majority to pass. Something that, with 90 counties signing the Pro-2A Resolution and 13 counties supporting CCW, there was a possibility of getting.

Not now.

The NRA took a position of 'Neutrality' on HB2257, the Home Rule Bill, effectively killing in, in lieu of the Pre-emption bill, which has no chance. In reality, HB2257 was actually less restrictive than the others.

Their plan is to wait for a court victory in the Chicago handgun case and then push more litigation. Preemption is the issue, not Concealed Carry. They're perfectly willing to wait another 10-20 years.

I'm not.

SIH Sebastian brings up the example of PA passing it while allowing Philly to be exempt. Fair enough. However, it got passed and has been improved over the years. They've had it for 20 years while Illinois still has none whatsoever. We will continue to have none unless Chicago were to fall off into Lake Michigan.

The NRA-ILA needs to hear from us about this. Call, E-mails, letters.

Kurt and David have more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

O-Day + 107: A Plethora O' Broken Promises

He's a politician. Did anyone expect any different?

1)Obama promised to remove the Tiarht Amendment during the campaign.


Obama Administration Fails to Remove Gun Lobby Language from Budget

His current page looks like this.

2)Obama promised to support needle exchanges to reduce AIDS.


Obama Budget Bans Federal Funding For Needle Exchange, Breaking Campaign Pledge

The current page looks like this.

From the same page, Obama promised to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell".

Today the page includes weasel words: "He supports repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in a sensible way that strengthens our armed forces and our national security," leading to his inaction on this:

Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

You know, one of those 'language experts' that costs millions of dollars to replace.

There's your Hope and Change in a nutshell.

Paul Helmke is 'Disappointed'..

One would think he'ld be used to it by now.

And then there were 90.

90 out of 102 counties in Illinois have passed the 2A Resolution.

That's lots of green.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The honeymoon is over

Gun sales through the roof. Applications for CCW permits unprecedented. Ammo shortages nation wide.

Will the new holders of power get the message?

I give you the paper tigger and the bear market.


P.S. To our Dear Leader, words don't really matter.

Typo? Doubtful..

Chicagoland politicians really are this ignorant:

"Why do an exercise in fertility?"

No, he's not talking about creating octuplets. He's talking about him vetoing a repeal of the Cook County tax increase.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The symbolism is simply astounding, watch it closely.

As a new member of the "domestic extremist" club, I thought it appropriate to kick off my own initiation with a song.

I hope this serves as a warning for both dominant political parties; for both mascots are either a game animal or a slave mule.

I will only respect you to the degree that you fill up my plate, for I must feed as well. Freedom is hungry, and waiting in line while clutching a coupon is not an option.

Here's the translation if you desire.

But even in the original, if it dosen't make you shake your ass a little bit in your chair, I'd begin to wonder if you shake your ass at all, for any reason.

Turn up the volume like you mean it.

You're Extremist, I'm Extremist, We're all Extremist Here..

We're in baby!!! I am officially a domestic extremist under multiple Gov't definitions.

(U) alternative media (U//FOUO) A term used to describe various information
sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and
issues that differ radically from those presented in mass
media products and outlets.

(U) militia movement (U//FOUO) A rightwing extremist movement composed of groups or individuals who adhere to an antigovernment
ideology often incorporating various conspiracy theories.
Members oppose most federal and state laws, regulations, and
authority (particularly firearms laws and regulations) and
often conduct paramilitary training designed to resist
perceived government interference in their activities or to
overthrow the U.S. Government through the use of violence.
(also: citizens militia, unorganized militia)

(U) patriot movement (U//FOUO) A term used by rightwing extremists to link their beliefs to those commonly associated with the American
Revolution. The patriot movement primarily comprises
violent antigovernment groups such as militias and sovereign
(also: Christian patriots, patriot group, Constitutionalists, Constitutionalist

So I'm a "Domestic Terrorist" in Missouri, and a "Rightwing/Domestic Extremist" according to various Federal reports.

And they always seem to come from 'rogue' departments w/o 'official approval' when they are leaked.

Armed and Safe notes that the .gov is preparing for this eventuality.

Computer Upgrade..

Been there, done that, got the T-shirts, stickers, patches, and pins.

Nine Days

Till the 2ABB.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knowing is half the battle

I haven't done enough background on Gov. Rendell to comfortably say whether or not he's blatantly lying or just plain ignorant.

But this is what the enemy looks and sounds like.

Breaking News!!!

Apparently there’s an ammo shortage.

Went to the local sporting goods store today just on a whim to see what ammo was available and as I walked through the door I was greeted with “You looking for ammo?”

I replied that indeed I was. They said they just got some in today so I started to browse.

.308 going for $187 for a 250 round battle pack.
.223 going for $7 for a box of 20
9mm going for $18 for a box of 50.
.45? …gone
7.62X39? …gone
.22LR?……………………GONE, and they have been out of .22LR for 4 weeks!

The one silver lining was that I bought 250 12 gauge shells for only $60, which is pretty good. Considering my shotgun is primarily for home defense and that I have an ample supply of 00-buck already, I consider it money well spent.

I understand the shortage thingie, I understand people without a good stock pile are willing to pay some outrageous prices right now, but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around a sporting goods store running out of .22LR a month ago with no restock yet.

Production estimates I’ve seen are between 2-3 billion rounds annually.

I’m guessing that as prices rose for center-fire calibers, more and more people are sitting on the cache they have and started dusting off the .22’s to take to the range. That’s certainly been my plan for a while now. I guess I’m not the only one. Anyways, I’m on a mission now. I only got about 2000 rounds of .22 right now so I’m gonna buy every brick I can find.

It’s a little unsettling coming to grips with the fact that my ammo supply is now worth more than my 401k.



Took the long way home today to check some other ammo sources. The first was the local rip-off pawn shop; not exactly my first choice. But they had a sandwich board out front declaring ".22 ammo just in," so I swerved across 3 lanes of traffic and got out my wallet.

$30 a brick was the cheapest. He claimed it cost him $26 to get it into the store.
We talked for a few minutes and he gave me the usual spiel about it's gonna be $50 per brick within a few months, so I should buy now. I decided to go across the street and check out Wal-mart to compare.

Wal-mart had a grand total of 6 50 round boxes for $3.17 apiece, or the equivalent of $31.70 per brick.

No 9mm, no .45, no 30.06, no .223. no 7.62x39, no .308. They had 4 boxes of .270, 6 boxes of 300 magnums, some 45-70 government and a case and a half of 12 gauge bird shot for about what I paid for the shotgun shells I bought yesterday.

The pawn shop now has better prices than Wal-mart?!?

Don't know about you, but I'm keeping an eye out for flesh eating zombies; things just ain't right.