Friday, August 1, 2008


From the Brady Campaign:

If they think bankrolling someone to spy on gun violence victims who are trying to strengthen the tragically weak gun laws in the country is acceptable, what else might they be doing?
Well, they're not paying private investigators to try and entrap firearm dealers. They're not intentionally misleading the public on what constitutes an "assault weapon". Or telling people that the IL FOID card is the ONLY background check required for 10 years. Really guys, try looking into a mirror when you proclaim about "ethical boundaries". See if you can keep a straight face.

It should be noted that what the Brady Campaign considers "tragically weak" is anything below the DC handgun ban. You know. The law that was just ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

As much as they lie and say they don't support "bans" and only want "to save lives" , their actions say otherwise:

Jeanne Bishop, president of a Million Mom March chapter in northern Chicago, said members of that group were just "stunned" to hear that council members were considering repealing the city's handgun ban or amending it.

She expressed concern that someone could remove a handgun in similar fashion and then take the weapon "into Evanston Township High School and have a Columbine shooting."

And even uses Kellerman to defend it:

She quoted statistics from the organization, which maintains that for every legally justifiable shooting of a gun in a household, some 22 are criminal, unintentional or suicide-related.
So the BC/MMM continues to support gun bans because someone might shoot up another school and the NRA might be spying on you too.


Anonymous said...

How did you get that email from the Brady Campaign???

Are you spying on them? What else are you doing? How dare you exploit these poor innocent...

Hold on a sec, got something in my inbox.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Pro Gun community would do something to counter act all this negative publicity, even if it is all nonsense, and can be easily refuted. Right now we can easily will the hearts and minds, but so far, the anti's are ahead.

Thirdpower said...

Only in the mainstream media. I won't speak for NJ specific, but even in the IL papers, most comments left online are pro-gun. The online communities are almost exclusively pro-gun. When you see an anti-gunwrite-up, 10:1 it's either a paid puppet (the gun guys), anti-gun exec (Helmke, Sugarmann,Schoenke) or a historically anti-gun media source (CNN, Chicago Trib). There are literally hundreds of independent pro-gun blogs while there is only a handfull of anti's.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your points. But I wish the pro gun community would clean up it's act when dealing with mainstream media, even if it's slanted against us.

Last night watching C-Span, the discussion about CCW on college campuses was on, and Helmke was clean cut, while the guy from the the 2nd Amendment Foundation looked like he rolled out of the gutter. It's like, come on man, comb your hair.