Saturday, December 6, 2014

Trust Them Not To Hurt You

There was a lot of discussion over the stupid college student who got mugged by a guy w/ a gun but didn't 'blame' the criminal because of 'white guilt'  He trusted in the criminal not to hurt him. 

Things don't always go that well.

Scenario:  Car full of suburban HS students decide to drive down I-80 a short distance to Gary, IN.  Particularly a crime/gang infested part of it in order to get some pot.  Enterprising dealer decides he has more need of their cash/property than they do and pulls out a gun.  Teens speed off.  Enterprising individual unloads his revolver into the car killing a 17yr old girl.  When arrested, he claims they pulled a gun on him first but no other weapon was recovered.

Moral of the story.  Criminals are dangerous and you can't trust them.  Watch COPS and you'll see countless vignettes of sting deals where the dealer tries to rob the cop.  Putting yourself into a dangerous area around dangerous people is going to eventually end badly. 

Disclosure. While I don't know the victim, I do know some of her family so this is somewhat 'close to home'.

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Urban fashion

In addition to my normal gig, I'm designing some new clothing lines as a side income. 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

What I do when I'm bored

Even though I don’t post very often, I’m probably on the computer more than most since I stopped watching TV back in 2001. I web surf, watch movies online and entertain myself with you tube videos. I’m always annoyed at the pop-up adverts that supposedly display products that I “should” be interested in.

Epic fail…but I bounce around like a house fly with attention deficit disorder so I can’t really blame the techno geeks who came up with the algorithm. A friend of a friend of mine works at google so I decided to call him one night about some ideas I had.

I was all set to talk about how to make the adverts more relevant but as soon as I punched in the last digit, my brain created perhaps the best idea I’ve had in years.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation.

Google tech: Hello?
Kaveman: Howdy, we have a mutual friend XXXXX, he gave me your number and I was hoping to pitch an idea you might be interested in which I believe would target a huge audience for adverts who are not only currently ignored but actually offended by the results of your current algorithm.
Tech: OK, were always searching for improvements but our algorithm is pretty rock solid; I’m trying to imagine how the results could actually offend anyone since it feeds directly off their search patterns.
Kaveman: I understand…let me explain. I work for a major non profit organization which advocates for gun control laws. Universal background checks, assault weapon bans, registration mandates and anything else we can think of.
Tech: OK, go on.
Kaveman: I spend a lot of time bouncing around websites like the Brady Campaign, CSGV, MAIG, VPC, Everytown Action Alliance, etc keeping up to date trying to coordinate our message and the adverts that pop up on my screen are nothing but offers to buy guns, take self defense gun training classes, gun cleaning products and so on.
Tech: OK, I’m listening.
Kaveman: Well, I’m terrified even looking at a picture of a gun and the concept of taking a training class to learn how to kill is abhorrent to me. Not that you’re actually responsible but I also have irritable bowel syndrome and I have, on occasion, actually shit myself after viewing the adverts bombarding me.
Tech: Uh…OK…sorry to hear that…what was that idea you had?
Kaveman: Your algorithm thinks I want to see adverts about firearms but as an advocate for gun control, I want the exact opposite. I want to see anti-gun products.
Tech: Such as?
Kaveman: We like candles and walking around in a big circle, so maybe some comfortable shoe adverts. We also like big pieces of cardboard and black felt markers. Antacids and pepto-bismal are always good and some stain resistant underwear would be much more effective than trying to sells us death machines.
Tech: How about flowers, kleenex and tiny caskets made for children?
Kaveman: Now you’re talking my language.
Tech: Well I have to admit, you raise a good point and I’ll bring this up at the next brainstorming session and see if we can’t build some code for people who research a product they oppose. Never really thought of that before so I thank you.
Kaveman: And toilet paper…we love soft toilet paper.
Tech: OK sir, have a nice day.

So I guess we’ll see how this all pans out.

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How Laws Get Passed In America

Asked if she had read the evidence regarding a situation that's taken on a national scope?

“I did not, and that is not a concern,” --Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)

She bases her decisions on her 'opinion' of the 'big picture' even though she openly refuses to educate herself on the facts behind them.

I'm sure she'll be re-elected. 

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Profile of a Firearm Owner

You’re a scared white person, almost certainly male. You do not live in a major city, or near a university or intellectual hub of any note, nor have you ever traveled very far from your home town, much less out of state or anywhere further than, say, Mexico. Once. And that was enough.
You do not read complicated books. You do not like new or weird things. You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News...
This is what anti-gun fanatics think of firearm owners.  Can their ever be any 'discourse' w/ someone who's this much of a bigot? 

H/T to GSL

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Dilemma for the Masses

So the situation.

You're a firearm dealer in the business for 25 years.  You get a phone call from someone claiming to be the parent of a customer.  This individual states that the customer is suicidal, schizophrenic, a danger to themself and others.  Caller also states that customer will likely be in the next few days to purchase another firearm.

Now this customer had bought a firearm from your store the month before and passed all federally required background checks and seemed a normal person.  When this person does come in a few days later, they again desire to purchase another firearm and again pass more background checks.

So what do you do?  Do you risk a discrimination lawsuit since the customer is female, taking the word of a complete stranger on the phone, and deny the sale or do you trust the background check and permit the sale?

Now think about it for a few minutes and make your decision.  Then scroll down for background and info. 

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This is a real case.   Here's the email the Brady Campaign sent:

“Dad is dead.”
That’s the text message Janet Delana got from her daughter Colby on the day she shot and killed her father, Janet’s husband of thirty-nine years.
Colby suffers from schizophrenia and depression; she should never have had a gun.
One month earlier, Colby bought a gun at a local dealer. Her parents quickly took it away, and tried to make sure she couldn’t get another, calling the dealer to alert them of Colby’s illness and warning them that she might come back.
Janet begged them not to sell her daughter another gun.
But they did anyway. Two days later, they sold Colby a gun AGAIN, pocketed the profits . . . and an hour later, Colby shot and killed her father.

 A woman named Colby Weathers purchased a firearm from 'Odessa Pawn & Gun' then went and killed her father hours later.  The Brady Campaign is suing the store on behalf of the family.   Now this woman had been diagnosed w/ multiple disorders, was suicidal, and had been hospitalized multiple times. The Federal Social Security Administration had determined she was mentally incapable of working so she was receiving money from the government due to her disorders.  She had also attempted to commit suicide w/ the firearm she had purchased the month before as well as multiple time before.

But not a single bit of this was in the federal background check even though the federal government was aware of her mental state.  For some reason her family, which was so concerned for her, did NOT have her hospitalized after her suicide attempt nor have her declared incapable of handling her own affairs so they could control the funds she was getting.

Sorry but as much as they're trying to blame the gun shop, they failed their daughter even more.  She should have been institutionalized permanently.  They even admit in the lawsuit they knew she was a danger to herself and others. If they were so worried, they should have gotten their asses over to the damn shop personally and shown them evidence instead of just calling on the phone. I for one wouldn't risk a discrimination lawsuit over some random phonecall.

The only purpose of this lawsuit by the Brady's is to litigate another firearm dealer out of business.

Images Of The Antis

What they need to believe:

This was posted by the lily white folks at the CSGV.  They need to convince themselves and their followers that gun owners want to kill 'federal agents' and hate all minorities in order for their meme to survive while ignoring all the racist rhetoric and discrimination pushed by their own commenters. 

For years, the Hutu's in Rawanda referred to Tutsi's as 'cockroaches' in order to make them seem less than human.  

This is how they want to see us as well.

(meme blatantly stolen from GFZ)

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