Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chicago's done.

Their brief has been submitted and is available here. Basically it's begging the court to keep 'precedent' and not overturn every crappy decision the court's made in the last 150 years.

The true desperation is shown in that they are still sticking to the 'collective rights' argument:

Nothing in the congressional debate
over the Amendment suggests any view that a
private arms right unconnected to preservation of the
militia was thought implicit in the concept of ordered
liberty.The scope of the Second Amendment right—

weapons in common use—also reflects its purpose of
protecting the militia, rather than an individual right
related to self-defense, since the Second Amendment
protects weapons regardless of whether they are
useful for self-defense.

They're done.

Update: More nonsense. They claim that overturning the gun ban will allow gang bangers to run rampant. As if they aren't already.

Are we really so far ahead that this is the best they can do?

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Days of Our Trailes: 2009 Year in Review

Blog stats for the year 2009:

Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 199,526 150,206 98,725 51,481
Average 547 412 270 141

On average, readership of DOOT has increased about 35% over last year. There are over 200 followers of this site on FB.

Most viewed pages:

10) Josh Sugarmann is a Sad Clown 1,254 views
9) Seeing the Future 50 yrs ago 1,323 views
8) Modern Militia Equipment II: Basic Field Gear 1,636 views
7) Why the confusion on 'Assault Weapons 1,710 views
6) Modern Militia: Vehicles 1,969 views
5) Ugh, Why Me Here? 2,133 views
4) Modern Militia: Uniforms 2,188 views
3) Modern Militia: Firearms 2,716 views
2)Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps 7,568 views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2009:

1) Unorganized Militia Gear 9,378 views

Top Ten referrers :

10) ViewfromthePorch 879 visitors
9) WaronGuns 2,054 visitors
8) Keyboard and a .45 2,699 visitors
7) Google/referrals 3,364 visitors
6) BredaFallacy 3,590 visitors
5) Xavierthoughts 4,099 visitors
4) LibertySphere 5,908 visitors
3) Google/organic 8,588 visitors

Sebastian and Bitter held their place at #2 for referrals.

2) Snowflakes in Hell 11,199 visitors

And w/ no real surprise, the #1 referrer to this site continued to be:

1) SayUncle w/ a whopping 19,179 visitors

The year was eventful. Kaveman joined DOOT as a co-blogger w/ his own unique view and some excellent posts. McDonald v Chicago is in full swing with things looking good for our side and the Brady Bunch effectively admitting defeat and Chicago desperately trying to cling to whatever vestiges of the ban they can. On the Federal level, we got the Amtrack bill and a few others. No major anti-gun bills have squeeked their way through. The states have been a mixed bag w/ the usual suspects like NJ, NY and CA passing laws that will in no way effect crime but other states showing their muscle by giving the proverbial middle finger to the ATF. I had a good time at the '09 NRA Convention. Wish I could have spent more time there.

Looking forward to the fun and games in 2010. Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Destroying the Evidence

Gangbangers converge on LA County 'Gun Turn-In' to let the police destroy evidence of their crimes for them, no questions asked.

News at 11.

Update: Sailorcurt thinks the '58 guns' guy snookered them w/ rubber duckies.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's new?

Something my buddy and I discussed awhile back is the dearth of firearm innovation for the civilian market.

Certainly there have been design improvements over time, but our focus was on truly ground-breaking technologies that would change the entire industry.

Once the ebil gun-loons settled on...

1. Centerfire metallic cartridges.
2. Smokeless powder(nitro-cellulose based).
3. Necked casings.

We kinda hit a wall in my view. Like I said, many improvements have been made to both guns and their ammunition but what was the last thing that impacted the entire industry?

The Mauser 98 bolt action design is probably still the best there is and semi-auto handguns have become smaller to compliment CCW laws sweeping the nation over the last few decades. But outside of the military, what was the last thing that changed everything.

More importantly, what do you THINK will be the next big breakthough?

One idea I had was a handgun which had its barrel directly in line with the center of your wrist and arm so that recoil would be directed straight rearward, into your shoulder, instead of your wrist being a pivot point for upward rotation. This would keep you on target for quick follow up shots.

Something like the palm pistol as far as alignment, but with more modern ergonomics and capacity.

AB 962's Real Purpose Realized Pt II

In Pt I, I noted CTD has issued a disclaimer on ammo sales. On further inquiry, their Customer Service Dept. has stated that "it will apply to every individual, business, and agency in CA".

Kudos to them.

Sportsman's Guide has not established a formal policy as of yet and I am waiting for responses from several other ammo distributors.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bloomberg's 40 Theses

SIH has obtained a copy of the report that Bloomie nailed to the doors of Congress after his entrapment exercises at gun shows in various states.

For the most part it avoids the classic "We want to ban guns" mentality of groups like the Brady Campaign and VPC and instead focuses on well researched methods to use the bureaucracy of gun laws to reduce and restrict ownership as much as possible.

If your Mayor is a member of this group, you need to do everything in your power to either change their mind or get them out of office.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Whoda thunk it?

I used to think that anti folks needed to shut the hell up.


Now, I think that their twisted thoughts need to be preserved and disseminated to everyone on the interweb tubes.

Sorry, I didn't provide any specific examples, the crap fest is happening all around me. I feel dirty, and need a shower badly.

Maybe when I'm done.

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Dissenting Opinion + Push Poll = Irrelevancy

The Brady Campaign, as they slide towards irrelevancy, continue their attack on due process. Since all their previous arguments have been ground into the dust by the use of facts, historical evidence and logic, they have been forced to rely on a dissenting opinion to a case that has nothing to do w/ firearm rights. Instead it was a case in where a Chicago law restricting free speech was found un-Constitutional.

As their "Reasoned Discourse' series was used as an excuse to censure, then end, and later delete comments on their blog, (and where the mocking phrase originated) it comes as no surprise that they would cite a judge who also supported extensive restrictions on freedom of speech.

And they continue to tout the poll written by professional lobbyists for the anti-gun MAIG as somehow being representative of NRA members.

SIH has more.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

AB 962's Real Purpose Realized

AB 962. The bill signed by the Governator to register ammo sales.

From the Brady Bunch:
AB 962 was the Brady Campaign’s top priority bill in this year’s legislature.
"Reasonable, Common-sense" gun laws in action.

From Cheaper Than Dirt:
As of January, 2011 we will no longer sell or ship ammunition to residents of California.

Does anything else need to be said?

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Parolees on Parade

What would you do if you were on a parole board and had a guy come before you that was convicted of murder in '85 and then had multiple convictions, while in prison, of assaulting prison guards?

If your answer was "Why, let him out. He's obviously reformed." You would fall right in line w/ the Illinois "Justice" system. It would also come as a complete surprise to you that this pillar of society decided to return to his nefarious ways and murder a 79 yr old man on X-mas Eve.
Records show he was paroled in November 2008 from prison, where he had been held since 1985 for a murder a year before. He also was convicted in 2001 and 2005 of aggravated battery of a peace officer. In the earlier incident, he assaulted at least two prison guards at Pinckneyville Correctional Center who tried to get him to remove personal property from his cell. Officials at the time said Cration had "an extensive history of violence, including ten staff assaults and one inmate assault along with five 'dangerous disturbances,' " according to an Associated Press story.

But remember, according to gun control advocates, it's firearm owners and those who are licensed to carry concealed that we should be worried about.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I regard the federal government of the United States of America as a severely degraded version of the Republican principles of the Constitution of the United States, particularly the Bill of Rights. But at least those documents give us a lofty standard by which to judge its lack of fidelity to its founding principles.

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Joyce Propaganda Continued

Continuing the series on anti-gun and associated messages being presented by the media comes an episode of "Criminal Minds" from 2006 called "The Tribe".

While it aired several years before the release of the numerous 'Right Wing Militia' reports , it refers to the Minuteman movement and a local (fictional) group called the "American Defense Unit". Quote: "They're kind of like the Minutemen on the boarder but instead of Mexicans, they hate Indians"

They pull the leader in as a suspect in the latest killings and laugh at him as he talks about his 'rights'. Quote: "You have 200 people in your group and over 450 guns. That's not self-defense, that's overkill. "

200 people and 450 guns is 'overkill'? That is less than a shotgun, rifle and handgun per person and they consider this a 'militant group'?

Nevermind the contradiction that one of the main characters was specifically mentioned as carrying two firearms.

Nevermind the fact that there's no way that they would know how many guns this group owned (unless it was advertised ) because NM doesn't have licensing or registration.

There was also a nice spiel about "21 Feet". Basically they said a gun is useless against anyone within 21 feet of you because they can get to you before you can react. Outside of 21 ft you have other options like running away.

The 'militia' turned out to have nothing to do w/ the crime of the week. It was just convenient to throw all that in.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Brady Bunch logic

This is a little nugget I found over at the Brady Center. I won't add to their google-fu by linking to them but I'm sure most readers can find their home page without too much trouble. NOTE: this is the "Brady Center" not the Brady Campaign page.

"The Legal Action Project, along with the Center for Constitutional Litigation, filed a petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court on August 24, 2009, asking the Court to strike down a federal gun industry immunity law as unconstitutional.

The case, Adames v. Beretta, arises out of the accidental shooting death of 13 year old Josh Adames, who was killed by another boy as a result of a defective Beretta handgun.

On May 5, 2001, thirteen-year old Billy Swan found his father’s Beretta 92FS handgun and removed the magazine that contained its ammunition, believing that this action had unloaded the gun. But the gun did not contain one of several commonplace safety features that warned users when a round remained in the chamber or prevented the gun from firing when “unloaded” in this fashion. Believing the gun was unloaded, Billy pulled the trigger, and the bullet hidden in the chamber killed his friend Josh."

This truly shows their desparation and just how low they'll stoop.

1. The immunity law still allows lawsuits for defective firearms, as it should.
2. The Brady Center is now forced into taking the ridiculous position that a loaded gun that fires when the safety is off and the trigger is pulled is defective.
3. This implies that a loaded gun which does not fire with the safety off and the trigger pulled is functioning properly.

So much for common sense.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Building bridges

A repetitive theme on the various gun blogs has been to “come out of the closet” and let your friends, family and co-workers know that you are indeed a “gun nut.”

Having worked at the same company for the last 15 years, I have been there and done that. MY friends and family have been well informed for some time now. It truly is the work place where bridges can be built between those who are ignorant or openly hostile to the 2A. Access to a broad cross section of society I would not normally be exposed to, has allowed me….uh….well….access to them.

I certainly didn’t start out that way, 15 years ago. At that time, gun ownership was as uncontroversial to me as car ownership. I thought everyone was armed.

Spelled out in our “New Employee Orientation” notebook was the fact that carrying a knife at work was immediate grounds for termination. Knives were lumped in with guns and explosives as firing offenses.


I have been carrying a knife every day since the age of 6, and I wasn’t prepared to stop now. I had a choice to make. At first, I switched to carrying a concealed knife, rather than the openly displayed pocket folder I was used to. It didn’t take to long after witnessing some of my peers openly carrying some serious Bowie blades on their hip for me to relax my standards a bit. While not exactly “Crocodile Dundee”, seeing those around me openly carrying bladed weapons and receiving ZERO attention, I decided to go back to openly carrying my trusty folder.

After 10+ years of openly carrying a tactical blade at work. I have never received a single comment about it other than a co-worker asking to borrow it for some required activity. More times than not, the request was made only because the knife they were carrying wasn’t sharp enough to get the job done. I also make it a point to “whip it out” every year at our annual Christmas party to open my White Elephant gift.

Management. Says. NOTHING.

Perhaps it’s because they already trust me handling Bunsen burners, liquid nitrogen and concentrated nitric acid.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that my manager also carries a knife at work.

Back to my point. Everyone in my immediate work group now knows that I am indeed a gun-nut. I’m the guy they ask when they…

1. Want to know a fair price for firearm “X”.
2. The best home defense weapon.
3. The best weapon for the wife who “has small hands.”
4. An appropriate weapon for a 13 year old daughter.
5. Good deals on bulk ammo.

And then there are the neutrals who ask me what types of guns I own and why. This is where the prize lies.

One of my neutral peers seems genuinely curious about my “hobby.” I call it that because that’s how he views it and I have not gone out of my way to alter that perception, mainly because it is accurate.

I have spent hours with him, at his request, explaining that regardless of ones personal views of gun ownership, firearms are a piece of history and their collection is no different than those who covet old stamps or coins. Noone can deny that firearms have played a pivotal role in human history and he does appreciate that. At first, his perception was that my collection was little more than “wall hangers.” Again, I did not immediately try to alter that perception. He seemed to like the idea that I deliberately stored/displayed my 98 Muaser next to the Garand, my AK-47(s) next to my AR-15(s) after I explained the relationship.

OK, I’ve rambled for a bit simply because I gave my word to Thirdpower that I would post something everyday in his absence and this is currently what’s spilling out of my head.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that the neutrals in the 2A debate are comparable to “independents” in the political arena.

Engage them without scaring them. Yes, by all means “come out of the closet” as a gun nut.

I only ask that you consider the packaging you’re presenting on the store shelf. We’re never going to convert the true antis to a pro-2A position. That’s a lost cause. The true expansion of our freedoms lies in people who are neutral enough to listen to the arguments made and form a position based on what they know of you as an individual.

Come out of the closet, and continue working side by side with others as a human being.

Some will see contradiction of epic proportions, most will see you as no more dangerous than coin collectors.

This is how we will win.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back door of trailer still open

I got to thinkin’.

Why does the Brady Bunch oppose CCW laws? This is a serious question. Our side has knee jerk reactions as well and I really want to dig deep into this query.

*disclaimer…When referring to the Brady Campaign specifically, I will use that title. “Brady Bunch” encompasses all anti 2A groups.

We’ve all seen the big push in light of Heller from the antis concerning CCW. They lost some major ground with the 2A being recognized as an individual Right, scrubbed their sites of all references to the collective rights nonsense, launched a new site titled “Concealed Carry Killers” and latched onto the one little butt nugget like a starving dog being tossed a piece of unseasoned tofu shaped like a meat bone.

Heller was about the Right to carry inside one’s home.

Working within that framework, CCW is a prime target, albeit a very challenging one since 48 states are either “shall issue,” or “may issue.” Yes, Vermont and Alaska are no issue carry states and Only 2 of the 50 states are “no issue.” Yeah yeah, some of the “may issue” states are in practice “no issue” by practice but my focus is on “shall issue.” The main point to take away is that the number of states which absolutely refuse to issue any type of carry permit is equal to the number of states which don’t require any sort of permit to carry a firearm concealed.

Back to the original question…Why does the Brady Bunch oppose CCW laws?

The ultimate goal of the antis is to have fewer and fewer people able to exercise their 2A Rights, period.

The fact that I carry a firearm(actually I carry two since Oregon is 1 of only 2 states which does not limit the number of guns carried) I am open to engaging in the very behavior the Brady Bunch assumes.

If I screw up and misuse my concealed carry, I lose my 2A Rights forever. Isn’t that what they assume I will do and ultimately want.

From a totally objective standpoint, the Brady Bunch should support CCW laws in the hopes that we will abuse the Right and therefore lose it forever.

The fact that CCW permit holders are more law-abiding then the LEO’s that issue the permits seems to be a bit of irony for me, and a major thorn in the side of the antis.

UPDATE: I just sent an email to Oregon Firearms Federation for some clarification on which states restrict CCW permit holders to carrying a single gun or have laws which could be intrepreted that way due to the wording. They're pretty quick about responding to emails and I'll update again when I hear back from them. Until then, I would suggest reading your own state laws through the eyes of a lawyer, like Dennis Henigan.

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Closed for the Holidays

The Trailer is locked although Kaveman may still scribble something on the walls. Back in a few days.

Boo Hoo...

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – An attorney for the man charged in the deadly shootings at Fort Hood says the Army has prohibited his client from praying in Arabic with his family.

Attorney John P. Galligan said police stopped a phone conversation between Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and his brother on Friday because it was not in English. Galligan told the San Antonio Express-News that police at Brooke Army Medical Center refused to let Hasan pray in Arabic.

Galligan says he thinks that's illegal and violation of Hasan's religious rights.
Think anyone has any sympathy for him?

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New Shooters v. Anti-shooters

A while back I did a post on how gun owners, unlike gun banners, have a community of positive mutual interest and support, including clubs, businesses, and family/friends outings. Just like w/ other hobbies and enthusiasts, we enjoy teaching people about it and getting them to experience the same joys that we get.

Both Breda and Robb took people to the range over the weekend that had never shot before. Everyone had a good time.

An old High School friend of mine, after reading some of my posts, decided last weekend to start the process for him and his wife to get a firearm in Illinois. He is, in his own words, a 'total virgin', so I'm treating him gently and will respect him in the morning. We're currently discussing going about picking out the best firearm for them, training and safety issues.

How many gun control advocates do you think convinced firearm owners to sell their guns and never shoot again?

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ammo source

Was contacted by a rep of Alamo Ammo today asking if I would put up a link to them.

Sure. No problem.

They claim 98% in stock. Haven't done a price comparison but they seem reasonable.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

50 Police

At $30K/year, that's how many more police officers NYC Mayor Bloomie could have hired instead of hiring PI's to blame other states for NY's crime.

Destroying History

The sign above the Auschwitz death camp, stolen a few days ago has been found.

Cut into three pieces. I hope the Polish authorities follow suit with the thieves.

I've made a donation to help w/ the restoration.

Friday, December 18, 2009

VCDL on the Times Square Shooting

Phillip Van Cleave of the VCDL and Dale of Dale's guns were interviewed regarding the POS gun that was used. Here's an excerpt of the e-mail:
Originally the media was saying that the gun the perp
used was amachine gun, but, as usual when it comes
to guns, the press got it wrong. Dale set them
straight on that and reminded the reporter that
the gun was STOLEN and all gunlaws go out the window
when that happens.

This was Dale's first interview and Mary caught him
off guard as he didn't know she was even coming down,
but he did a great job. I, at least, had a
day's warning.

Most of my interview was left on the cutting room
floor, like the part where I said that if Bloomberg
would keep his criminals and illegal drugs in New York,
then that gun wouldn't have made its way into Times
Square. I said that Bloomberg's attack on Virginia
law over this theft is much to do about nothing,
as it is already illegal to steal a gun here.

Dale's interview.

Van Cleave's interview.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WW2 explained in under 10 minutes

For those not familiar with the stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard, you are truely missing a slice of life.

This guy explains history in such a way that puts most historians to shame.

Here is WW2...

The Only Purpose of Firearm Registration

Westberry was surprised to see Eberhart and two special agents with the state Attorney General's Gun Violence Task Force at his front door. They asked to see his guns. An avid gun collector, Westberry had 40 guns, all legal, all registered and all locked up.
"I'm thinking they just want to verify the serial numbers, verify that everything I own is legit," Westberry said.

But they confiscated his guns and said that they had a warrant for his arrest.

Anyone who says differently is either ignorant or lying.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Book Review: OFF ROAD*

All the pro-gun authors are sending out their books for review. I received another today "Assault on Weapons" by Alan Gottleib of the SAF. This one is a fiction story written by blogger Steve Wright.Just finished it a little while ago. Honest review time.

Overall well written. I liked the characters and the setting even though I'm not into off-roading but do love camping. I read a LOT so I was able to foreshadow most of the story fairly early but it still kept me involved. I'm man enough to admit I got a little blurry during some of the it.

I'm not religious so it was a bit 'preachy' for me at times.
I like condensed chicken noodle soup in a can thank you. >:(

I enjoyed it. I've lent it to a friend of mine to read over the holidays. Looking forward to Part II.

*Disclaimer: I did receive the book for free for review. The author is a friend of mine.

Petey Hamm opposes the Brady Campaign?

Via comes this quote from Petey Hamm:

"If someone is not a convicted felon or hasn’t been found to be a danger to themselves due to mental illness and they believe they can handle a firearm, we support their right to purchase one.”

Well that sounds reasonable, right? To bad it contradicts the Brady Campaign's stated positions on their site and blogs:

POSITION: As a way to strengthen the Brady background check system, the Brady Campaign supports the Terror Gap bill.

PROBLEM: There is a gaping hole in our nation’s firearm laws that terrorists can exploit. Federal authorities can't stop sales of guns – including military-style assault weapons – by federally licensed gun dealers to known or suspected terrorists because of gaps in current law. Our definitions of those prohibited from purchasing guns from federally licensed dealers do no include those known as suspected terrorists.

THREAT: There is government-documented evidence that terrorists have armed themselves with guns purchased in the U.S.

URGENCY: This Terror Gap threatens our safety. We don’t want to wait until after a tragedy occurs. We can do something about it now.

SOLUTION: Congress must pass the bill to close the Terror Gap to stop known or suspected terrorists from buying guns.

So they want restrictions on people who have NOT been convicted of felonies or violent misdemeanors based off a list that has an over 30% error rate .

The Brady Campaign has also publicly opposed a bill allowing those who have been adjudicated by the courts and doctors as no longer mentally deficient to be allowed to possess firearms.

In light of what happened yesterday -- a violent attack by an emotionally unstable soldier -- it is even clearer that the proposal being pushed by Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina should be rejected. --Paul Helmke

So which is it Brady Campaign?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

QOTD: LOL Edition

We're all aware of the classic claim by Hoplophobes that the Second Amendment is obsolete because the Founding Fathers only knew about muskets and could in no way imagine any improvements in technology. Here's one PSH'ers explanation why they couldn't:
Considering that would require the imagination granted by the rise of science fiction compliments of the Industrial Revolution, which would happen roughly half a century after their deaths? What's next: demanding to know why Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent video teleconferencing?
Yep. Nobody could imagine what the world might be like in the future until SciFi became a popular genre.

This is the kind of intellect we're facing. No wonder we're winning.

Invading your Privacy is a Public Service

That is the argument used by Dennis Henigan as he debated Caleb Giddings of this morning on Fox.

So not only do the Brady's support the elimination of due process, they oppose privacy rights as well.

They should rename themselves the ACLU. The Anti-Civil Liberties Union.

Great Job Caleb.

More from SailorCurt, SIH

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vote for Me: I'm not as bad as they are

Big JIM little ryan decided that he didn't like the Illinois State Rifle Association calling him on his alleged support of the Second Amendment. He responds:

There have been several well-meaning and respectful people here who have expressed concern about my position on the 2nd Amendment. Please allow me to clarify. Unlike the Democrats, I will not be an activist who works to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois citizens. My priorities are improving ...Illinois' business and jobs climate -- and providing ethical, authentic leadership to Springfield. My approach on 2nd Amendment related issues has always been to enforce existing laws rather than creating new ones. My years in law enforcement have influenced me to take a position shared by many law enforcement officials — in opposition to concealed carry and in favor of a narrowly drawn assault weapon ban. While I have a respectful disagreement on this issue with many in Illinois, I think we can all agree this is a big difference from those on the left with an activist agenda of infringing upon your 2nd Amendment rights.
Never mind the fact that as AG he attempted to entrap firearm owners into breaking the law. He completely ignores the fact that the Illinois Sherriff's Assoc. unanimously supports CCW.

Now he just supports an "Assault Weapon Ban" and will never sign a Concealed Carry bill because 'Law Enforcement Officials' (read: members of the Joyce Funded IACP) oppose it.

I'm certainly impressed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Release Criminals Early to Save Money?

Just a little over a week after Illinois Gov. Quinn signed a law increasing penalties for gang members who carry guns, he lets a bunch of convicted felons and other violent criminals caught w/ guns back out on the streets after only a few weeks.

James Walker-Bey, sentenced to a year for violating probation for carrying a .25 caliber pistol in Alsip, was confined for just over two weeks -- three days in Cook County and 14 at Stateville prison.

And Antoine Garrett, previously convicted of armed robbery and illegal firearms possession by a felon, got a one-year sentence after Chicago police saw him drop a bag of cocaine on the street as they approached, but spent just 21 days locked up...

Nine people were released Dec. 3, the same day that Quinn signed a law requiring prison time for gang members caught with guns.

The day before, Corrections sent home 20 others, including a man convicted of domestic battery who was confined for 19 days and a man who had spent a total of 20 days locked up for carrying a concealed weapon, records show.

That's how politicians get 'tough on crime'. By signing laws they know won't be enforced.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm not lazy, really.

I have so many thoughts about guns, gun control and the crap fest that encircles it that I wish I was more disciplined to post more often. But it’s not my style to post the details of every excited neuron. I like to digest things for awhile and try to look at the big picture and then tell a story, something my Grandfather was a master at.

Not that it’s my goal in any way whatsoever, but I can’t even get a scoop on Thirdpower on a story that said it was loaded 6 minutes ago. I’m down with that. I read a lot of different blogs for a lot of different reasons. DOOT is an obvious one; SIH is good for the inner workings of the NRA and say uncle because “everybody reads says uncle.” There’s the obligatory breda, wallsofthecity, anothergunblog, weer’d beard is like a long lost brother and many many more.

So what does the big picture look like now?

I’ve been reading through the amicus briefs for McDonald vs. Chicago at a faster rate than during the Heller case and I can’t really see how the SCOTUS can rule against incorporation. With the whole combo of the 2A and Slaughterhouse, Dred Scott, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, Cruikshank. Presser etc., and in light of the recently ruled Heller case, I would be surprised at anything less than an 8-to-1 ruling.

The Brady Bunch has already admitted defeat by filing a brief in defense of neither party. They know they’re going to lose and are trying to mitigate damage preemptively. Even the NAACP filed a brief(again for neither party) that argued that the birth pangs of gun control was rooted in open blatant racism. I ain’t a legal lawyer type but when you got the NRA and NAACP saying virtually the same thing, the make up of the current SCOTUS is gonna have some ‘spaining’ to do for any dissent opinions.

So here we are.

The Heller decision stung the antis quite a bit. They latched on to the one thing they could; that the Heller ruling permitted the RKBA inside one’s home. The VPC then comes out with an ongoing updated list of cop killers who had at one point in time a CCW permit. All the other antis link to it. Registration and licensing are a pavlovian response as well.

This is their plan.

They know that they’re now forced to work within the framework of Heller. Their attacks have been and will continue to be against CCW, whether it be in National parks, establishments that serve alcohol, or some arbitrary boundary outside “gun-free zones.”

The big push is on right now before McDonald is decided. That’s why they wanted the Messiah to act within his first year in office. Gun show loophole, registration, making the AWB permanent and the infamous “terror gap.” Their main drive is to slow down the push for freedom.

If these laws are passed before McDonald is decided, then it will slow our advancement.

Personally, I think the Messiah has enough on his plate to take us on at the moment.

But if I’m wrong, I can tell you some stories from my GrandFather that will get your ass off the couch and into the Fight.

Unorganized Militia Gear

No "Bones" About It

TV writers like the whole 'Extremist' angle for their plots.

I was watching that crime drama 'Bones' last night w/ the wife and saw some scenes direct from the Joyce funded EIC with a little help from the DHS/SPLC for flavor.

A disgruntled former soldier who runs a 'pirate radio station' whose sole purpose is ranting about government and his 'rights' shows remorse for his 'hate' even though he had nothing to do w/ the featured crime and swears off broadcasting forever.

Convicted and released bomber runs a website listing details on how he built bombs.

One would almost think that the writers of these shows rifle through copies of these reports in order to find ideas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

D@mn That Due Process!!!!!

So in order to get rid of that whole 'right to trial' thing and those pointless warrants, Paul thinks it will help to spew a bunch of the usual PSH, half-truths, and some outright lies.

"After 9/11, law enforcement is still prohibited from preventing individuals on the "Terrorist Watch List" from buying guns as long as they don't have some disqualifying record in the system, such as a felony or domestic violence restraining order."

-Paul Helmke
(or more likely Doug P.)

What's really funny is the NICS background check, which the Brady's touted just a 10 days ago as "A Public Safety Success Story" stopping millions of criminals along w/ demands it apply to all sales everywhere, is now referred to as "a minimal computer background check".

All of this is in response to those nitwits who crashed the White House party last week and that the Secret Service sometimes drops the ball. Because we all know that someone threatening the president is going to call ahead to the police to inform them they will be openly carrying at a protest.


This is why the Brady's have been effectively reduced to a state level organization.

Books, Books, and More Books

To go along w/ David Kopel's "Aiming for Liberty" and Steve Wright's "Off Road", I received an e-mail from David E. Young regarding special offers on some of his fine pieces of writing:

In observance of Bill of Rights Day, December 15, 2009, David E. Young's Second Amendment publications are on sale by Golden Oak Books for a limited time only at Paperback copies of The Origin of the Second Amendment and hardbound copies of The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms are available for $15.00 each, half of the normal list price of $30.00 each. Descriptions, ordering information links, and time limits are posted at On Second Opinion Blog:

Direct links to ordering pages are as follows:

The Origin of the Second Amendment (paperback):

The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms:

For a picture of the author holding citation tagged copies of both books at the NRA event recognizing those who contributed to the Heller victory, go to Sebastian's September 13, 2008 Thank You post (click pictures to enlarge):

Thank you,

David Young

After buying your loved one a new firearm this X-mas, any of these would make excellent 'stocking stuffers' for reading by the fireplace after a day of shooting.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another 'Parolee' murderer

On the PA officer murdered:
"Police were able to locate Robinson, of Pittsburgh, because he was on parole and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet, Moffatt said. He has an arrest record for drug and firearms charges and was paroled after in August 2007 after serving time for carrying an unlicensed firearm."

"Morton has a criminal record dating to 1991, including two prison terms for burglary, records show."
But instead, inaccurate information will be presented in order to try and ban more guns.
Robinson used "some kind of assault rifle" — possibly an AK-47 — judging by shell casings found at the scene, Moffatt said.

Good thing we have "Authorized Journalists" to give us the strait goods, eh?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Wildlife

Another use for Thanksgiving leftovers. Bait for photos.

Possums like them to.

But here's the best shot I've gotten so far.

Unfortunately most of the photos were of our pack of stupid dogs who also like leftovers.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Critical mass

Many years ago I read a story about a house-fly infestation in China. I think it was in was a Natioanal Geographic issue but can't be sure. Even if I researched and found the actual source, it would be pointless to my message.

Not just talking about the random buzzer circling the light bulb, but a real problem of shit-eaters spreading disease.

The then leader of China made a decision and floated it to the masses. Every man woman and child able to swing a fly swatter should kill ten flies every day.

The flies were all but extinct within 30 days.

Hmmm...grass-root support on steroids.

That's kinda what I've seen in the pro-2A community. I've made a goal for myself of doing 10 things every day that further our cause.

If it's leaving comments on the sites of the antis, responding to the obvious bias in the MSM, calling my local congress critters, buying an NRA gift membership for someone, donating money to a pro-freedom org, taking a new shooter to the range, making my own post on Al Gores' interweb tubes, or simply buying a firearm or some sort of accessory, each action has an effect.

10 things every day.

The Brady Bunch is already soiling their panties based on the very limited dedication shown by us so far.

I challenge all gun owners to kill 10 flies every day.

The NRA is not influential in congress because of their acronym. The NRA, GOA, JPFO, CCRKBA, SAS, OFF, etc is influential because they give a voice to millions upon millions of people who vote.

What did you do today?

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