Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another poll

Hmmm...USnews wants us to vote on whether or not we should ban 11+ round magazines.


As of writing this, it's 87% no, 12% yes.

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America, Hell Ya!

This is way cool must have info when dealing with idiots who think the Founding Fathers could never envision advances in firearms technology beyond the single shot muzzle loading smooth-bore musket.

Via mikeb302000 of all people. You can find him on your own if you really want.

Keep in mind that this rifle would be banned under McCarthy's bill.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is a 'Mass' Confiscation?

From Josh Horwitz, ED of the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership (or more likely his trained puppet Ladd Everitt):
" Following Hurricane Katrina, the NRA promoted a conspiracy theory about mass gun confiscati­ons in Katrina...­"
When this was refuted, CSGV employee 'Grits Jr.' opined:
The NRA had to hire private investigat­ors and located only 75 New Orleans residents (in a city with a pre-Katrin­a population of 450,000) that would claim their guns were confiscate­d.
So 'only' 75 people had their guns illegally confiscated (even though there were hundreds more not found) and the city was found in contempt of court for denying even that.

So what would be a 'mass confiscation' in the mind of a gun control advocate? 100? 200? What would it take for them to consider it to be 'unreasonable'?

This has been your look into the thought process of statist gun control advocates who believe the Gov't should have ultimate power over the people.

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Hey Gun Control Supporters....

Last night, I signed up 5 new NRA members and renewed another.

How many people did you convince to give up their firearms?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We'll see...

I doubt it will pass but the Oregon legislature has introduced Constitutional Carry in HB 2790.

Looking a bit further, Oregon has also introduced:

1. A
2. smurly
3. butt-load
4. of
5. pro
6. gun
7. bills

And a couple of anti bills.

I'd be happy with castle doctrine and getting rid of background checks for residents who have a Concealed Handgun License, but it is kinda nice to have the wind at our backs.

You can read a quickie synopsis here, or click each link and read the whole text.

The Brady Bunch knows that any Federal gun laws are a pipe dream right now and they also know they can't possibly afford to mount an attack on 50 individual states.

The antis will be so busy allocating resources to fights they think they have a chance at winning, and I should clarify that "winning" here means maintaining current gun laws, that they'll have no resources left to push for any new laws.

They will count any retention of the status quo as a major victory no doubt, and we will continue to repeal bad laws and enact new ones to our liking.

Sucks to be them.

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Private Sales and Background Checks

I'm often lambasted by gun control advocates for opposing the 'reasonable, common-sense' measure to have all firearm sales go through FFL dealers for an NICS check.

This is why:
"We had a fellow who wanted to open a gun selling business and we said no way," said Trustee Dominic Falagario...

As a result, an ordinance reenacting weapons dealers licensing and amending associated fees and penalties was approved at the Feb. 9 board meeting. The ordinance further states that the villages' current weapons dealer licensee must cease doing business in the village no later than April 30, 2013.

When I've countered that while the same time the push is for all sales to go through FFL dealers, there is a simultaneous drive to reduce and eliminate as many firearm dealers as possible, I'm called paranoid.

Guess not.

No FFL dealers, no legal firearm sales/transfers.

That is their goal.

Kurt at the St Louis GRE has more.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Was the Hamm Salad Tossed?

Joe notes the BC is looking for a Associate Comm Director.

Kaveman sent me an email that there doesn't appear to be a 'full' Communications Director there and search results for Petey "Don't Call Me Petey or I'll Shoot You" Hamm comes up w/ Nada. It's filled by the former Associate CD Caroline Brewer .

Are senior staff leaving and being replaced w/ what are effectively interns?

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Why We Push 'Castle Doctrine'.

So the US doesn't become this:
Residents in Surrey and Kent villages have been ordered by police to remove wire mesh from their windows as burglars could be injured...

'I reinforced my shed windows with wire mesh, but was told by the police I had to be very careful because thieves can actually sue you if they get hurt.

Don't think it could happen? Neither did they.

H/T to War On Guns

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Why They Resort To 'Reasoned Discourse"*

Weer'd notes a highly ironic quote by our latest punching bag and Joyce Puppet over his belief that the lack of support for gun control is due to 'astro-turfing'.

So I popped on over to his blog and asked him a question about what he thought of political advocacy leaders posting as 'regular people' w/o acknowledging their connections. Well he apparently realized that it was a set up and refused to post the comment. Why? Because if he openly opposed it, then I would have had to have brought up some interesting bits of history of gun control.

Marsha McCartney: Texas Brady Campaign/MMM board member who posted on the old Brady Blog as 'Macca' yet vehemently denied she was associated w/ them.

Grits Jr.: CSGV employee caught using his boss' login after years of commenting obsequiously on various posts and editorials.

Dennis Henigan: While complaining that pro-gun supporters were trying to bury his book in Amazon reviews, a little research showed 1/3rd of the 5 star reviews were by professional gun control advocates. That continues.

And they still can't gather enough momentum to get more than 10 supporters on their own sites.

The truth hurts.

* For my newer readers, the term comes from when the Brady Campaign used to allow comments on their site. After several months of pro-rights individuals outnumbering their own people 10:1 and it being referred to as 'the best place for pro-gun information on the net', they started a series called 'Reasoned Discourse' allegedly highlighting how mean all us gunnies were. We immediately started wondering when they would shut down comments. It was a matter of days. They later went back and deleted all the comments.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Florida Carry Bill Introduced

Via Sharp As A Marble:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 12, 2011

SB 234 - FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice
Hearing scheduled for 2/22/11

SB 234 is on the agenda of the FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice on Tuesday, February 22nd at 9:00am. Florida Carry, Inc. urgently requests that you email via the members of the committee in support of Senate Bill 234.

This NRA authored bill comprises several separate initiatives. These include the option for CWFL holders to carry openly; a provision to authorize carry at career centers, colleges, and universities; the right to store a firearm in one's vehicle wherever it may be lawfully parked; the authorization for the Department of Agriculture to take fingerprints; the repeal of Florida’s ban on long gun purchases in most other states. Quite simply put, this is the most comprehensive carry rights bill since shall-issue concealed carry was passed twenty-four years ago...

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