Saturday, September 1, 2007

Alex takes a page from Jade..

Our favorite "Ireallylovemylittlegirlwinkwinkmorethanyouloveyourguns" has now resorted to editing posts and flat out lying. about posts on Robyn's site.

So much for his claims of 'factual information'.

Robyn's latest trick seems to be allowing rude insulting comments along w/ some others to prove how 'fair' she's being. Of course she's still deleting the majority of non-insulting comments from the pro-gunners.

Man, they're getting even more pathetic than before.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I guess even small victories count now...

Gonzo is nearly wetting his shorts at the fact that the District Court of Cook County threw out a lawsuit by the ISRA against it's latest AWB sponsored by the ICHV (no, I won't link to him). Come on. This is Chicago we're talking about. Of course it was going to go through. It's what Hizzoner King Dick wanted.

He has to tout this as a major victory for them. Otherwise he'ld have to focus on the fact (as I've mentioned before) that over 2 dozen counties have passed pro-2A resolutions w/ another 2 dozen on the books already. The Joyce Foundation is really getting their money's worth, aren't they?

More Anti money problems

Apparently Ceasefire has been naughty w/ it's funds. These are your tax dollars at work.

Auditor General's report blasts Cease Fire

by Kathy Chaney
August 30, 2007

The Illinois Auditor General released a 28-page audit (smaller version)of the CeaseFire violence prevention group detailing misappropriation of funds, receiving money outside of the parameters of payment agreements and having work started by its partners without written agreements.

The organization started in 2000 and is run by the University of Illinois at Chicago. CeaseFire received $16.2 million for the fiscal years between 2004 and 2006. The state funded the majority of its total, $11 million. The audit comes days after Gov. Rod Blagojevich cut more than $6 million in funding for the group.

Expenditures that the state auditor's office deemed inappropriate between the fiscal years 2004 and 2006 include "$371,534 in reimbursements to community partners." The report also stated that there is limited-to-no proof that the measure CeaseFire has taken minimizes crime.

In a letter to the Defender, Sen. Donne Trotter (D-17) agrees.

Note: and he's a Chicago Democrat to boot.

"The over $18.5 million given to Operation CeaseFire has done more to legitimize gang leaders' portfolios than actually stopping violence…The violence in their areas is getting progressively worse, " Trotter wrote."

Gary Slutkin, the Exec director responds w/ claims of a decrease in homicides since '03 due to thier programs. I wonder if he then assumes responsibility for the 4% increase in '06 or if he points the fingers elsewhere for that one?

Maybe the '03 decrease had more to do w/ this:

"The police department launched a three-pronged attack on gangs, drugs and guns in 2003 after more than 600 homicides were recorded in Chicago for three straight years. Numbers were down about 25 percent in 2004, the first time the city finished a year with fewer than 500 homicides since 1965, when 395 were reported."

Than w/ anything CF did. But what is their response? "Do it again. Only harder" by claiming they need more money or else things will get worse again.

Thanks to IllinoisCarry for the info

New ATF form 4473

To be used as of Sept. 1. Make sure your local "gun-pushers" have it when you purchase.

ATF News Release

More JadeGold nonsense..

At SaysUncles

Jade has also claimed that he destroyed me on my "more guns = less crime" claims. Guess what? I specifically don't use that argument.

Can the Anti's ever be honest even w/ themselves?


PGP chimes into the fun w/ his tales of actually being censored by numerous hoplophobic sites.

Ryan Horsley for Congress

With Sen Craig allegedly resigning, one of the replacement candidates up for consideration would leave a vacancy in the House. Let's get his name on the list:

Ryan Horsley for House

Selective history

I've noticed a trend recently w/ the anti's. Numerous of them seem to have selective memories when it comes to their own posts.

Kelli was the first that I saw. She made claims about statements made by Justice Emory in regards to the 2A. Her remarks were that he was of the "collective rights" interpretation. I then linked to the entire article and showed her she was completely wrong and had taken his writings out of context w/ selective editing. Over the next few months, she then twice claimed that I was the one who mentioned Emory and she had corrected me.

Jadegold has now also done it over on Tom King's site. He (Jade) is refusing to acknowledge that he edited several of my posts to claim that I said things that I didn't. The relavent posts are #'s 25, 26, 29, & 31. Now, even w/ the citations, he denies he did it and calls me "delusional". He is also claiming he proved "multiple times" that his statement that "most gun owners are hunters" was accurate. That never happened. The numbers he cited on Tom's blog didn't actually prove a thing about hunting numbers.

Now Sentinel has picked up the trend. On Robyn's blog, he posted a long screed that was laden w/ innaccuracies and insults(#34). He made snarky comments about posters intelligence and capabilities. He considers this to be " thoughful and well researched". I posted on several of the innaccuracies that were directed at me and he is now denying them and my response (posted yesterday) on Tom's blog (#11).

I don't believe these people are honestly that stupid nor forgetful. I strongly suspect that this is just a giant Red Herring to try and keep us hopping all over and not flaying them on the current topic.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fred to officially announce run next week

Thompson to announce bid Sept. 6

Finally. He's had a strong showing in the straw polls so far even though he hasn't officially started yet. I have odd flashbacks of the Emo girl from "Election" who actually won even though she was removed from the race.

Gun Control laws weren't discriminatory?

That's the claim of many anti's. Besides all the Jim Crow Laws , here's a piece from 1905 on NY's Sullivan Act:

“… [The proposed gun control] measure would prove corrective and salutary in a city filled with immigrants and evil communications, floating from the shores of Italy and Austria-Hungary. New York police reports frequently testify to the fact that the Italian and other south Continental gentry here are acquainted with the pocket pistol, and while drunk or merrymaking will use it quite as handily as the stiletto, and with more deadly effect. It is hoped that this treacherous and distinctly outlandish mode of settling disputes may not spread to corrupt the native good manners of the community …”

Keep the guns out of all those drunken Dago's hands. Sounds kind of like Alex when he claims all the "gun nuts" are afraid of blacks and Mexicans. Seems it's his side that is and has to resort to advocating racial fears.

Thanks to NYSRPA

JadeGold on deleting comments..

From Robyn again:

In response to "Most reputable bloggers don’t delete comments."

Jade Responds:

I guess that excludes Kevin Baker.

Heck, it excludes just about every pro-gun blog I’ve ever seen.

Comment by Jadegold — August 29, 2007 @ 7:18 pm

More like "every pro-gun blog you've ever posted on". I have a suspicion it's more like "every blog you've ever posted on". See the pattern? It's a similar mentality to the person who gets divorced half-a-dozen times and blames it all on their partners.

Edit: Kevin states that he never deleted any of Jade's comments, just banned him for perpetual trolling. Jade is now claiming that background checks don't really check backgrounds. Is he really this disconnected from reality? Apparently so.

Edit2: Boy, that was quick. And Jade gets banned from GunTalk.

More High Quality Journalism from the NYT

via SaysUncle:

Obviously the Editorialists have not read the Federal measure nor know anything about the 80,000 veterans deemed "mentally unstable" due to PTSD and how the measure will allow them to go to court to get their rights back.

But don't let facts get in the way of a good anti-gun rant.

Edit:Cactus Jack remarked "“that other constitutional right — to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

Whatta dipshit! That’s in the Declaration of Independance. Well, I’ve never heard any media member ever being accused of being intelligent…"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anti-gun group ACT takes lessons from MMM and BC.

Remember when the MMM were close to being indicted for tax fraud?
They chose to liquidate and reform w/ the Brady Bunch instead of facing charges

Well apparently the George Soros Astroturf group Americans Crapping Together decided to take a page from the MMM playbook and to garner illegal soft money for anti-gun candidates *cough* KERRY *cough*. The FEC, albeit a few years late, has slapped a $775K fine on them. Considerably more than the $26K fine levied on the Brady Bunch for illegal contributions in '03.

Such ethical organizations, eh?

The definition of "Sanity" from Alex

Charging the parents of a boy playing Soldier w/ child abuse.

Of course he also thinks that playing guns = future sociopathy.

I guess the inconvenient fact that most shootings (and crime overall for that matter) are committed in Urban areas escaped him. It's easier just to make more allegations of racism and selectively cite some statistics than it is to objectively study the matter.

And this guy has a Phd and is teaching students.

Didn't take your meds today Alex or are you just upset as to how badly the nationwide protests went?

Edit: His Delusions of Grandeur continue. Isn't it cute how he has to reduce the number of NRA members by 25% and ignore the hundreds of thousands of members of the more extreme organizations like the GOA, SAF, and JPFO to claim his "tiny amount? What's the membership of the Brady Bunch again? You know, the largest anti-gun group? Oh, right, about 50,000. The VPC? Who knows, they're mostly funded by the Joyce Foundation. MMM? Combined w/ the BC. I guess Alex must be intentionally ignoring the recent Pew and Zogby polls on NRA support and lack of support for new laws. Hell, their annual convention numbers alone totaled more than the Brady membership.

Poor baby, you're really having a bad day, aren't you?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ProGunProgressive on RealCo protest

Sebastian did get to go for the end of the protest.

Professional protesters. Sounds alot like the protest at A.G. Arms bit w/ Jackson bussing in his cronies.

The wife and I just got back from Arcola G&A. The owner, Bryan Headrick told me he did a brisk business all day. We did our part. The wife bought a little Kel-Tec .32 for when I'm not home. I was going to get some ammo but he was out of .32. Still, a good day overall. Gonzo may claim that the "gun industry" is laughing on the way to the bank. He may be right. They're laughing at all the clueless Anti's for helping them out. Just like Kelli on the old BC blog, these protests have done more for the pro-rights movement than a dozen blogs.

Edit: I just noticed. She bought a .32. Ironic, isn't it.

And the Biased reporting begins...

Wash. Post

Hundreds Protest Pr. George's Gun Shop

which contradicts the first line:

"More than 100 people rallied against gun violence today ".

One pro-rights guy was interviewed yet four anti's were interviewed.

The Chicago Trib surprisingly has a balanced article showing that Jackson has no clue what he's talking about and is only going for publicity. Not that that's a surprise to anyone. I was right though, he bussed in people to add to his numbers. A box of ammo of your choice that this will be the largest out of all of the locations.

Robyn Responds:

"I will rarely respond to your comments, that is true. My blog is unique in that I have always viewed it as a column rather than a true blog. I write about topics that interest me and I often write in the form of personal essays or editorials. Of course you are free to disagree but, like all bloggers, I reserve the right to delete comments that are lacking in civility or are simply moot points because you all have repeated the same point or provided the same link over and over. If you feel your views are not getting enough exposure then by all means write into the new Times Union gun blog—a perfect venue for you to unload whatever is on your mind."

Translation: I really don't care about the facts and will repeat myself no matter how many times I'm shown to be wrong. Just go away because I'm not going to listen to you and will delete whatever I want so Nyah.

It's already been shown that what she says here isn't truthful either. She says she deletes comments w/ repeated points. Obviously that's not true as she apparently doesn't read any of the evidence. She's also deleted comments calling JadeGold and ATR on their "facts" yet allows all their inanity in no matter how cartoonish.

Honestly Robyn, if you think you're "unique" among hundreds of millions of bloggers, then you really are just decieving yourself, and not just by thinking Gonzo is based on reality.

New Blogger at Times Union

Welcome Tom King into the fold. Go over and say "Hi". Maybe your comments will actually show up unlike at Robyn's. Guav has already given her a good thrashing in the comments, showing that she really is just spouting the usual "Reasoned Discourse" nonsense.

Edit: Apparently Linoge's comment didn't make it through. I didn't even bother.

The Springfield Illinois protest

Via LonghornJeff

There must be a Zombie plague in Virginia as, according to the protestors, only 26 people are now among the dead from VT.

So w/ all the grassroots activists the anti's keep claiming and funding from numerous foundations, they couldn't even come up w/ 32 people for a protest at the state capitol. That accounts for about 100 people between two major locations. I'm sure Jackson had people bussed in for the DS Arms protest so we'll see the numbers go up.

In comparison, the ISRA had nearly 1500 people for it's IGOLD day in March.

Another hypocritical anti arrested..


CeaseFire staffer arrested for guns & no FOID, plus indoor "farming"

An outreach worker for CeaseFire, a Chicago-based group that tries to curb gang conflicts and stop shootings, was arrested over the weekend after an AK-47, a handgun, live marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia were allegedly found in his home, police said.

Louie Velasquez, 23, of the 3400 block of West 37th Place had been working with the program for about four months, said Gary Slutkin, founder of the program. After the organization learned of his arrest, Velasquez was fired, he said.

Velasquez was alone in the home when he was arrested about 10 p.m. Saturday and charged with cannabis production, owning a firearm and ammunition without a valid firearm owner's identification card, police said. Police said he had boxes of ammunition, sun lamps, a loaded .38-caliber revolver and gang paraphernalia, in addition to CeaseFire pamphlets and T-shirts. ...

Read the whole story in the Chicago Tribune.

A letter to Jessie Jackson

of the Duke
points to an editorial in the Chicago Sun Times
from the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Here's my e-mail to him:

Mr. Jackson,

You make claims that the BATFE are underfunded. If that is true, then incidents like these:

should be what you're attacking and not calling for a larger budget. You may also want to read page 2 of the recent BATFE report on what trace data (which is what you base your statistics on) can and can't be used for.

Have a nice day.

People's Soviet of Illinois

Good Wash. Times editorial

By Robert Knight

"Today, Jesse Jackson, the Brady bunch — not the TV folks but the anti-gun lobby — and other liberal activists will rally against "the national scourge of illegal guns" in cities around the nation."

"A classic example was a hit piece by "ABC World News Sunday" on July 8 blaming "rural" Pennsylvania's law makers for a 2007 crime wave of shootings in Philadelphia. After Rep. Steve Capelli, the single pro-gun rights legislator featured in the story, gave a statement, the camera went to a crime scene, followed by a gunshot, and then this from reporter David Kerley:

"That argument is being echoed across much of the country, as rural sensibilities continue to rule the gun debate. And cities like Philadelphia prepare for another night, and another shooting death."

Rural people, bad. Rural people with guns, worse. Rural people with guns cause Philadelphians to shoot each other.

Will the anti-gun lobby get good coverage for their rallies today?

You might as well ask, "Does the Brady bunch have CBS, NBC, and ABC on speed dial?""

More "Reasoned Discourse".

From Robyn Ringler.

Robyn, once again you've proven yourself to be just a typical disingenuous, hypocritical anti. Look at the majority of the posts by ATR(AKA Alex the "culturologist") and JadeGold then read your statement " If you include a final line, as so many of you do, with something like: ”And so you see, Robyn, you are a stupid idiot and what you write is garbage,” the comment is out the door."

You allow insults and outright fabrications by those supporting your cause yet , just like all the others, claim that "many" of us are insulting you so you won't allow the posts. Very few of the posts you've censured of mine contained any sort of derogatory language at all and rarely directed towards you.

Thank you for being as blatantly dishonest as we've come to expect from your side.

Edit: Apparently Linoge's comment didn't make it through. I didn't even bother.

It's the 28th Go forth and buy.

In Central Illinois, visit Arcola Guns and Ammo

W/o even knowing anything about today, the wife suggested we go up there and buy a new handgun that she's comfortable w/. She was a good pick. I'll update later w/ what we bought.

Monday, August 27, 2007


(shamelessly stolen from DU)

George Phillips of Meridian, Mississippi was going up to bed when
his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which
she could see from the bedroom window.

George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that
there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your
house?" and he said "no". Then they said that all patrols were busy, and
that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when
George said, "Okay," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again.
"Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were
people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about
them now because I've just shot them." Then he hung up.

Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response Unit, and
an ambulance showed up at the Phillips' residence and caught the
burglars red-handed. One of the Policemen said to George: "I thought you
said that you'd shot them!"

George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"

Edit: Based on a true story.

This must be the fault of the ebil "gun lobby" too...

Drug cartels put hit squads in Laredo

"Mexican drug lords locked in a bloody fight for control of a pipeline that runs from
Mexico to Dallas and up through middle America have brazenly stationed
hit squads and reconnaissance teams in Laredo...."

All smuggled down from US gun shows I'm sure.

"Also, the traditional taboos against involving family members and other civilians have disappeared.

"These days, if they have a problem, they kill it," Holdridge said. "If they have to hose down a car full of five people, they'll do it."

Those evil mind control chips in the guns again. Damn them.

And the teller:

"The third alleged member of the hit squad made bail after his arrest and fled to Mexico before trial. Warrants have also been issued for the alleged middleman in the
hit and the cartel's reputed boss inNuevo Laredo, but both men are believed to be in Mexico."

So the cartels, backed by former Mexican soldiers, are running the area
and families are being killed while in the US, Chiefs are saying it's not their job to stop the drug runners, authorities are being targeted, and the DAMN JUDGES ARE STILL LETTING THEM OUT ON BAIL!!!

Now all you anti's tell me, why is crime going up again?

Salem Witch Trials: The Next Generation

No Capt. Picard or Hottie Deanna Troi here, just some messed up people.

AIDS victims 'buried alive' in PNG

"Some AIDS victims are being buried alive in Papua New Guinea by relatives who cannot look after them and fear becoming infected themselves, a health worker said Monday."

And here's the reference to the Dark Ages:

"Women accused of being witches have been tortured and murdered by mobs holding them responsible for the apparently inexplicable deaths of young people stricken by the epidemic, officials and researchers say."

Ceasefires really just a bunch of duds?

Bryan Miller is the head of Ceasefire New Jersey and has been posting recently on NJVoices. Interestingly enough, the CeasefireNJ site hasn't been updated since last December.

Our good buddy Alex has allegedly been stumping to mobilize the Ceasefire Pennsylvania members. Their site hasn't been updated since May.

Ceasefire Chicago/Illinois site was last updated in June.

While lack of updating is not exclusive to only anti-gun groups, it does seem that a significantly large portion of the state level branches aren't doing very much. At least online. I guess that comes from all the grassroots support the Brady's are always crowing that they have.

Laura Washington at it again.

over at the Sun Times:

SaysUncle does a good fisking of it.

Here's the letter I sent:

Ms Washington,

I find it interesting that you refer to pro-firearm activists as "petulant" and "vitriolic" and then end your paper w/ "if I had my way, the gun lobby would be looking at three yards and a cloud of dust. Let's get organized and shove tougher gun policies right down their throats."

As for "gun control" support, here's a recent poll by Zogby:

as well as one from Pew:

So even though public opinion is against gun control and the evidence supporting it is weak or non-existent, you want to force it on the public. Would you say the same in regards to abortion?

You say that "many" tell you to go places. Well, since your support of gun control legislation is fervent even when the facts don't support it, do you blame them? What about all the e-mails that were sent that were polite? Why didn't you respond to any of their concerns or any of the questions they brought up?

Oh, right, nevermind.


I'm sure I'll get the same type of automated response as last time.

This is the kind of "debate" that is becoming more and more common amongst the hoplophobes. They ignore the actual facts and presented evidence in order to focus on a few cases of extremism. The same kind of "Reasoned Discourse" logic that the Brady Bunch used to shut down comments, Robyn Ringler uses to delete the majority of posts, and Alex uses to make rules for him to allow comments.

Gun control is more like a religion than anything else. New Earth Creationist Dr. Dino uses the same tactics to push his agenda and has about as much evidence to support himself. What does he do? He makes certain rules guiding anyone who debates against him, he uses "studies" from groups that are completely financed to support a particular goal and ignore the majority of evidence out there. They also demonize their opponents by making up facts about them .

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gun Porn

Did a little work on my 1927A1 Thompson. One of the magazines didn't lock due to a misplaced hole. I took a rattail file to it and 15 minutes later it latched tighter than a gold-digging whore to Bill Gates.

Selective analyzing?

Bryan Miller posts another anti-gun screed that's highly devoid of facts and adds a few goodfacts of his own. It's already been effectively fisked in the comments but I'll add my two cents anyway.

Once again, an anti uses trace data as absolute numbers. It's even funnier when PAGE TWO says that's not what it's for.

Miller makes the statement of fact "it is the case that a significant portion of crime guns recovered in Newark were part of multiple sales made by in-state gun dealers."

as of yet, noone has been able to find evidence for this. Will he present it? We're still waiting for his evidence he promised on 50 cals and other topics that he'll get to "in future posts". At the rate he's posting, energy weapons will be the standard sidearm of CCW holders in the 55 United States by the time he gets around to it.

And, as usual, he neglects the most important parts of the crime he cites, the fact that the primary suspect is an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city (which I covered earlier) out on multiple bonds for assault, weapons possession, and child rape along w/ alleged accomplices involved in violent gangs.

Now I'm curious as to whether he'll respond to any of the comments as he attempted to last time (albeit though only w/ insults) or will he just play the silence game. We also get to see if macca (as 32aday) comes crawling out of her burrow to throw out a few comments.

Edit: As of this afternoon, NJ voices doesn't have the new post listed w/ the others on Bryan's site even though it's listed in RSS feeds and editors picks. I like to think that this is Bryan's attempt to try and quiet us by not listing it directly but it's most likely a programming error.