Saturday, May 15, 2010

Selective Quotes and Claims of Mandates

The site 'Think Progress' went to the NRA convention to ask members about the 'Terror Gap'. After interviewing 'dozens' (out of tens of thousands) they managed to find a few people who weren't informed on the issue, quoted them and the MAIG push poll, and are now claiming
" rank-and-file NRA members disagree with their leadership."

Uh huh, sure.

In contrast, my non-scientific poll on the side is more representative of firearm owners since I have more responses than they do.

Again I put this down to a failure of information dissemination. I encountered the same thing at the 2008 convention where a large percentage of the people had not heard about gun control advocates fabricating a story for CNN. We and the NRA need to get better at this.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

NRA 2010 Annual Meeting Day 2 (2nd Hand)

Really wish I was there:

Annual Meeting: what's happening Saturday

Proof of life

Charlotte Observer estimates 16,000 attended today's Celebration of American Values

Meet your friendly neighborhood gun blogger at the 2010 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting's Antique Guns & Gold Showcase draws quite the crowd

Annual Meeting of the Members is underway in Ballrooms A-B

Law Seminar: Halbrook and Lund

Bushmaster ACR


Size does matter

Big Brass Ones

Cute kid at air gun range


Tactical Coach Gun

1911 in 22LR

Random Shots

Quick pictures from the floor!

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Defending the Defenseless

45 Superman has informed me that Michael Bellesiles is coming out w/ a new book about violence in the late 19th Century.

I won't critique this current book, I hope that he's seen the light on proper research, but what's telling is that even his defenders can't get the facts straight:
"Michael Bellesiles is perhaps most famous as the target of an infamous "swiftboating" campaign by the National Rifle Association, following the publication of his Bancroft Prize-winning book Arming America"
IIRC, the NRA had nothing to do w/ the initial discoveries and the people involved state that directly:
anyone who knows my politics would never associate me with the National Rifle Association."
So this is a typical case of the belief that anything and everything that has to do w/ a pro-gun message (or anti anti-gun) is funded and organized by the NRA( just like the claims that the Zumbo affair was initiated by the NRA.) and therefore can be dismissed out of hand.

So much easier than relying on facts and evidence.

More at Volokh, SIH, Saysuncle.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not a Functional Brain in the Lot

In regards to that Chicago 'Gun Buyback' that we're still trying to determine the funding of?

Virtually all of the guns turned in Saturday at Uptown aren’t the kind likely to be used to commit crimes.

There’s not a functional gun in the lot,” said Sgt. Alex Silva, a 23rd District CAPS officer.

And that folks, says it all about the effectiveness of these turn-ins.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Brady Campaign Wants More Gun Deaths

Paul Helmke et al join other irrelevant gun control groups in opposing Eddie Eagle without offering any sort of alternative.

Beyond the quoting of an incomplete study and the (shock) VPC they admit to the real reason they oppose it, they don't like the NRA:

it's difficult for me to believe that the NRA leadership is serious about gun safety for children or anybody else.

Well that and they're jealous that nobody's listening to them anymore.

Of course we'll never see an alternative from them beyond 'Get rid of guns'. Not only because they couldn't afford to develop one but it would distract from their real goal.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Gura v Helmke

In an effort to garner some media attention, Paul Helmke of the Brady Bunch will be debating Alan Gura Friday May 14th in Charlotte, NC.

Seeing Helmke's smile wiped off his face would be a wonderful start to the annual meeting. Wish I could be there.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wishful Thinking

From the Joyce puppet site 'Stop Gun Deaths' comes this little bit of fantasy:
#Gun lobby worried that #kids don't #hunt, see future collapse of agenda;
That's quite a claim coming from the linked article they use. Especially in contrast to evidence like this and this.

I guess it's easier to close your eyes, cover your ears and yell "WE'RE WINNING!!!" instead of looking at reality.

But it does bring up an interesting question. While keeping kids interested in outside activities (including the shooting sports) is, without a doubt, important, what age did most people get involved?

I've never hunted and have no real interest in starting. I only went shooting w/ my dad once when I was about 10 and didn't shoot recreationally again until my mid-20's, about 10 years ago. Now I'm not only involved in the political side of things, but I enjoy target shooting, plinking, and collecting even though I don't get involved in organized competitions.

So when did you get involved/interested in hunting and/or shooting? Take the poll. Tell your story.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

When is a Slippery Slope not a Slippery Slope?

When they're trying to get votes.

Holder on the AZ illegal immigration law:
that "we could potentially get on a slippery slope where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done."
But Holder on 'Terrorist Suspects':
I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public-safety exception [to the Miranda protections].
And we're all well aware of the support for denying people their rights based off of inclusion on super secret lists.

So where is the "Hope and Change" we were all promised? All I've seen is a continuation of the Bush Doctrine.

This is what it all boils down to " The 2010 census is expected to show a large increase in Hispanic population."

Yeah. Votes.

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