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PFRPG 1st Ed Campaign: Media & the Battle at the Warehouse

Continuing the adventure from here:

Leaving the buried ruins with their treasures, the party then traveled south to the Timiro port city of Media to hire a ship and follow the clues discovered as to the whereabouts of the witch. In a fit of civic duty, they took on a side quest to free some kidnapped children from a group of evil slavers. After using some of their funds to upgrade their gear (most notably Eddie purchasing some plate armor magically enchanted a remarkable white color), the group moved on the warehouse said to contain the brigands.

Strongbow levitated and took up a position on top of a nearby building to snipe any guards or re-enforcements.  There were a few present in front of the warehouse and, his keen elven eyes noticed, numerous ones watching from the windows in the building across the street. While the rest of the party snuck into an alley to enter through the back door, Strongbow began eliminating the outside guards.  They fell like the targets at a carnival tent. The alarm raised, more slavers rushed out of the building.  They also fell after taking mere steps outside the door.

With the building nearly emptied, Echo, Eddie, Freddy and Klyn rushed in from the rear. A brief but intense fight ensued, costing nearly all of the opponents their lives while the party received barely a scratch. The most prominent of the inside battle was by the Paladin Eddie, flailing enemies left and right in his blazing white armor leading to tales of the “White Knight”, a hero of the poor and downtrodden. Among the rescued children, a boy was discovered, filthy and unable to speak.  Clinging onto Freddie, the priest, he became part of the group.

Unfortunately, as happens all to often among those with great power or skills, jealousies began to appear. Alike as they were different, both Eddie and Strongbow had similar backgrounds.  Both were skilled fighters, Eddie a knight, Strongbow a Longbowman.  Both were from noble families, Eddie from Timiro, Strongbow from the Land of the South Winds.  Both were 2nd sons out in the world searching fame and glory.  The difference was why they had left home.  Strongbow had voluntarily gone out in order for his older brother to secure the family seat and prevent any divided loyalties. Eddie had 'encouraged' to leave due to his selfish and trouble-making behaviors in the hopes that he would either mature or... not come home. A win-win for his house. 

During the fight, Eddie became a certifiable hero, slaying many enemies and earning the love of the common folk, but this was not enough.  Strongbow had killed 'more' of the slavers.  This disparity began to effect Eddie's frame of mind and his future with the party. 

 Following the battle, the party sold their animals and purchased some retainers/slaves including Mug the Orc Fletcher, Ackdor the Goblin Fighter and Adelaide the Bed Servant. Their loyalties ensured by breaking off their chains and equipping them with better clothes and supplies.  The ship the ‘Virtuous Maiden’ owned by Captain Macintyre, is contracted to take the party to Totugo, a pirate haven located far to the south in the Floenry isles.

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