Friday, December 5, 2008

Increased gun sales 'perplexing'

The Brady Campaign says Obama has "always been frustratingly pro-Second Amendment". Just more evidence that the Brady's are completely detached from anything remotely resembling reality.

And they have the audacity to call people acting on Obama's nearly unbroken legislative history on firearms "anti-inellectual". Obviously they don't interact with their own supporters very often.

National Park Carry GO!

Report here.

Good thing it happened now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Even more Media nonsense

I'm not even going to bother fisking this piece of fishwrap.

Is it any wonder the local firearm shops won't talk to them?

More Media Nonsense

Via Alphecca, a 'reporter' announces the 'death' of the NRA. To bad his 'facts' all come from Brady Campaign press releases. He claims that the NRA lost 80% of it's endorsed races against 'gun control candidates'. That number comes from a carefully phrased Brady claim that about 20 out of 25 races in where there was a Democratic turnover. That in no way shows a complete picture. This is re-enforced when he states that the Brady's won 90% of their endorsed races.

"Nobody can accuse Obama of campaigning dishonestly on the issue of gun control. "
Sure we can. Not only that, but he had his associates in the media campaign dishonestly for him as well.

Now the real nonsense:

Obama consistently advocated for increasing law enforcement's ability to trace guns by reinstituting tracking legislation repealed by the Bush administration;
Oh Really? He's claiming that police CAN'T access trace data? Misinformed or lying?

closing the famous "gun show loophole" that allows gun buyers to avoid background checks;
By mandating all sales go through FFL dealers that Obama also supports lawsuits against in order to shut them down

mandating additional safety features on U.S.-manufactured guns;
That don't exist.

resurrecting the expired ban on assault weapons and making it permanent.
Expanded to include millions more firearms that aren't commonly used in crime.

Note that the author didn't mention Obama's desire to circumvent the laws of 48 states by banning CCW in lieu of his claims to allow locales to make their own laws.

He then goes on to quote more Brady statistics and even gush over the AHSA, dismissing an unnamed 'NRA blogger' (who I'm sure received his wheelbarrow full of cash) and claiming the AHSA will become the NRA's 'rival'.

He started his group along w. numerous other extremist gun control activists including Rosenthal. In order to stump for Obama, they scrubbed their entire website of any 'controversial' measures and modified several of their stances.

Who REALLY supports gun control?

Americans Against Guns.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Harvey, IL "Only Ones" Update..

As Kaveman noted, the total arrested is now up to 15. Technically they were 10 Cook County Sheriff's correctional officers, four Harvey cops and one Chicago police officer. It gets better:
An undercover FBI sting two years in the making - centered on the town of Harvey - allegedly saw crooked officers agree to provide muscle for what they believed were a dozen large-scale drug deals, including deals in the parking lots of chain restaurants, stores and hotels in Tinley Park, Oak Lawn, Matteson and Homewood.
And yet even though they've broken all moral and ethical boundaries of the oaths they took to uphold the law, they're still getting special treatment:
All 13 officers who appeared before Federal Judge Michael Mason Tuesday afternoon were freed without bail, as were two other men who are not employed as police officers were also charged.

UPDATE: "Weapons Distribution" as well.

Seems Tanya Pain was partially right. Suburbanites WERE going into the cities to trade guns for smack. It just happened that the Suburbanites were wearing badges at the time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Journalists have no clue redux

On a followup on the Officer that shot himself in the leg the other day:

He did confirm that he had spent a few hours Friday, Dec. 28, at the police firing range with his 19-year-old daughter shooting guns, among which was his service revolver, a Glock .45-caliber pistol...

The chief said he took the magazine out of the handgun and removed the bullets.

*Bangs Head*

Stamford Advocate PSH

Did you know that over 66,000 people are killed per year by 'firearm violence'?

This little panty-wringing non-factoid is brought to you by a LTE in the Stamford Advocate in response to a womens organization having a night out at a range.

Never mind that the claims of "numbers of deaths by firearms doubled since '96" are completely fabricated, it's much more important that these women should be blamed for the actions of criminals.

Illinois Only Ones

FBI arrest 12 involved in Harvey, IL police corruption.

In the midst of a financial crisis and cuts of hundreds of officers, Chicago Mayor Daley signs $60 million dollar deal for 2,000 gas guzzling SUV's. So much for a cleaner, greener Chicago.

Non-Thinking Progress

A group that calls itself "Center for American Progress Action Fund" runs a blog on the Chicago Sun Times website called "Think Progress". In it, they express the usual nonsense that the NRA is a puppet of the "gun industry" and that Obama loves and cherishes the 2A.

Nevermind that Factcheck was shown to be completely biased and incorrect in several instances, all you need to do is look at the organizations president. Mr. John Podesta. Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and one of the architects of the "all out offensive on guns" . The same 'offensive' that resulted in the S&W agreement and subsequent boycott.

He is currently 'co-chair' of Obama's transition team.

'Nuff said.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another MAIG Mayor Arrested

Birmingham, Al Mayor Larry Langford was arrested by FBI agents Monday on Federal charges of money laundering and bribery.

Another high quality anti-gunner in Bloomburg's coalition. How many does this make so far? Four? Five? I've lost track.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

UMPC at IL gun shows

The Armed SchoolTeacher noted that there were a lot more guns and a lot less fluff at the Springfield show this weekend.

He also noted that there were Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps patches for sale at one of the dealers.

That dealer would be Arcola Guns and Ammo. A good friend of mine who I bought my first (and most of my later) guns from. That first one was a K98 Mauser that I needed for WWII re-enactments.

Misinformed or Lying?

From another PA politician.

U.S. Rep. Joseph Sestak, D-7th, of Edgmont, is co-sponsor of a House resolution to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban.

"I don't believe our police should have to face the same type of weapons that our soldiers face in Baghdad," Sestak said. "The ban made assault weapons less accessible to criminals."
Well Mr. Sestak, I'm sure you have been (or will be) informed that "Assault Weapons" are NOT what our soldiers face in Baghdad nor is there any support for the claim of the AWB making them 'less accessible to criminals'.

So were you misinformed or are you lying?

Update: Welcome to the Rep. Sestak's office staff. I'm perfectly willing to answer any questions you may have.

Mandatory Volunteering

A Keyboard and a .45 has an excellent post up analyzing the PE's plan on organizing the Obama Youth Corps.

As was pointed out, Obama has taken a 'study' showing correlation between volunteering and improved academics and claimed causation. From dealing w/ students who were part of a school enforced mandatory volunteering program, the ones who didn't do it normally as part of their lives did everything they could to scam out of it.

What I can see happening is, like Obama's plan states, it will be through monetary coercion that the .gov will force encourage schools to participate. Suburban and upper tier urban schools will embrace it wholeheartedly, rural schools will be mixed but mostly ignore it, while lower tier urban schools will fail miserably at implementation and participation.

More and more money will be dumped into the failing programs under the mantra of "Do It Again, Only Harder", while cries of "RACISM" (in various guises) are heard from the likes of Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharpton. Schools that actually have some measure of success will be ignored by the media.

Change we can believe in.