Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hitting Close To Home Updates

News is reporting a school shooting in the next town over.  Reports are one student injured and suspect in custody.

The real fun is going to be the rumor mongering.  Some students are apparently putting up on the book of face that there were multiple shooters and half-dozen to a dozen injured/killed.

Update as more information comes up.

Update.:  Male student that was hit.  Female teacher subdued the shooter.

Local rumormill. 100% unconfirmed.  Allegedly the shooter had been bullying a female student, both freshmen, who promptly whooped him.  He brought a gun to school and they got into a screaming match before he pulled out the gun and started shooting.  The teacher grabbed him from behind and he then started just shooting randomly. 

Update II:  Other rumors are that the shooter was the one being bullied by various male students and he was responding.  He is currently being evaluated for mental health.

W. the way rumors are spread, I have a feeling we'll never know the entire truth.