Friday, January 29, 2010

Logic vs logic

Every once in awhile, the antis stumble across a decent argument. Every once in awhile, they let go of the emotional anecdotes and put forth a position based on logic. This presents an opportunity for true reasoned discourse; one that we must learn to recognize when it presents itself and counter logic with superior logic.

In other words, a true debate and a fair fight. Not the incessant poo-flinging seen all to often. Generally speaking, the pro-2A crowd has a good track record of taking the high road and entering with logic against emotional stances. This approach is admirable, yet yields little fruit. Yes, we do it for the fence-sitters who are content to stay in the background, read but never comment and this is a much needed harvest.

But…destroying the logic of a decent argument is more difficult and therefore more rewarding both on a personal level and moving the chains down field for the team.

This is why I follow and comment on the anti blogs. I certainly can’t read them all, but I try to keep up with the heavy hitters like the Brady Bunch. After all, they are the 800 gram gorilla in the room.

Luby’s, Columbine, Amish School for Girls, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood…etc…blah blah blah.

One common theme and decent argument is that these massacres would not have been possible on the scale that they were without the use of a gun. Forget the ranting against semi-autos vs. pump or lever actions. Forget the rant concerning how many rounds a magazine holds.

We’ve destroyed those arguments a thousand times over already; it’s dead, been raped by wild dingos and then killed again.

The premise of their argument is correct on a superficial level. A recurring theme goes something like this…”If the attacker had been using a knife, sword, bow and arrow, baseball bat, etc, then the body count would have been much lower.” Or equally…”He would not have been able to inflict that level of carnage had he not had a gun.”

Sounds reasonable and chock full of common sense, right?

My response would be that someone wielding a knife, sword, bow and arrow, baseball bat OR firearm could achieve any level of body count IF THEY ENCOUNTERED NO RESISTANCE. It may take a bit longer to bash in your brains with a blunt object, but if faced with zero resistance, you and those within their swath of influence are just as dead.

This forces the antis into the ol’ standby retort that if someone is taking the extra time to rupture skulls with a golf club, this will give the police more time to respond and save additional lives.

Sounds pretty good to the family members of victims 1 through 10, huh?

This also shows the hand of the antis in the sense that the way to deal with someone bashing in the skulls of innocents is to rally LEO’s carrying firearms. If the situation warrants calling armed LEOs to come stop the bad guy, then I have the RIGHT to call the LEOs after the bad guy is bleeding to death on my very expensive carpet.

The true defense against the criminal mind is not a 3 digit number on your phone’s speed dial, it is the spirit of self-preservation. Whatever weapon is wielded against you, an appropriate response would be to counter with a superior weapon, or an equal one at the least.

That is why we keep/carry the most effective defensive weapons allowed by law. I’ll best your baseball bat, knife, sword and bow and arrow; if it comes to pass that you carry a firearm as well…well then it’s a fair fight, isn’t it?

Who could argue against the innocent taking a stand against the lawless? The Brady Bunch.

This is why they fail.

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Glass Houses

Paul Helmke's latest Huffpo rant goes on about the Grammy Awards 'glorifying' guns w/ their usual dramatic onstage antics.

Perhaps he forgets the type of movies one of his biggest stalwarts makes.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brady strategy = Epic FAIL

It’s fairly obvious to see their feeble attempt and the outline of their thinking.

1. The Massachusetts senate seat loss to Brown was a huge wake up call. The dual losses of the governorships in New Jersey and Virginia were a bad omen, but Mass was the clincher that sent chills through congress and the White House, especially considering the Messiah actively campaigned for all three losers.

2. As the center piece “accomplishment,” Health Care Reform was now a long shot in its current form. Lots of sub-audible muttering in the Halls of Congress. Midterms approach while the Light-Bringer’s poll numbers continue to fall. Pissy fits abound.

3. State of the Union had to be totally rewritten as the focus switched to the economy and jobs. On a more basic level, the SOTU was revamped to address the growing anger of the American people about campaign promises made vs. the steaming pile of unicorn farts in the Oval Office.

The Brady Bunch smelled red meat… er, uh…make that a large field of fresh grass after a light rain.

Henigan throws up a post calling out Rahm Emanuel about fulfilling his prior pledge to do away with Due Process concerning the 2A and the no-fly list. The attempt to link explosive underoos and firearms was entertaining to say the least.

A few days later, and a few days before the SOTU, the Brady’s release a “report card” calling the President an “abject failure” and give him the grade of “F” on gun control. All the other anti groups link to it(this provided exposure to dozens of people). Helmke hits the media circuit and makes damn sure millions of people both inside and outside of Washington DC hear their latest meme.

They made a gamble and doubled down; shame the President into acknowledging them and their agenda in the SOTU.

Well, that worked out rather well for them, huh?

Not so much as a single syllable uttered about gun-control.

Could it be that the Brady Bunch actually puts stock in the latest push-poll by the Word Doctors and honestly believe that gun-control is a winning issue?

Or is there another Mary McFate at the BC HQ that is sinking the ship.

My belief is somewhere inbetween.

The Brady Bunch knows full well that they’re full of shit and are sinking their own ship just be being themselves.

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New Baby

A while back I mentioned an associate of mine, an elder in his church, who, after the situation at Colorado Springs and Jean Assam, decided to get a CCW license. He just contacted me to inform me of a new addition to his family.

Inn'it precious?

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Friends and Enemies

The IL 59th State District is solidly Democrat. That's pretty much a given. We've spoken of the former holder of this seat, Kathy Ryg, before. She's the one that put out the campaign pamphlets showing machine guns and stating they were legal and handily won. That should tell you the kind of support for firearm rights there is in that area. Keep that in mind.

Her appointed replacement Carol Sente, however, was a slight improvement. Not exactly a friend to the 2A, she wasn't an enemy either. At one point she told the IL NRA lobbyist she was a member.

Well IL House Repub leader Tom Cross apparently thinks it's a GOOD idea to remove a moderate Dem in the primary and pave the way for another F- rated Dem to take the seat. He used a puppet group to send out Robo-Calls in her district with this message:

Hello this is an important voter alert.

You can trust Carol Sente to protect your right to own firearms.

Carol Sente is a member of the NRA and will be trusted to advance issues that would allow people to carry concealed weapons and reduce restrictions and regulations to buy guns.

If you care about guns, vote for Carol Sente.

Paid for by Citizens to Change Illinois.

Her response:

Sente says robocalls about her stance on guns are lies

"I am not a member of the NRA," Sente said Wednesday.

I'm so glad he's on our side.

H/T to Illinois Carry

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VPC push to Re-institute 'Black Codes'

Josh Sugarmann of the Joyce Foundation funded Violence Policy Center seems to believe that African Americans should be disarmed for their own protection:
"Successful efforts to reduce America's black homicide toll must put a focus on reducing access to firearms."
Since over 90% of African Americans murdered are murdered by other African Americans, Sugarmann's best idea is to return to the days when laws disarming blacks was the norm.

Unfortunately for Josh, modern versions are still in place and have shown to be just as ineffective as all their other schemes to disarm the public and reduce crime.

This is how gun control activists think of the general public.

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Twisting the Knife

Paul Helmke in his We Win They Lose rant:
The elections two weeks ago reflected significant advances for the cause of gun violence prevention.
the NRA suffered losses in every region of the nation, up and down the ballot,

Today from NRA rep for Indiana: Indiana House passes Emergency Powers/Parking Lots:76-21 and Gun Permit Data Privacy 84-11

Guess it's just not the White House that isn't listening to them.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Slightly Better World Today..

(AP) BAGHDAD - Iraq's government spokesman says Saddam Hussein's notorious cousin "Chemical Ali" was executed Monday about a week after being sentenced to death for the poison gas attacks that killed more than 5,000 Kurds in 1988.

No tears here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paul Helmke: Then vs Now

In Nov 2008, Paul Helmke proclaimed "We Win, They Lose. Now, Let's get to work."

The video states"
"This election, in terms of the gun prevention issue, is probably the most significant we've ever had." ... "Bottom line - in 2008, we won on the gun issue."
But wait. The embedded video has been "Removed by the User". It's still up on their YouTube Page (for now) though:

Now, in Jan 2010, the Brady Campaign releases a report calling Obama's presidency an "Abject Failure". Here's Paul Helmke crying about it on MSNBC.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

THE line?
Interviewer: Are they listening to you over at the White House?
Paul H.: They haven't yet.
Hee Hee.

H/T to the folks over at IllinoisCarry.

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