Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DC Wars: The Heller Strikes Back

Just as we expected, the District of Columbia decided to play games over handgun registration, requiring ballistics tests, written exams, mandating storage, banning semi-auto's as machineguns, and much more inanity.

Also just as expected, Heller swung his cajones over his shoulder again and is taking them back to court.

We've won the individual rights battle (for now). Now we need to get the definable limits so DC, Chicago, and San Fran can be put to rest.

Everone knows I'm not an absolutist but I have my red lines. The current IL FOID is not my ideal but realistically it's the best we'll get in this state for the time being. In fact, having it has prevented stricter laws from being enacted. I'll deal w/ it for now. I will, however, fight tooth and nail to prevent plans like Blago's wanting to raise the fee to $500. THAT is a blatant infringement.

Had Chicago and DC not shot themselves in the foot and enacted their bans by closing the registration offices, it (registration) also wouldn't be on the infringement radar except as a distant blip . Difficult but not impossible to own. But they did ban guns, others (like MA and CA) are trying to follow suit defacto by requiring non-existant features and outrageous fees, and it's looking like it's going to cost them.

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