Saturday, December 14, 2013

That New Anti-Gun Blog

When they make a comment like this "They are also simply the “tools” of violence, terror, and death.", there is no 'reason' involved. 

Word salads, moving goalposts and lengthy 'nu uh's'  is all it amounts to. I'm glad I didn't bother.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why The US Post Office is Broke

I've been shipping a large amount of packages through USPS lately using their flat rate services (hence why the lack of posting). Up until recently, it was more convenient to take them to the larger office in a nearby town than my local.  I dropped off some there the other day though and postmaster started giving me grief.  The sheets I'm sending are about 1/4" to big for the envelope so I've been using tape to completely seal it. Otherwise it is perfectly flat and thin.

Apparently that's against the ruuuuuuulllllzzzzzz.  So said PO(s) employee goes out of his way to find the regulation saying this was a no-no AND emails all the other local PO's to (and I quote) 'Watch out' for me.  All because a few (and I'm talking about 5%) of the packages 'might' garner an extra .50 or a $1 in postage going non-flat rate and that 1/4" offends his sense of order.  

Let's think about this.  I'm using a service that the PO is making a ton of money from and I'm doing much of the work in making/attaching labels, etc. All they had to do is scan them in and send them.  Now I'm being forced to switch to a cheaper, slower service and they're going to have to enter in each zip code individually and put postage on them, costing them man-hours and materials. Net loss for them. 

All the while I can stuff a load vest into one of those envelopes, effectively turning it into a big  ball, and they'll take it w/o question because the flap will close.

Is it any wonder that the USPS is billions in the hole every year?

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Monday, December 9, 2013

NYDailyNews Tells The Truth...

...about the real goals and mentality of 'gun control'.

The headline describing people who owned things later declared 'illegal' by the Gov't"
Outlaws with guns
Their view on the confiscation of private property:
New York City is confiscating illegal firearms? Good
What they think of firearm owners:
The gun nuts are going nuts, and it’s delicious.
When people disagree w/ the confiscation of previously legal private property?
actually, the cops went easy. They could have arrested some of these “law-abiding” New Yorkers.
Registration leads to confiscation, fully supported and endorsed by anti-gun activists. 

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Guess What 'Judge' Munger.... You're Ignorant

You throw out your 'creds' of being a 'Gun Owner Butt...", an Army Reservist, and a legal expert, then throw out this bit of ignorance...
But I do know this. I’ve owned rifles and shotguns all my life. I’ve hunted from the moment I completed gun safety at the age of 12. I have four sons, three of whom are hunters. My dad is a hunter. My grandfathers were both hunters. One was a game warden. I’ve served in the United States Army Reserve. With all that background and experience around firearms I can tell you this with a certainty: Rifles like the Bushmaster were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: combat. They are not weapons of personal defense. A loaded semi-automatic handgun wielded by someone who has spent time on the firing range will do that job just fine. You don’t need a Bushmaster for target practice. A .22-caliber pump or semi-automatic is more than adequate to keep your shooting eye keen. Assault weapons are impractical for hunting. A Winchester or Marlin lever action 30-30 is a far better choice. If you can’t hit a deer with the first five rounds, you shouldn’t be hunting.
That's nice.  Guess what?

Anti-gun fanatics don't care about 'curbing sales and marketing'

They want to ban your 'hunting'.  They want to ban those 'semi-automatic handguns'.  Deceased Senator Ted 'Chappaquiddick' Kennedy even called your precious 30-30's 'armor piercing' and wanted them banned.  You want to throw out your military creds?  Take a look at this @sshat.  I was in the military longer than you but I'm not a 'hunter'.  The most common target shooting rifle at Camp Perry National Matches is the AR.  But you probably don't know that nor care.

  Let's take a look at the shooting you describe, a criminal defendant managed to get a gun into a courthouse, past  multiple levels of security.  Did he have a criminal past?  You don't say.  But during the situation, the security present failed.  911 failed.  Everything failed. It was a typical 'gun free zone'.  So you use that for a call to ban guns you don't like.

You're a typical anti-gun idiot.  You take your personal tragedy then call for restrictions on something that had nothing to do w/ it.

You can take your 'certainty' and stuff it up those robes of yours.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

OGRE Nihon Shipping Update: Weekend the Second

As promised I've been working extra hard to get the Nihon: NAD orders out.  This weekend was a series of serious envelope stuffing session that got it up to 50% or so complete.

That is 80 orders sitting on my assembly line table. 40 more were taken by my mail lady yesterday morning.  I may not make the 100% by Xmas but it's going to be awful close.  At this point it's going to be the complicated orders (Intl, addy changes or dead addresses, etc.) that slow things down plus how long my forearms can hold out. I'm definitely feeling the effect of repetitive motions (ie some tennis elbow). 

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