Sunday, October 2, 2016

West Chicago Gun Shop Ban Proposal. UPDATE



ISRA has received an updated agenda from the City of West Chicago.  The agenda contains a note which says the items concerning PC16-16  (the proposal for Firearms Retail zoning) have been removed from the agenda. 

The problem is that legally, meeting notices and agenda items need to be posted 48 hours in advance.  Therefore the item is still on the agenda.  They may table the item but they can't really remove it.  We advise using your own discretion regarding whether you attend or not.   Members who live in the City of West Chicago should make a conscious  effort to attend this meeting, and any future meetings on this matter.   Meeting agendas should be reviewed as soon as they are posted. 
You will hear more on this issue, depending on a revised or tabled zoning proposal

West Chicago is a tiny little suburb in Dupage County, IL, the name says... west of Chicago.  They have a population of a hair over 27K and have apparently decided to be a test case to try and ban gun shops and ranges through 'zoning', the same kind of crap Chicago proper did after Shepard v Madigan and which was slapped down in Ezell v Chicago.

The relevant proposal:

Effectively making the city a 'gun shop free zone'.

From the ISRA:
 1.  Attend the West Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals/Planning Commission Meeting to be held at 7 pm Tuesday, October 4, in the Council Chambers of West Chicago City Hall. City Hall is located at 475 Main Street, West Chicago, Illinois.  We recommend that you get there by 6:30 PM to ensure that you get a seat.
Probably going to be the most people they've ever seen at a meeting.

They can blow all the smoke they want about 'reasonable regulations' and 'safety'.  The fact is they want to ban guns but can't get away w/ it directly.  It's as simple as that. 

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