Friday, August 22, 2008

Ray Schoenke is funny...

His latest punchline:

"The American Hunters and Shooters Association, unlike the NRA, is dedicated both to protecting the gun rights of Americans and preserving America's hunting heritage through conservation and responsible wildlife management."
Funniest joke I heard all week. The NRA got a laugh out of it as well.

So where's the AHSA's equivalent to the Whittington Center? It's Youth Hunter Education programs? Safety Training programs? Range development programs? etc.

Oh, right. Nowhere. Because they don't exist except as a "will be" on their website.

What Ray neglects to mention (besides all their anti-gun activities) is the fact that his "income" is $1/year because the AHSA is primarily supported by him and his anti-gun cohorts and NOT by membership.

Evil on paper

The aptitude test Thomas Edison used to screen potential employees.

Effective crime fighting techniques.

An 18% rise in murders so far this year. 5 shot in a drive by just last night. The decision by the CPD leadership on how to stop this?

City to step up enforcement of bike laws

Yep. That's an effective use of law enforcement resources. If you just want to generate revenue that is.

Ah, the bureaucratic mindset.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bryan Miller Cries.

Here Bryan, have a tissue.

"one recognizes the NRA for the gun industry front group it is."


"Those of us working to make America's homes, schools and communities safer from gun violence are not a secretive lot."

Except when you use hidden cameras to secretly film gun shows, create false flag organizations to trick firearm owners into supporting gun bans, put gun control legislation into bills under different names, and intentionally misrepresent firearm capabilities and statistics.

Bryan earlier stated:

The United States has, by far, the highest rate of gun homicide among those countries commonly known as industrialized, namely Organization for Ecomonic Cooperation and Development (OECD) members (see

Actually, according to his own linked IANSA document, Mexico is considered "industrialized", is a member of the OECD, and has a higher per capita homicide rate than the US. 5.11 vs 3.92. Both Brazil, Russia and South Africa are also considered "industrialized" (all are G8+5 members) but are not members of the OECD and have higher firearm homicide rates than the US. 21.07,(homicide around 20/100K) , 22.04.

This is how Bryan Miller remains "honest".


Apparently Brady Campaign spokes'man' and Comedy Central 'comedian' Lewis Black thinks it's just effin' hilarious to use murdered historical figures for punchlines in his particular brand of (what he calls) humor.


ha ha.

More at War on Guns, ProGun Progressive, and SayUncle.


A shooting w/ a stolen gun in Newark NJ that 'accidentally' went off:

According to McCarthy, the increasing use of semiautomatic weapons has changed the playing field in Newark.

"It used to be, you'd arrive at a crime scene and you'd find five or six shell casings," he said. "Now, you find 25 or 30."

The average number of shots fired by a criminal is less than four. Revolvers don't eject their spent casings where semi-autos do. So the only thing different about the "playing field" if semi-autos are being used more often is that there's more casings on the ground instead of dumped later. If they're finding "25 or 30" casings on the ground, then they're having shootouts by multiple gang bangers during a single incident.

That is of course, unless they're trying to revive the old myth that rifles have become the "weapon of choice" for criminals again.

Selective editing....

In their quest to spread as many goodfacts as possible. The folks a the Coalition to Stop Handgun Ownership have gone from "moderating" posts so they could have the last (false) word to selectively editing historical quotes to make them say something they didn't.

Armed and Safe has the skinny.

To all the Para-USA winners..

You suck and I hate you.

Have fun. Take pictures. Be safe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just "Good Kids"

Cops: 11-year-old among 5 arrested in theft fromDelco gun shop

WHEN POLICE phoned early yesterday, the mother of an 11-year-old boy assured them that her son was at home in bed...

The two adults, Leroy Taylor, 19, of Philadelphia, and Khalik Keyser, 18, of Chester, were arraigned yesterday on charges of burglary, theft, criminal trespassing and related offenses. In 2005, Keyser pleaded guilty to attempted murder and weapons charges in Philadelphia and is on probation, according to court records.

Neither commented as they were led from the police station.

Besides the 11-year-old, police arrested Keyser's 16-year-old brother and a 15-year-old Collingdale boy. The Daily News is withholding their names because they are minors. They were awaiting a hearing yesterday in juvenile court.

And I'm sure they were all honor students trying to turn their lives around. Obviously the combined pull of all those mind control chips in one spot led to their delinquency.

What isn't working in Chicago...

Fighting for Liberty and Arms and the Law note that the Dem platform is FOS when it comes to banning guns (let's just be realistic here). The classic line:

"What works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne,"

What's "working" in Chicago allows for a murder rate 5x higher than Cheyenne and, for that matter, the rest of the state of Illinois. 50% gang related. 90% by prior criminals against 70% prior criminals.

The only contention I have is that the current Chicago murder rate (as of 7/08) is closer to 17.5 now than the older 16.4 number from '06. It's most likely even higher as Chicago, like most other craphole cities, have seen a reducing trend in population.

What IANSA wants..

From a commenter over at the "smirking chumps":

The police are also generally pro-active in inspecting the houses of gun owners to ensure that the rules are being followed - which include the weapons and ammunition being stored in separate locked containers.

"Pro-active". Translation: They can come into your house whenever they feel like and arbitrarily search what they want.

IANSA has no problems w/ that. Warrantless searches of homes? Fine. George Soros loves it. It keeps those peasants in their place.

Because that "more socialist influenced UK/European model" he's all stiff over provides little in the way of protection of property rights. You know, one of those that the other "lefties" say that we, as "righties", never talk about in all their stereotypical goodness.

One would note that the commenter also has no clue about actual laws as he fell for the usual "AK-47/M-16 = assault weapons" scam. They allow "hunting guns". Really they do. Dumbass.

And not a single one was willing to come over and play outside of their own sandbox. The outside world is to scary for self-proclaimed "lefties" where people might actually question their "true beliefs" and respond w/ evidence and facts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A "disturbing" trend..

People defending themselves w/ firearms against deranged attackers.

In the Coalition to Stop Handgun Ownership's view, it would have been better for the victim (that would be Harrison BTW, the guy who was attacked) to have waited and seen what an obviously deranged and violent man 'might' have had to attack him w/. He should have waited for Mays to pull out a knife or gun and try and kill him before he defended himself.

A comment left had this result (edited for "honesty"):
Your comment has been saved and will (never) be visible after blog owner approval censorship.

This is the CSGV's complement to the Brady Bunch's "law abiding gun owner" series. Since public opinion has turned against them, their only recourse is to try and demonize firearm owners through selectively edited anecdotes.

So which is worse?

A secret mole that infiltrates anti-gun organizations to get some information on them or anti-gunners starting up an organization (s)in order to fool firearm owners into inadvertently support "gun control" measures?

Is that "honest"?

CCW discrepancy

Linoge at Walls of the City reports that there is some discrepancy as to whether a TN CCW permit is valid in VA. Something to do w. trying to design a mouse and ending up w/ an elephant.

Why does Rosenthal even bother..

trying to pretend to be a "middle ground alternative to the NRA" with his puppet group AHSA? Especially since he still runs the group "Stop Handgun Ownership" and puts up anti-gun billboards?

He continues his diatribe on Huffpo w/ the oft repeated (and debunked) "gun show loophole" stories. One would think that if this happened as often as they say, they wouldn't have to repeat these same ones over an over. That they would get some new material. He even uses the old "al queada terrorist manual" bit that turned out to be a photocopy from a crappy little UK publishing house. The REAL training manual doesn't bother with telling people to go to the US to buy semi-auto's or to follow the law. Why would they bother when they can just go to neighboring crapblagistan and buy ACTUAL assault rifles, RPG's, and machineguns? But of course what do you expect from wanna-be terrorists from a country that banned their own olympic shooters and anti-gunners that have nothing left but myths.

Monday, August 18, 2008

30 more days of summer..

as the mole rat Robyn Ringler pokes her head up at CSGV and calls us a bunch of meanies for not letting her have an echo chamber. So what does she do? Posts an interview on a blog that also "moderates" comments , makes unsubstantiated claims of racism, and neglects to mention that one of her only supporters was the equally bigoted Alex T. Riley.

I mean really. She used the Gun Guys as her primary information source, played the usual "I don't want to ban guns except" game (and still does), and banned the phrase "gangbangers" to describe, well, gangbangers because she decided that was a codeword for racism.

I take a measure of pride in the fact that she used my post calling her and her supporters on their BS as the 'final straw' as her excuse to close up shop and go home.

Emil Jones gone?

The President of the IL Senate, the same one who prevents pro-gun bills from reaching the floor and demanded raises when the state is running billions in the red, is allegedly announcing his retirement.

It's hard to imagine an eligible individual who will do worse in the job. But this is Illinois.

'Children' who commit crimes..

They're usually 'good kids', 'honor students', 'trying to turn their lives around', etc. right? Sorry. Don't buy it.

Picking a woman at random to rob in the early-morning hours of July 28, a 16-year-old girl walked up to a woman in Logan Square, threw sulfuric acid in her face and stole her purse, Chicago police said Sunday.

This is the kind of mentality of these 'children'. They've been raised to have no regard for anyone or anything beyond their own immediate desires, to glorify violence within their own community, and to blame all the associated problems on other people. Then, assuming they breed before they get killed in a turf war, they will pass that attitude on to the next generation.