Friday, October 6, 2017

OGRE Online @SJGames

From their Daily Illuminator:

Ogre Video Game Available Now On Steam

You've faced the deadliest AI on the tabletop; now take on Ogre in the digital realm! 
Thanks to our friends at Auroch Digital, the Ogre video game is now available on Steam, with as many options as any Last War commander could hope for. If you like Ogre, you'll like this – the digital implementation stays true to the original game. You've got your standard Ogre scenario, one Ogre versus the defenders, and all the classic units. Play either side against the computer or an opponent. In addition, players have content from G.E.V., including the expanded rules, and a host of single and multiplayer options. 
Ogre Video Game
If you haven't played Ogre before, don't worry. The in-game tutorial can get you up to speed, ready to tackle play against the AI and competitors. For seasoned Ogre players, there is an all-new campaign, plus online multiplayer and rankings to test your mettle. Customize your force with varied units, from Infantry to the Ogre Mark VI. Take the battle to a variety of terrain that you, or your opponent, can use advantageously. 
Make sure to share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter with #OgreVideoGame! On Monday, we'll randomly choose five folks who shared to win a copy of Ogre Sixth Edition.
Download Ogre today, and take a step into the future warfare of 2085. Join the community on Steam, and our forums! There are sure to be a lot of commanders looking for an opponent.  (And as this is written, Ogre is #2 on the New and Trending list for all of Steam!) 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Smell of Varnish @Dogmight

As noted previously, I've been a fan of Dog Might Games for some time.  While I may not pick up everything they make, I make it a point to plug them and throw a dollar into the 'Tip Jar' on their Kickstarters.

The latest item I got was a 'Dragon Tray', a dice rolling tray in various designs/patterns. I got a 'Castle' w/ the Ebony finish.  Holy ka-niggets did it turn out nice.

Close-up of the finish:

On the bottom are some rubber feet and a picture hook for vertical hanging.

I am most impressed. This will get a lot of use.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Can Quit Any Time I Like

To expand on a FB post showing off our OGRE goodies.

I started collecting when my sister bought the the box edition of GEV when I was about 10.  33 years later, this is the result including RIVETS, the original video game, the horrid Deluxe Edition and much else.  The rolled map on the side is for the San Fran invasion scenario and the craft boxes contain my DE/6E scale pieces.

What I didn't include was my meager minis collection.  I've posted partial pics of them from time to time but never in one lump sum.

The OGRE's:
L-R, B-F:  MKIV (Multicam), MKIII, MKVI (ATAC), Dopplesodner (Soviet Flag), Ninja, MKIII & MKV (WWII Africa Korps),MKIIIb (Nihon)

Combine Mobile Artillery Battery in Tigerstripe:

PE German Heavy Armor company w/ infantry support in Blumentarn:

Australian Coastal Artillery battery w/ Infantry, Lt Tanks, and hvy weapons mounted on trucks.

PE German Re-Enforced Mechanized Infantry company in desert fleck:

PE Russian Armor company w/ Infantry support (Interior Ministry woodland pattern)

Misc: A collection of obsolete Russian and German armor. Radar and Jamming facilities, Acrylic CP, Revetments, Cruise-crawler in Russian OD, underwater OGRE.

The collection.  The empty spot is for the mass o' plastic minis from the Set 1 KS.