Friday, February 29, 2008

New York Times' attack piece flutters in the wind

David Hardy points out that the NYT attacks on McCain, as pathetic as he is as a candidate, are even more pathetic. He may not be able to beat Obama but articles like this will give him a better chance.

Not that I'ld personally stump for a NYT endorsement. Just remember who they also supported from the words and research of thier "authorized journalists".

Thursday, February 28, 2008

HuffPo Hypocrisy..

A site that states "All comments are moderated by 15 real-humans 24/7; approved comments are published to our site very quickly, but not always instantly!"

Means that 15 real humans (as compared to fake ones like those in politics) finds this post acceptable:

I like bacon.
And pork chops.
Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good.
Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie...nevermind...ban guns!

yet doesn't "approve" a cited post showing the weakness of said "research". You know, the actual topic of the thread.

Nope. No bias there.

Brady's celebrate.

Their last accomplishment of any significance. 14 years ago.

Quote of the Day..

"No one who is not a member of a revolutionary organization has the right to bear arms in this territory."

Ernesto "Che" Guevara , Military Order No. 1, 1958.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brady fails at revenge

Two investigations against pro-gun rights groups that were initiated by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence turned up no evidence of wrongdoing.

The FEC said that in both cases, one against the National Rifle Association and the other against the Gun Owners of America, it could find no evidence that either group had made illegal in-kind contributions to federal candidates.

Obviously in retaliation for being called on breaking the law themselves:

In 2003, the Brady Campaign's PAC was fined $26,000 by the Federal Election Commission for failing to properly disclose $200,000 it spent on mailings in 2000 opposing two Republican House candidates, Reps. Ernest Fletcher (R-Ky.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).9


All welcome FifthPower

Yes, I'm smiling. Just really tired. Mother and Son are doing great. Light blogging continues till probably this weekend.

To answer the question: 36 hours in labor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You Tell'em Sister!!!

Lone Pony

I came across this blog in my travels. She make a lot of sense.

Light posting...

Hopefully will explain tomorrow.

For entertainement, compare the posts of Kelli and 'solitude' on Helmke's Huffpo blog. Same person?

Ban dihydrogen monoxide

This horrible substance, that most likely the same people who want to Ban Firearms, Freedom, the family car the list goes on. This reminds me of a MMM outing. I found this humorous, felt I would share.

dihydrogen monoxide


Monday, February 25, 2008

Violent Anti-gunners

Showing why they support strict Subject Control. They can't control themselves.

FEBRUARY 25--Meet Jose Antonio Ortiz. The Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to cops, Ortiz, 28, stabbed Sean Shurelds last Thursday night in the kitchen of an Upper Providence Township home. According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, the 41-year-old Shurelds, an Obama supporter, told Ortiz that the Illinois senator was "trashing" Clinton (apparently in regard to recent primary and caucus results). Ortiz, a Clinton supporter, replied that "Obama was not a realist." While not exactly fighting words, the verbal political tiff led to some mutual choking and punching. And, allegedly, a stabbing in the abdomen.

Makes sense as to why Obillary don't want people armed if this is their standard of support.

HNN publishes David Young's Amicus critique

Showing how the Bogus paper is bogus in both fact and intent. The comments are hilarious.

How many the Rats? How many the Refugees?

WaronGuns has a nice graphic on the most repressive states (in multiple forms) losing populace. It correlates closely to firearm laws. While the article he links to shows that some of them are rats trying to foul their new nests as badly as the ones they abandoned, I wonder how many of them are in fact refugees trying to escape SuperNanny.

Blame Chicago crime on what again?

Maybe Laura Washington and Mayor Daley will blame Rural White Males for coming to Chicago and dragging 44% of the students out of school and keeping them from graduating.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pro-Gun Progressive on TV


Disingenuous Durbin

Fresh from his hard-lost failures against the "Gun Lobby", IL Sen. Durbin decides to go after an already beaten foe. Cigarettes. To do so, his speech writers apparently used the "Replace Text" function on their computers.

Tobacco is the only product in America that is not regulated," Durbin said. "It's time for us to restrict their marketing techniques because their target is our kids."

The study charges tobacco companies with manipulating products to entice younger smokers.

"The tobacco lobby is the most powerful on Capitol Hill," Durbin said. "This is a prime example why Washington has to change."

Come on Dick, be a little original.

Unlicensed Dealers at Gun Shows

I support them.

Today I was able to purchase, w/o background check or waiting period, unserialized Assault Chili in large capacity containers. Within the next 24 hours, entire rooms will be cleared of life as I spray-fire from the bowel.

This is my manifesto. Be afraid America.