Saturday, July 26, 2008

The land of 10,000 lakes and one clueless visitor.

Over on HuffPo, a writer by the name of Lloyd Garver is wanting to party like it's 1989. On a visit to Minnesota, he discovered this "quite astounding" law (in place since 2003) that allows people to carry concealed and that a business would need to place a sign up stating if they didn't want it in that particular establishment.

All on his own, he came up with this:
Can you imagine what it would be like if people were allowed to bring guns into a hospital? Think of that unhappy patient: "You call this a good nose job, Doc?" BAM!
Wow. All that originality. And from a writer of sitcoms. Who woulda' thunk?

After discovering this "crazy" law, he came down with a case of PSH:
Once I learned about this concealed weapons thing, I was checking out everybody, wondering if they were secretly carrying a gun. "How about those three noisy girls behind me in the movie theater? Were they packing lead?" "What about the busty woman on the other side of the restaurant. Did she have a gun in her bra or was she just glad to see me?" "What about that minister striding towards me? Was he a Gunslinger for God?" It makes for a somewhat uneasy visit.

Why would this make him "uneasy"? Well let's look at his Bio of life experiences:

I grew up in Chicago, went to college at Berkeley, and got my Masters at Northwestern. Then I followed my dream to become a serious writer by moving to Los Angeles and getting a job writing questions and "ad-lib" jokes for the game show, "Hollywood Squares.

Ah, that explains it. I wonder how much therapy Mr. Garver will need after visiting the other 39 states that have liberal CCW laws? He'ld probably have to be committed if he ever visited Vermont or Alaska where no license is required. Going to the NRA convention in KY would have given him an aneurism.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mexican crime who's fault again?

Seems the cavalry turned out to be the vandals:

the soldiers themselves turned violent, townspeople say, ransacking homes and even torturing people.

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission says it has documented more than 600 cases of abuse

"These guys don't care about anything," said Lalo Lucero, 44, as he watched soldiers in the city detain a neighborhood youth recently. "They came into my house without a warrant, searched through everything and told me to sit on a couch and not say anything."

But all their problems would be solved if we just stopped selling handguns.

Daley digs in his heels on gun ban

He'll fight to the last tax dollar to restrict people of their rights. Gangmembers across the city broke out in spontaneous celebrations of support for the decision.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chicago Legislators..

Rep. Monique Davis, the same individual who stated that atheism is dangerous, opens her mouth again, claiming that Legislators from Southern Illinois encourage crime to keep prisons full:

“There are some people in the Illinois General Assembly who have prisons in their district, and their whole objective is to keep them filled,” Rep. Monique Davis, D-Chicago, alleged in a morning committee hearing. She was referring to several downstate lawmakers from prison districts who were opposing a bill that would make it easier for ex-convicts to get business loans.

“‘We got to have those prisoners. They’ve got to come down here from Chicago,”‘ Davis said in the committee, summarizing what she alleged is the attitude of downstate legislators. “. . . ‘We no longer plant corn, we no longer have farms, we don’t raise cows and pigs, we keep prisoners.”’

She added: “They don’t want to stop crime because (that would stop) their livelihood. ... It is sad when your whole economy is based upon imprisonment of Americans.”

And these are the kinds of people being voted into office from Chicago.

Army Ant Logistics

Via Mr. Runyon on IllinoisCarry

Rainbows and Puppies

Just for Kaveman.

The world is now at peace.

Criminal Empowerment + Unenforced Laws = Murder

Man gets pissed off and kills a family w/ an "Assault Weapon" in San Francisco.

The facts behind it?

Man was an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.
Believed to be MS-13 member.
Been Convicted for two previous felonies but never deported.
Had been caught w/ a firearm traced to multiple murders and RELEASED w/ NO CHARGES.

But remember, it was all due to the fact that he had an illegal "assault weapon". Otherwise he would be a pillar of the community if it wasn't for the damned NRA handing out guns to schoolkids, felons, and the criminally insane.

It took the murder of teenagers by an illegal immigrant released on multiple bails for child molestation and assault for NJ to drop its sanctuary policies. How many more murders like this will it take California to follow suit?

Daley gun purchases are ineffective...

They're not "buybacks" since they didn't own them in the first place. Uncle says they don't work. The rest of the educated world agrees. Here's proof:

Multiple Shootings Leave 3 Dead In Austin Neighborhood

Chicago shooting kills 1, injures 1 near Oak Park border

Oak park also bans handguns and considers the private ownership of firearms to be the same as belonging to a gang.

1 killed, 1 wounded in separate shootings

So at least 5 killed w/ illegal firearms during and after an event that is supposed to have immediate results on crime.

Maybe one day they'll realize that the only effect "gun buybacks" have is giving murderers and other criminals a free pass on their past crimes.

Eric Zorn of the Trib has compiled a "Webliography" of the failures of "gun buybacks".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chicago Gangs respond to Blagojevich

State trooper's car set afire

An Illinois State Police trooper's squad car was set on fire outside his home Tuesday night on Chicago's Northwest Side, authorities said.

I'm sure this will make the ISP just jump for joy over helping Chicago solve its 'concern'.

While at the same time, more "Chicago Public School" honor students are shot:

The 14-year-old boy was shot in the buttocks and the 16-year-old was shot in the arm, the captain said. The victims are allegedly Latin Saints and the shooter is allegedly a member of the Two-Sixer street gang. The shooting was part of an ongoing conflict between the gangs, the captain said.

At the end of the year, these two violent gangbangers will be added into the figures of "children shot w/ guns" to pull at the heartstrings of the public.

Backpedalling on Wrong Wray Avenue

Pat Wray posts a comment over on Bitters blog.

He states:
The article you reference was designed as a GENERAL overview of hunters and gunowners and was, I believe, pretty accurate. It was not intended to represent everyone, nor should it have been interpreted as a slam against any portion of the gun owning community.
OK, that's nice Pat. In your article you keep saying "We". So YOU support further restrictions on fully auto weapons. YOU don't understand the concept of CCW. YOU want some sort of registration/tracking system for firearms. YOU use loaded terms like 'stockpiling' when we're fighting laws that classify an 'arsenal' as 500 rounds.

So YOU need to get on the web and in the papers and clarify yourself in no uncertain terms.

Why would Wray even want to be on the board of the NRA?

"But we need to look beyond the Internet, into the genesis of the anger and fear that fueled the Internet attacks. If we look closely, we will find the National Rifle Association, or NRA. For decades the NRA has fostered a climate of fear and paranoia among gun owners. They have hammered home the message that everyone is out to take our guns and that compromise is tantamount to treason. They created an attitude within their membership that anyone who disagreed was an enemy and the best defense was a good offense. Nowhere has that message taken root as strongly as within the owners of the military style rifles, and it was they who came after Zumbo in their thousands."

Had Wray done any actual research (unless he just meant this as an NRA hit piece), he would note that the "feeding frenzy" as he put it, started on Arfcom and that quite a few of these ""Vicious, vengeful, vitriolic jackals" are NOT NRA friendly, considering them to be about equal to the Brady Campaign when it comes to firearm rights. Articles like this fostered the belief that it was the NRA that started the attacks against Zumbo and gave more proverbial ammo to groups like the Brady Campaign.

So you've changed your views on this Pat? Do you no longer consider the NRA to be "fostering fear" or are they still doing it and you want "change"?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going Green..

That's right. Days Of Our Trailers is doing its part to limit our impact on the environment. To reduce environmental 'noise', DOOT is now offering the Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps patches in GREEN SUBDUED.

Do your part to save the planet. Order yours today!!!

Remember. Hot chicks w/ guns wear DOOTWear.

Million Mom March Redux

Remember when the Million Moms were being investigated for tax fraud in relation to their exempt status? That they were campaigning for candidates and lobbying when their status specifically forbid that?

Remember how they folded into the Brady Campaign to prevent indictment?

Seems the PA group Moms Against Guns has taken a page from the MMM action plan. They are lobbying legislators for more gun laws. An action that may be in violation of their tax status.

Perhaps these groups should start investing in good tax attorneys before spending money elsewhere.

Update: Or not. They're a "For Profit" anti-gun group? WTFO.

Two Down

The town of Wilmette IL is having their board meeting tonight and are expected to vote down their handgun ban.

There's word that the Anti's are going to try and stir things up so let's get some representation there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another AHSA hit piece on the NRA.

There's just to much to fisk in this bit by AHSA mouthpiece Ray Schoenke. I'll just hit on a few of the choicer pieces.

"he confirmed what I and most gun owners have long believed: Citizens have an individual right to keep and bear arms, not only as members of organized militias, but that right is not unlimited."

The AHSA argued that the DC gun ban was a "laudable effort" and that acceptable limitations would be mandatory storage at facilities like "gun clubs" and police stations. All based on a "militia purpose" argument. Seems a little different from what Ray is claiming now, doesn't it?

"They undermine the NRA's all-or-nothing approach which has been so damaging to the gun debate for so long."

What Ray considers “damaging” is 48 states having CCW, the sunsetting of the AWB and failures of similar measures in the majority of states, etc. None of which was accomplished by his organization and which he opposes.

"As a law professor, Obama believed the Second Amendment conferred an individual right"

Actually what Obama states on his site is this:

"Barack Obama believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he greatly respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms."

Unless you live in a city, own a handgun, semi-auto firearm, or aren’t a police officer.

A constitutional scholar would note that the BOR is considered inherent and doesn't 'create' nor 'confers' anything. Ray?

"At the hunters and shooters association, we aren't going to spend $40 million"

Mostly because you don't HAVE 40 million dollars. You don't have 40 million pennies.

Even using your highest claimed numbers (25K) and the NRA’s lowest (3M), they have 120X the membership you do. Who’s trying to remain relevant again? Hell, this blog is more relevant than the AHSA.

So tell me Ray, what has the AHSA actually done in the last few years besides attack the NRA and support politicians that support anti-gun legislation?

New Blogs

SandCastle Scrolls


Send your love.

Reasonable gun laws

According to the District of Columbia, this is a 'machinegun':

These are the kinds of "reasonable, common-sense restrictions" that the Brady Campaign and the various Ceasefire organizations endorse.

Going the wrong Wray

Bitter has a piece up about Pat Wray, a true blue Fudd that's been highlighted by Armed and Safe for his many "pro-gun" stances like being against Concealed Carry, Assault Weapons, purchases of ammo, etc.

I think he's gotten confused. Shouldn't he be running for the AHSA board instead?

Edit: Bitter thinks it's a disservice to call him a Fudd. I can agree w/ that. He gives Fudds a bad name by trying to throw everyone under the bus.

Ban Ranger Joe's..

And any other dealer that sells tactical supplies without a background check and registration.

This equipment can only be utilized properly by highly trained authorities. The general public has no need for such things as vests and pistol belts.

These reasonable regulations will go a long way to preventing illegitimate home invasions.

Just another weekend in "Gun Free" Chicago.

Seven murders . Shootings at police. Riots. Stranglings.

But it's all the fault of those "Rural White Males".

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Airplane Porn

From the VF-84 Jolly Rogers:

Having grown up watching ROBOTECH, the Jolly Rogers have always been a particular favorite of mine. I never got the privilege of sailing with them.

And the SR-71 Blackbird:

IMO, the coolest airplane ever built.

A disconnect from reality

Weis has said that the city's 13 percent rise in homicides, while a concern, is not the sign of a crime epidemic.

Howabout the 8% rise in robberies? The rises in every category except rape and arson?

But those are only "concerns". What is his definition of an "epidemic"?

So instead, Blago and Daley will continue to take potshots at eachother and blame the rest of the state for the City's problems while Weis will keep fiddling with his 'concerns'.