Thursday, August 6, 2009

CCW lawsuit in DC?

According to poster LegalEagle45 on Huffpo and THR:

The prohibition of CCW by law abidding citizens in DC was challenged in a lawsuit filed today in US District Court for the District of Columbia. Case name is PALMER, et al vs. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and CATHY LANIER.

Counsel of record?

Alan Gura.

And Chicago files brief opposing SCOTUS review of NRA et al V Chicago.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


And in a Brady two-fer, Dennis Henigan shows that the word 'Extremist' doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
The plain truth is that the NRA's policy positions long have reflected the extremist ideology of its leadership, and a core group of "Second Amendment absolutists" in its membership.
Now anyone w/ any clue (or any integrity) about the internal debates that go on between firearm activists and owners would find the above statement laughable on its face. Of course to the Brady campaing, ANY support of firearm rights is extremist.

And what's even funnier is his 'evidence' of NRA 'extremism'. A poll done for the Bloomberg financed Mayors Against Illegal Guns and another by paid anti-gun 'researcher' Hemenway , that one 16 years old to boot.

I also like the term 'self-identified NRA members'. Reminds me of this. When a poll of 150 ACTUAL NRA members was taken, none of them supported Brady style 'reasonable' gun laws.

Watch the dancing Helmke..

The Brady Campaign is reveling in the recent shootings in PA, crying out for politicians to 'do something', which we all know will be followed by calls for more restrictions and bans.

Yet this isn't an atypical day in the Brady Paradise of Chicago where handguns and most long-arms are banned, registration, licensing, universal background checks, the works.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unorganized Militia: Child Soldiers

Fourth Powers Alpha and Bravo have managed to survive six years w/o me strangling them. As a reward, they got their first Daisy rifles:

and lessons on safety (the four rules) and handling.

They did manage to hit the bucket a few times. Not bad for their first time.

Oh. And here's a Cicada.

Chicago Justice

Via commenter Illinois Voter comes this piece showing how much Chicago authorities really want to crack down on crime.

Man gets 3 years in Englewood girl's death

Yep. Three years.

While he wasn't the shooter, he obviously knew they were going to murder someone. He participated in some way to enable that murder. And all he gets is three years.

Chi-Town. Gotta love it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just another Weekend in Brady Paradise

From our very favorite Father "Snuffy" Pfleger:

$5K reward offered in shooting of 2 teens

Man killed, woman hurt in carjacking attempt

6 shot outside a (gangbangers)funeral service in Chicago


A politician who promised on the campaign trail not to raise taxes is thinking about raising taxes to pay for a program most people don't want and will still bankrupt the country.

Next in the news, water is wet, bears crap in the woods, and the NEA spends lots of money on stupid crap.