Saturday, February 7, 2009

O-Day +18: No Due Process for You

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff, throws out a bunch of made up statistics and calls for the ending of due process to the cheers of Brady Campaign supporters.

"If you're on that "No-Fly List", your access to your right to bear arms is cancelled, because you're not part of the American family, you don't deserve that right. There is no right for you, if you're on that terrorist list."

That's right. If you're put on a list that is so riddled w/ errors that even Senators and Air Marshals are being flagged by it, you're no longer an American. You no longer have rights.

And Obama supporters called Bush a Fascist.

Friday, February 6, 2009

BTW Miss Lawyer Lady

It's spelled "Propagandist" . If you're going to insult me, get it right.

Now you have your little echo chamber. Hope you enjoy it as much as Robyn did.

Delusional Lawyers

Rusty and Joe take on a truly clueless lawyer who shows she has obviously not paid any attention to court cases over the last decade or so, instead relying on cutnpaste Brady Campaign resources.

"No wonder the NRA is getting its butt kicked in court and in the court of public opinion."

Which is why they just got a nice little sum from San Fran and most IL cities have dropped their handgun bans.

I find it funny that she denigrates the UMPC symbol and then goes on to quote verbatim one of the biggest advocates of false information about firearms available.

Her defense for her reasoned discourse is that it's her opinion but also claims that we're not dealing in facts even though we have linked evidence to support our case from numerous sources not involving the NRA.

But we're the shills.

Still no UN Resolutions

JERUSALEM — The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said Friday it has halted all aid shipments into the Gaza Strip due to interference by the ruling Hamas militant group.

Dozens of resolutions condemning Israel for starving those poor Palestinians. But there's silence from the body when the elected Palestinian Gov't does it to their own people.


CA Tax Dollars at Work

San Francisco Pays NRA $380,000 for Successful Proposition H Lawsuits

Total Tab to City for Unsuccessful Defense of Illegal Gun Ban Approaches $800,000

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh Look, Another Chicago Democrat Blaming Gun Owners

IL 5th State Rep Ken Dunkin thinks it would just be peachy keen if he could force firearm owners in Illinois to have outrageous amounts of insurance for the privilege of owning firearms. Because you know, the majority of crimes are committed by legal firearm owners not the 80% being directly related to gang members like the FBI believes.

Because this is in no way another method to try and make firearm ownership to expensive for the avg. person. Naw, couldn't be.

Armed and Safe has more on this Daleycrat moron.

Guns in School PSH

Apparently even having a picture w/ a gun is grounds for firing in Wisconsin.
BEAVER DAM, Wis. — A Beaver Dam Middle School teacher is on administrative leave after school officials discovered a photo of her with a gun on Facebook.

Schools superintendent Donald Childs says a concerned staff member brought the photo to the district's attention.

Yep. Some pantywaist gets their knickers in a twist over another teacher having a gun and gets them suspended. Sad.

They're gonna hate me.

Update: The photo in question:

Sorry. That's maybe a "You might want to take that photo down because some panty-waists might get the wrong idea and cause problems". Not a suspension.

UPDATE2: David reports that the WI ACLU is on the case defending her.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


That's all I can say about the first half of this article.

drug cartels are armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons, many of which are smuggled over the border from the United States


"straw man" buyers, who legally purchase weapons at gun shops and gun shows in the U.S


Mexican authorities say 90 percent of smuggled weapons come from the United States.


high-powered American weapons have enabled drug cartels to control whole territories


" access to military grade weapons like the high powered Five-Seven semi-automatic pistols."


This is where it's coming from:

"The 5.7 x 28, armor piercing (AP) rounds are not available for sale to the general public and are probably coming from the Mexican military,"

Last week Gen. √Āngeles Dahuajare announced that more than 17,000 soldiers had deserted in 2008.

"The Mexican Army is becoming a revolving door for the enforcement arm of the drug cartels; they simply pay better," Stewart said.

But it's all the fault of those damn US gun shows again.

Illinois Police for Concealed Carry

The Illinois Sheriffs Assoc. voted unanimously to support CCW in Illinois, one of only two states w/o any form whatsoever.

The measure is opposed by the Joyce Foundation puppet Illinois Assoc. of Chiefs of Police. No surprise there.

Armed and Safe has more.

International Cluelessness

UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets

And this comes as a surprise to who exactly? Now they can continue to blame the "EBIL JEWWS!" for starving the poor Palestinian people who voted these scum into office. And where are the UN referendums condemning Hamas? Oh, right. Nevermind.

Hoses and floodlights: US seamen are getting more training in fending off pirate attacks

Yeah, I'm sure the pirates are impressed. Two words. Q-ships and Convoys.

U.S. to crack down on gun smuggling, Napolitano says

Because their efforts to crack down on drug smuggling have worked so well. Now, as Customs Agents are looking north for those RPG's, machineguns, and grenades that are so rampant at Texas Gun shows, the MS-13 coyotes can shoot them in the back as they come from the south.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn US Gun Shows.

Police station in Athens attacked

Gunmen have attacked a police station in the Greek capital, Athens, causing some damage but no injuries.

"About 16 9mm shell casings, probably from an MP5 automatic weapon, were found and are being examined at the lab," he said. "The incident is being investigated by the counter-terrorism police."

Obviously the weapons came from unregulated US gun shows. This terror must be stopped.

Going strong in VA

The VCDL reports via E-mail alerts that the latest "Gun Show Loophole" bill failed in the state senate 22-18 while the restaurant carry bill passed 24-16.

State battles are just as important as the federal ones.

Pocket Battleship Guns & PSH

12 caliber guns are apparently now available for civilian purchase according to a Freedom States Alliance "expert". That would give the gun a 12" bore. A similar size used on Heavy Cruisers and Pocket Battleships.

And more of our elected legislators think assault weapons include "shoulder things that go up". Mostly by either deliberately lying or in ignorance, they are spouting the usual "spray fire from the hip", 10 gazillion rounds per second nonsense on the floor.

I'm sure the Anti's are proud of how honest and informed their supporters are.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Unorganized Militia Gear

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O-Day+13: "Wording Details"

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama said Monday that "very modest differences" over a massive package to revive the economy should not delay its swift passage,
Just like he supported an anti-gun bill that was so vague that it banned single-shot and Dbl Barrel Shotguns w/ the dismissal of it being "minor wording details".

If the 'very modest differences' in the stimulus bill contain the same level of "minor wording details" as the gun bills he wanted 'swift passage' of, the US economy will collapse w/i weeks.

Holder is confirmed.

Gregg is nominated for Commerce Secretary w/ an apparent deal to keep the seat (R).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of Patches and Socks

Today marked the end of my first adventure into being a dealer at a gun show. Taking my surplus surplus, UMPC, and the new UM patches, I had a successful run which will go a long way towards paying my way towards Phoenix in May. What surprised me was what sold.

Patches and Socks.

The new UM Marksman and Infantry patches* sold as well as the traditional UMPC patches along w/ several dealers buying them in bulk for resale from their locations. The big surprise item in demand were socks. I had several bags of US Army socks that I bought in bulk a while back and they went fast and furious. Just goes to show you never can tell.

I also had the pleasure of meeting longtime reader and commenter Longhorn Jeff who came by specifically to see me and picked up a few items for himself. My FOID deficient friend along w/ one of my professors also made it a point to stop by.

*These will go on sale on this site along w/ a few surprise items this week.

Only Ones PSH

A CCW bill has been introduced into the Illinois legislature and with Blago out of the picture, there's a chance this bill might actually get heard. Unfortunately, the traditional "Wild West Shootout's" meme rears its ugly head once more:
”The threat to law enforcement would be enormous with that many people out there allowed to carry guns,” said Moline Police Chief Gary Francque. “I am a supporter of a person maintaining a weapon in their home and defending in their homes, but to be out running around with concealed weapons, you’re asking for a huge increase in violence.”

No Chief, actually you wouldn't. In the other 48 states that have CCW in some form or another, no such thing has happened.

And then there's the other traditional "it will just be taken away from you" idiocy:
East Moline Police Chief Victor Moreno warned that a concealed carry law, besides creating the possibility that handguns carried for protection could be taken away by criminals, would alter the way police and public interact. He said it would change officers’ approach to an individual because of the potential of them carrying a handgun.

So what this really shows is that the police chiefs in the Moline, Il area haven't kept up w/ the news for the last 20 or so years and have only read press releases by the Brady Campaign. Such fine examples of public figures.

There is, though, a glimmer of hope in this sea of ignorance. One point of light is the President of the Illinois Sherriff's Assoc. who supports the measure.

All Illinois residents need to contact not only their State Senators and Representatives, but also their County Police Chief and ask them to support this measure.

Thanks to the Champaign County Rifle Assoc. GSL Daily Blog for the info.

Petey's Powderhorn has more.