Sunday, July 27, 2008

Send me the Bill..

A poster by the name of Paul Warfield over on Bryan Miller's blog is quite the amusing character. He's diagnosed me w/ delusions of grandeur, megolomania, underachieving, and other serious psychological issues and recommends I get counseling to "save myself some real trouble later in my life."

He really hates the military, citing Full Metal Jacket as his source, yet allegedly works w/ PTSD patients. Scary thought.

He also thinks starting out by calling people "high", paranoid, and psychoanalyzing their screen handles is the way to start a "reasoned discussion to convince people".

Just like our buddy Alex Riley, he likes to throw out unnamed "credentials" and lists of papers to justify his bigotry.

The fields of strawmen he's beaten down is a sight to behold.

One would expect that someone who is allegedly educated in psychology would have taken a Logic and Critical Thinking course.

All I can really do is watch him dance and laugh .


Anonymous said...

I'll head over to Bryan's site in a while and have some fun.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading that opinion page and the comments since you linked them.

That guy's clearly a whackjob.

Anonymous said...

He's probably got one of those internet degrees.