Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where's That 90%?

We keep hearing that number.  "90% of the public supports X gun control".  The gun control groups pay lots of Joyce/Bloomberg money to get 'likes' on FB and keep their names in the papers but when it comes to actual participation, that number, as we've seen over and over, is inverted.  The latest wave of 'townhalls' is just the latest example. 

Chicago-crats managed to get into the IL CCW bill a loophole allowing communities to pass bans on semi-auto rifles w/i ten days of the bill being passed then delayed the bill to give them more time to do so. Dozens of communities put ordinances up for votes. Only about 12 passed in some form or another and most of those are ripe for lawsuits in violation of state law by including handguns.Yet the participation at the meetings was almost universally by pro-gunners, even in the townships that ignored their voices and voted for the bans. Hundreds of people packed the halls even when they were given last minute notice as some places tried to do.

This was true even in my old hometown, little more than a blink suburb you'ld barely notice passing through.  Only one person spoke in support of the ban w/ the usual rambling idiocy while multiple were against it.
“Who’s running this country? The NRA?” she asked. “Every tiny, little thing about a gun they’re up in arms … What kind of a country is this with everyone packing a gun. Is that going to make any of you safer?” 
Even the town's lawyer seemed clueless:
Village Attorney Vincent Cainkar described Evergreen Park’s ordinance as more of a ban on gun-magazine capacity.
"Under the ordinance the weapon itself isn't banned, only when it has a magazine in automatic mode," Cainkar said.
Huh?  'Automatic mode'? The people putting these laws/bills forward have no clue what they're talking about.

They have millions of dollars. We have millions of 'real' people.  We'll see who wins.

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Sebastian said...

Only about 12 passed in some form or another and most of those are ripe for lawsuits in violation of state law by including handguns.

It's not Friday yet. I'm not sure I'd help them understand how to make their bans compliant. Let them keep falling into the trap that has been set.

Thirdpower said...

That is true but when the majority of their lawyers/attorneys don't know what's going on, I'm not too worried.

Rob Crawford said...

I got no problem with them banning anything "only when the magazine is inserted in automatic mode". Let them ban things that don't exist.