Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chicago Police Chief Says People Are Stupid

Garry McCarthy said. "And 16 hours of training? And then telling somebody, ‘Here, go have at it.' There's not even a qualification involved. There's 16 hours of training. Do you know what 16 hours means? That's two days in school, right? Eight hours a day. That is not an adequate period of time to become proficient with a firearm. You probably can't even figure out how a gun works in that short a time, how to clean it! Let alone to learn how to use it."
So one can't even learn to clean a gun in 16 hrs?  What kind of people is the Chicago Police Dept. hiring if that's what he believes? Or is he just that contemptuous of the unwashed masses? And Sen. Butt Hurt Kotowski?  He thinks CCW holders should go through twice the amount of training as SWAT. Of course he also thinks people are going to be carrying multiple AR-15's in their pants.

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ProdigalSon said...

16 hours? Hell, in about 1 hour of training, we teach people safety, operation, AND cleaning, and have had no incidents in my clubs 60-year history.

drjim said...

He hires The Only Ones!

Old NFO said...

Gotta remember the IQ level of the CPD hires...

Don said...

He finished the police academy in New York and had years of experience carrying a gun before he found out the hard way that there are gun safety rules against getting drunk and shooting out the street lights. He is the idiot he's looking for.

Stephen said...

I hate to be cynical, but it almost seems like they're using excessive training as a way to deter people from getting licenses, particularly poor people who don't have the money for a full week class and/or don't have the time.

Sorry for being so negative. I'm sure all involved are really just trying to respond in a responsible ways to the citizens overwhelming cry to be empowered to defend themselves.

I just hope Santa doesn't hear about my being negative -- I might get less presents in my stocking this year!

Sigivald said...

You probably can't even figure out how a gun works in that short a time, how to clean it!

Yeah, because they don't have instructions - and most pistols don't just come apart for cleaning with just pulling a pin (or swinging out the cylinder, if it's a revolver).

I'd give even odds on "idiot" or "liar".

(Turns out they're also pretty easy to use, and it might take maybe an hour, tops, to train both, for the average person.

Not for target-shooting proficiency, but for "here's how to make it go bang, and here's how to not make it go bang, and now you can get all the hits in a torso at 30 feet".

Which is enough.)

Rob Crawford said...

Ohioans do OK with just 12 hours, and I think 4 of those are on the range.

Anonymous said...

Indiana does just fine with 0 hours. However, there is a basketball skills test and one must demonstrate an understanding of euchre.

"but it almost seems like they're using excessive training as a way to deter people from getting licenses"

Yes, it is called a "barrier to entry". A right loaded down with restrictions is not a right.

Shootin' Buddy

Sevesteen said...

chances are McCarthy doesn't really believe we need 16 hours of training...but since his job longevity is involved, he says what the boss wants him to say.

Anonymous said...

Supt. McCarthy, you know this is bullshit. You are a lying pandering jackass, who sold his soul so that the black criminal revruns will keep the votes coming in. In that vein, Go Fuck Yourself.

JD Rush said...

I'm pretty sure I could have people up and able to hit streetlights in far less than 16 hours.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the Chicago PD's required range training time to qual per year? Just curious...

Greg Tag said...

NRA Basic Pistol Course is 8 hours.

At completion the student knows how to safely handle, shoot , load and unload a single action revolver, double action revolver and a semi-auto pistol ( usually a striker fired plastic fantastic). The student can field strip, clean, and knows the major malfunctions, ammo types and safe storage methods.

They can consistently hit a paper plate at 7 yards.

This aint rocker science - anyone with this much schooling and the mature judgement expected of a law-abiding adult should be able to use a firearm safely and if push comes to shove, to not be a danger to innocent third parties, and more then likely be able to defend themselves successfully.

I still suggest they get additional training, but for most who do not, they are probably still good to go.

The Chief, however, from his lofty perch, thinks 16 hours isnt sufficient? The Chief is an idiot political hack who would never find employment in a free state like Indiana, Wyoming or Texas.