Saturday, July 20, 2013

IL State @SenatorDan Kotowski, Willis Bates, and Matthew Murray Agree

Churches should be gun free. 

Willis Bates

Matthew Murray

Dan Kotowski

Over 100 attacks each year in churches nationwide.

He's been unwilling/unable to show any issues w/ Carry in churches outside of his own personal bias.

We see which side he supports.

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Motor-T said...

Mary Shepard (of Shepard v. Madigan fame) was viciously beaten in a church. This case is the basis for Illinois being forced to allow carry.

Anonymous said...

"too easy for people to ignore the signs and then say they just didn’t see them."

And a law will change this how? Does Senator Kotowski intend to be at every door, frisking all that enter? Too bad he wasn't there when Will Bates brutally attacked Mary Shepard. But I guess innocent victims raped, beaten, or killed are more acceptable for gun banners than capturing or killing criminals.