Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chicago/Cook Cnty Bans Shotguns for Adults

If you're 18-20 in Cook County, IL, you can no longer legally buy or own a shotgun or any other type of long gun.

They redefine 'Minor' as anyone under 21 and then ban the sale and possession of any firearm (CAP law). (Item 23).

They're also giving $75K to Joyce Foundation anti-gun group ICHV to teach kids how to be anti-gun activists (Item 9):

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICAHV) proposal is creating an “Activist Institute,” and eight (8) week program that teaches youth how to advocate for legislation and other policy reform regarding gun violence prevention. 

This is the type of 'reasonable', 'common-sense' legislation that anti-gun activists support using your tax dollars.Yes Virginia, they are after your 'huntin' guns' as well as every other type of gun.

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Kansas Gunner said...

So I wonder how long it will take to get the courts to overturn this fresh violation of citizenz constitutional rights.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Kansas Gunner,

This could create a direct conflict with the 5th Circuit saying 18-20 year olds have no right to a handgun (or some semi-balance thereof).

Archer said...

Any chance we could get a pro-2A person with a strong stomach to crash their "education" program to learn their advocacy plans, and duplicate/modify them to our side?

I'd offer myself, but like most REAL gun owners, I work for a living and don't benefit from a Joyce-Foundation-signed paycheck.

Anonymous said...

What is the source documentation on the local government paying taxpayer money to the ICAHV? Is it county or city? I think there may be financial conflicts of interest there... I'd like to look into it.

Thirdpower said...

Item 9 on the linked agenda.

mina smith said...

Isn't that Joyce the guy who just got arrested for beating his wife?

rickn8or said...

anonymous @1215: check the rest of the .pdf. There's no shortage of other "throw money at the troubled yoots" items.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

How broad in scope is this redefining of "minor." Given how rushed similarly knee-jerk legislation has been, they might have just really fraked thing up if they didn't put in language to limit the redefinition to just this section of the law...

Can you imagine the chaos caused if no one between 18-20.999 was liable for their student loans? Minors can't enter contracts. If every gangbanger in that age group, currently on trial, demanded they be moved to Family court? Minors are entitled to special protections under most criminal statues. Oh boy, won't it be fun for every McDonalds to replace their graveyard shift of 18-20s with a whole new crew!? Can't make minors work those hours under most labor laws.