Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone v Time

I've read some complaints that some " dont remember the outrage when TIME put Timothy McVeigh on their cover. Wonder why."  Trying to incite more racism and deflect from the fact that RS is a piece of crap rag.  

Let's humor them though.  Here's the RS cover.

Nice pretty picture of a handsome young man.  A 'Popular, Promising Student' who was driven to the dark side.  Just the right kind of image to make young girls swoon and people to feel sorry for him.

Now the Time cover:

Oklahoma City terror bomber Timothy McVeigh, from SABA. Inset:  Oklahoma City fireman w. child's body by Charles H. Porter IV-Sygma.

McVeigh in his jailhouse orange w/ a picture of a fireman carrying a dead child super-imposed.  No glorification/sexualization here. He's scum and he killed innocent people.  Never mind the fact that back in '95, there wasn't much of a 'net to convey outrage on.

So yeah, there is a difference and acting the apologist for RS just makes one look like an @ss trying to make a racial/political issue out of it.

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