Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicago Sending 'Pre-Crime' Letters

They're using 'social networking' to determine those most likely to commit a crime and are sending them letters warning them not to.
Working from a list of people deemed most likely to become shooters or victims, a Chicago Police commander is expected to start knocking on their doors Friday and deliver letters warning them not to commit any violent crimes.
Couple of points here:

1) They're assuming the 'most likelies' can read.

2) These letters will likely be used as a status symbol and actually increase their street cred.

3) Enter Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other professional race baiters that will immediately start screaming profiling and racism especially since they'll need something to keep themselves in the news after the GZ/TM issue fizzles out from the media.

Should be interesting to watch.

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JTwig said...

The irony is that the Democrats are currently tripping over each other to be seen on TV condeming the use of profiling by Mr. Zimmerman, yet a Democratic Mayor in a Democratic city is using this same technique to send out letters to people who might committe crime. Instead of being upset, the members of the media call for civial rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman, are actually praising the mayor and the city for be "proactive". What a joke!

TS said...

They can't separate morality from legality. They find Zimmerman's actions to be morally rehensible, but if a cop did the exact same thing, it would be fine. "well that's their job" they would say. So it is thier job to be morally rehensible?