Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gaming Goodness

Been picking up some odds and ends D&D modules over the last few months and w/ the re-casting of a number of SJ Games's OGRE Miniatures, it's enough for a post.

Like I've said before, I love the old modules from basic and 1st edition. Classic dungeon crawls and earning XP by finding gold.  These are in near mint condition so that was most cool to find.

The OGRE mini's are all reprints. 

Superheavy Tank Company
OGRE Ninja

I'm also wanting to build a Missile Tank Company w/ supporting infantry , the 'Luftpanzer Company' Set , and the Fencer before they're all gone.  Perhaps a dedicated reader will get them for me.  ;)

They'll be painted by the same guy who's done my previous mini's since my talent is not in this area.

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ISH (Mininerd) said...

Have you tried the new, play-test rules set for the next edition? Which they're marketing as "D&D Next"? Terrible name, but so far, an excellent set of rules.

Combines the best parts of the 3.x D20 editions, classic AD&D feel, and even cherry picks the best parts of 4e (which are almost entirely on the DM's side of the Screen.) I think the fact that the official playtest campaigns, to date, have been classics like "Keep on the Borderlands" and "Isle of Dread" say a lot about their intentions.

Highly, highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

My inner geek salutes you!! The afternoons and evenings, in my buds rec room, two litre bottles of soda, bags of chips. Yup, good times.