Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unverifiable 'Facts'

The NGVAC put up a blog post w/ this claim:
sales to criminals represent 25% of the Gun Industry’s annual sales. (Source: Expert witness report filed as part of the 1999 NAACP lawsuit vs. the Gun Industry.)
Yeah, OK.

Unsurprisingly 'Gunsensus' made the same claim a few hours later on Twitter. So I called her on it. Here was the response:
Can't share--not mine to share. Part of lawsuit.

Yep, that's pretty much it. Sometimes you can't share legal documents publicly. Sorry.
How convenient. The 'lawsuit' was dismissed nearly 10 years ago. Reminds me of the 'super secret' AHSA Amici Brief in McDonald. We all know though that they will continue to repeat this 'fact' no matter how ridiculous it is and w/o providing any supporting evidence for it whatsoever.

At the same time, Ladd Everitt of the CSGV claims that there's no way to know the number of sales because the NRA/NSSF are 'hiding' the data. Another 'fact'.

This is all they have left.

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greenmeanie said...

I work with the federal court system. Unless documents are filed under seal (very uncommon) as soon as they are made part of the court record they become PUBLIC information!

Nice try "Gunsensus"!

LC Scotty said...


Which specifically calls out Hamilton v Accutek

One of these two is probably it, and I'm going to guess the testimony came from Robert Ricker.

And the word verification is pronshot. no shit.

Groundhog said...

There are a certain number of people out there who will always believe that aircraft contrails are actually "chemtrails" and no amount of persuading can change them. As long as you can keep the antis looking like these people you are winning. They will always be with us and will never acknowledge the truth or ever doubt their position. I suspect Al Gore would change his mind before these folks would, but then, he understands political expediency when he sees it.

Jdberger said...

It's the expert report of Lucy B Allen. Weinstein disallowed the testimony of Defendants' experts (color me shocked). More when I can get to a computer.

John Richardson said...

I'd like to hear more about this Lucy Allen.

I checked the case files of Hamilton v. Accu-Tek and it appears much of the documentation has been sealed.

John Richardson said...

Would this be the Lucy Allen in question? She mentions in her bio that she does mass torts and firearms are an area where she is an "expert".

jdberger said...

That's her, John.

FWIW - I use NERA in a professional capacity in lawsuits, too. They're a gun for hire. They'll crunch data anyway I want to come up with the results I want.

jdberger said...

See this here.