Thursday, February 9, 2012

IL State Rep. Dist. 110 Election

W/ the shifting around of districts after the last Census, we're losing longtime State Rep. Chapin Rose, currently running for State Sen. Dist. 51 near Champaign. There are three candidates vying for the GOP slot and none for the DNC.

Rep. Roger Eddy: currently the State Rep. for the 109th dist. Endorsed by Rep. Rose and State Sen. Dale Righter as well as the ISRA in 2010.

Brad Halbrook: I spoke w/ him on the phone. He called me to discuss gun rights after I sent an email. Opposes AWB’s, mandatory reporting and would repeal FOID. Admits he's still learning about issue.

Kevin Garner: Haven't yet received a response to my inquiry but his issues page states he's a 'Registered gun owner' and NRA member. Not sure what he means by 'registered' since we don't require that in IL, outside of Chicago and a few suburbs. According to sources he is also an ISRA member and supports RTC.

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