Thursday, February 9, 2012

Straight From The Obama Administration

Sebastian TBFKASIH has video of AG Holder proposing new Federal gun control.

In Chicago, former Obama Chief of Staff and current Mayor Rahm Emanual, fresh from handing the SAF a nice check, is calling for statewide handgun registration:

The handgun registration certificate ($65 initially) would include information about the owner, the make and model of the gun, as well as where and when the firearm was bought. Registration applicants would also need a valid firearm owners identification card.

Owners and dealers would be required to notify Illinois State Police whenever a handgun changes hands. The registration certificate would last for five years, and cost $25 to renew.

Handgun owners would also have to tell the state if their gun gets lost or stolen, or they could face misdemeanor charges, according to the mayor's proposal. People caught in possession of an unregistered gun would be slapped with a felony.

Umm, No. Not only would this do absolutely nothing to curtail crime, it's solely designed to increase the cost of owning a firearm and punish victims of crime.

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Anonymous said...

Come and get it, boy.


Newbius said...

One of these days, the petty tyrants are going to be faced with the reality that enforcing these laws might become very personal for them. At least, it would in a functioning society...

Robert Fowler said...

It amazes me how a Mayor can have all that power over the state. The downstate folks need to go clean out the cesspool and take back their state.

A bunch of scumbag politicians hanging from tall lamp post with short ropes might send a message to their replacements.

TS said...

What purpose does re-registration serve? Other than to arrest people who forget that five years has gone by and they need to fork over more money.

TS said...

Another hoot:

But Emanuel will now push for a statewide handgun registry because the majority of guns recovered at crime scenes in Chicago - about 56 percent - come from outside city limits, but within the state, according to data from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that were provided by the Emanuel administration.

“We need registration since 56% of guns crime guns come from outside of Chicago but inside the state. Obviously we need new tools to tell us what we already know… and charge people $65…”

Oliver Perry said...

So, perhaps this might be our fault here in NY.

Chas said...

Rahm does a great job of keeping his Chicago gangbangers laughing, doesn't he? You can't say that he doesn't keep his natural constituents amused. I'm sure that he'll do just as good a job of keeping them entertained when he's in prison with them too.
Funny how Chicago and Illinois use imprisonment for politicians as a substitute for a retirement plan for them. I guess it works there.