Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's (Not) a 'GrassRoots Movement' Charlie Brown

Really it is. Let's take a look a Lori O'Neill, anti-gun activist from Ohio.
She served as president of the Cleveland chapter of MMM for two years and as vice president for two years.
Now she's the 'Vice Chairman' of the NGVAC, an astroturf group primarily made up of Brady board members.

She's also the 'spokesperson' for another 'group' that seems to only exist on Twitter called 'Gunsensus', of which David Codrea covered last year, which regularly makes up 'facts' .

In this op-ed, she claims to be a 'gun owner' looking to 'generate consensus' on gun laws. Yet she also opposes concealed carry and, one would guess through her connections to the Brady Campaign, 'assault weapons' along w/ supporting the full range of their 'reasonable, common-sense' measures, which comes across when she posts, especially in her attacks against Journalist Emily Miller during Ms. Miller's long journey to obtain a firearm in DC.

There is no 'grassroots' for gun control anymore. It's made up of a few die-hard fanatics and funded primarily by Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation. These fanatics have proven to be nasty, foul individuals w/ no integrity, ethics or morals in their drive to restrict and ban firearms.

And these are their spokespersons.

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Sendarius said...

Many times I have heard the refrain: "Follow the money" when looking into motivations of people and organisations.

To do so has always been enlightening, but I am struggling when applying the adage to gun-control activists and groups - just what do these people get from doing what they do?

I don't mean the bottom level, I mean Soros et al. What does HE get from spending so much money on gun-control?

Weer'd Beard said...

LOL and to think all this time I thought she was just a true believer tweeting on her own time.

I should have known better.

So any word who "everygun" is and what Joyce group he collects his paycheck from?