Monday, February 6, 2012

ISP Way Behind on FOID....Again

The firearm industry is in such a slump that the Illinois State Police are a month behind on processing the flood of FOID card applications, creating countless criminals in the state as cards expire w/o new ones arriving. They're not even bothering answering the phone much anymore they're receiving so many complaints.

Guess they must be gearing up to call for another fee increase.

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1 comment:

Archer said...

I have to wonder if this couldn't be used as a lever to get the more gun-friendly politicians to start trying to repeal some of the insane laws you have there. Approach it from the angle of, "The ISP, through their inability to process applications in a timely manner, is directly causing citizens to run afoul of the law, despite having committed no action. A fee increase will not remedy this; instead, we need to repeal some of these extraneous statutes."

Is there some statutory time limit that's supposed to be imposed on them that you might exploit?

Just a thought...