Wednesday, January 11, 2012

@CSGV's Research Skills Suck

Or they're lying. Likely both. Using a litany of excuses, Ladd Everitt/Josh Horwitz claim that firearm sales data is 'blocked' by the NRA/NSSF in a vast white wing conspiracy. Google is your friend. The NSSF puts out numerous industry reports available to the public. The CSGV would likely spend less of their Joyce grant money purchasing one of these reports than Ladd's spent in salaried man-hours 'outing' pro-rights bloggers.

Outside of the ATF manufacturing reports, there's these things called quarterly reports from publicly traded companies like Ruger :
Increase in estimated Ruger Units Sold
from Distributors to Retailers
23% 3rd quarter
19% through 10/11
Increase in total adjusted NICS Background Checks (thousands)
12% 3rd quarter
13% through 10/11
and Smith & Wesson:
"Orders for our firearms remained strong in the quarter, evidenced by increased sales of our Smith & Wesson brand pistols and modern sporting rifles. In fact, firearm unit sales in our consumer channel were up 44.4% compared with the adjusted NICS* increase of 10.8% for the same three-month period ending July 31. "
So in both instances the increase percentage of units sold was higher than the percentage increase in NICS checks. A pretty strong indicator that firearm sales were up across the board despite Ladd/Josh's finger-in-ear & yelling denials.

But facts don't matter do they?

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