Sunday, February 5, 2012

IL State Senate Dist. 51 Campaign

W/ the redistricting of Illinois, it's caused a flood of new campaigners to appear and officeholders to shift around some. The new IL dist 51 currently has a GOP runoff between Chapin Rose, currently the Rep for Dist. 110, and Tom Pliura.

Pluira gives a good talk about being an NRA life member and supporting CCW on one hand but, on the other hand, has, in the past, supported the campaign of hardcore anti IL Sen Dick Durban as well as donating to Durbin's 'Prairie PAC' which dumps tons of money into the campaigns of other such anti's as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. His reasoning for doing so.... to be 'polite'. I kid you not.

So what will he do when he faces the DNC in Springfield should he win? Will he be 'rude' in the effort to get Concealed Carry or will he be an opportunist to try and gain favor?

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