Friday, February 10, 2012

Been There, Done That Joan

Joan Peterson, Nat'l Board Member of the Brady Campaign is upset we won't have a 'talk' and be 'reasonable':
The fact that I don't agree with you does not mean you can pummel me with your specious arguments to get me to change my mind. Send me real facts and maybe we can talk. Stop your ugly blogging about us and maybe we can all talk. Stop insulting me and maybe we can talk.
Right after saying this:
To deny it is to put your head in the sand which some of you do either intentionally or unintentionally. I can't tell which when you guys give me your lame excuses for this problem.
No, Joan. I don't want to 'talk' to you. I want to see your cause thrown on the dung heap of history where it belongs. I want to see you ridiculed by the masses in the same way as those who have supported other bigoted, racist and discriminatory policies over the decades.

You've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'facts' don't matter to you and you have no interest in anything other that wanting us to give up our rights. You 'boohoo' over us being mean and nasty bullies while at the same time making your own brand of insults and character attacks as well as endorsing some of the most nasty vitriol you decry on the other fork of your tongue. So spare me the platitudes and your attempts at sounding 'reasonable' and wanting 'compromise'. Your actions have shown you want none of those things.

You say you're going to 'push back' when people call you on your BS, stupidity (because that's what it is) and lies? Why do you think you're getting the responses you are? Because we're pushing back against you and all your ilk for years of crapping on gun owners. Unlike the 9-5 activists which make up the majority of your side, we actually care about the issue w/o having to be paid for it and we do it 24-7. And that's why we're going to win while people like you are going to be remembered in the same vein as George Wallace.

UPDATE: And cut the crap Jason. You 'outed' yourself and are supporting a person who openly endorsed the publicizing of personal information and photos in order to harass firearm owners as well as supporting it yourself you hypocritical POS.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Don't forget from the early days of "Common Sense" how she wanted to discuss and debate....and then changed her mind

They do a lot of mind changing for minds set in stone!

jdberger said...

I'm honestly baffled as to why you pay any attention to her. Her audience consists of the occasional high school student who stumbles across her blog while doing a research report, Jason (who has an identical following), and a bunch of gun rights activists.

Like sweet sweet Jason, ignore her and she'll fade into obscurity.

Linoge said...

Wow. We "infiltrated" a PUBLIC Facebook profile, and copied PUBLIC pictures that he put PUBLICLY online, and that he has no copyright claim to, and he is STILL whining about it. *sigh* Grow up, Jason.

As for Joan, it is nice of her to finally be honest - the whole "I just want compromise" and "I just want to talk about the issues" and all of the rest of that sickly-sweet platitude bullshit was getting old. This is the anti-rights cultist we all knew to be hiding beneath the thin veneer of someone's kindly old grandmother, and it is about time she let it out to play - she was not fooling anyone.

greenmeanie said...

I find it very interesting and entertaining that if it wasn't for our posts Joan and Baldnuts Odersome would only have one or two sympathizers on their blogs.

It reminds me of the days (early last year?) when the Brady Bunch allowed posting directly on their site. In a day or two it turned into a mini! Only a couple of antis were posting and we had a blast. They finally shut down comments after a few months. Bummer.

greenmeanie said...

She bitches about others being rude and insensitive. Yet she sets a wonderful example by saying things like "Give it a rest. I know my Greek history." and "It's past my bed time. I'm tired of you.". Both said to posters who were NOT rude. They were just firm in their beliefs (pro-gun). When I politely pointed this out to her my post never made it, again {SHOCK!}.

So much for "reasoned discourse"!

Chas said...

The only way to deal with psychopaths is to avoid them. If you don't, they will suck the life out of you.
That's hard to do, because psychopaths always seek to engage their victims. They won't leave you alone. They want to mess with your head. They get off on it.
The rapist mentality of their "hand over your gun rights now" approach is obvious, but they're not out to be successful in that right away, it's the messing with people that they get off on. They couch their abuse in opposition to "guns" because they can claim that it's for a greater good. Of course, the idea of always treating people kindly is foreign to them, because they're out to abuse others, they just need a way to rationalize their true purpose. They claim to oppose "gun violence", but they seek to do violence to the rights of others, and they have no problem with SWAT teams killing gun owners who resist. They are violent people.
Abuse of the gun rights of others should be illegal in a civilized society.

Anonymous said...

"endorsing some of the most nasty vitriol you decry on the other fork of your tongue."

Playing chess can get dirty. She is backed into a corner.

Keep her there.