Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calling the Irony Meter Repair-Person

How can you do anything but get a laugh out of this?

I mean really. A group of about 4 people in a DC office exclusively funded by the Joyce Foundation to do Google searches hyping a 'report' from a so-called news agency paid (by the Joyce Foundation) to produce anti-gun/NRA hit pieces.

But that's OK. While they're focusing their attention on the NRA (who for the most part ignores them), they don't have enough resources to focus on the work being done by the SAF, the dozens of state level organizations and the tens of thousands of real grassroots activists that are keeping things moving along.

And I'll keep laughing at them.

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Robb Allen said...

As a board member for Florida Carry, I heartily concur. While these groups spend countless dollars and interweb tube time to scream at the NRA, groups like mine have been making tremendous strides, unimpeded by the likes of their group.

Sigivald said...

Wait, wait.

They're trying to push the line that the NRA is ineffective now?

(Or am I misunderstanding their tack? With no link it's not worth the effort to try and track down a ThinkProgress hit piece.)

I thought they were invested in the NRA controlling the entire process of Government gun regulation to push guns to criminals?

Is the NRA ineffective or supercompetent? Can't be both.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Ha! Ha! All your NRA are belong to US! I mean, almost kind of sort of. Uh, right? I mean, at least a little bit? A tiny bit even?"