Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Reasoned Discourse from Texas Gun Banners

Yesterday I mentioned a pro-victim FB page that started blocking people and asking 'non-Texans' to leave after their desire for attention didn't get result in the 'right kind'.

Well today ALL those posts and comments have gone down the memory hole and it seems like few pro-rights comments are making it through.

Another 'former' commenter that summed it up perfectly:
if they can't beat us, they get rid of the evidence of even trying
They have established non-discussion as their pattern.

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Keads said...

Figures. Heaven forbid you use logic to make your point!

Captain Prax said...

Ok, I think I'm cooling off from this issue now, but I had to get it out and written down. Check out my latest post about Facebook's fail and the CSGV's typical misrepresentations/lies.