Tuesday, May 10, 2011

@CSGV's Ladd Everitt Took My Magic

They have learned my name. They have stripped me of my magical powers to control the blogosphere. Oh woe is me.

In other words, Ladd Everitt has gotten so desperate after having his @ss handed to him over and over and the recognition of their own insignificance in national affairs that he 'outed' me on the CSGV's FB page and Twitter.
For those who've been harassed by gun rights activist "Thirdpower" (@), his real name is Roy Kubicek.
40 minutes ago
You know. Nevermind that I have my name published here on DOOT so people can order patches and have it publicly linked to my FB page for several years now, I apparently have been 'hiding out'.

They bring the funny:
Interesting find here, too, is that an insurrectionist militia member from Illinois has talked to members of the NRA leadership.
Would you like photos Ladd? Howabout some video?

Their big 'threat': Many more to come.

Scaaarrrey. But I was the first one they thought of. That made my whole day.

They've officially devolved from gun ban activists to internet trolls. Not very observant ones at that.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

OMG! You spoke to NRA leadership? And they didn't immediately recognize you as a traitor-insurrectionist-mass murderer? And then they didn't repudiate you as soon as they found out?

How strange.

Anonymous said...

Well, now maybe Ladd can send you a Christmas card!

Patrick said...

So incredibly easy to find personal addresses on Spokeo. This is a really bad road for them to go down.

Linoge said...

Damnit, Third, you stole the "names are power" line I was going to use when they invariably got around to me!

There are just so damned many ways this situation is high-larious... Joan Peterson asks why we would blog anonymously, but she asks this of the organization that has threatened to break apart a man's family over a difference of opinions. Ladd seems to believe this "outing" will somehow intimidate us into silence (exposing his desire to inflict "Reasoned Discourse" on the world), but, in reality, this incident will only serve to spur us on even harder to show the CSGV as the scumbag organization it is.

And, last but not least, the CSGV is admitting that they can no longer support or defend their positions with reasonable, rational, logical arguments, and instead have resorted to plain old bullying. They have become the JadeGold of the Twitterverse.

Anonymous said...

It's a note from the victim dis-armament crowd. They think their fears are your fears. I think it's called "projection?

Weer'd Beard said...

Again All anti-gun activists are Jadegold, just some conceal it better.

alcade said...

I am Roy Kubicek!

No, I am Roy Kubicek!

At least you don't have to worry about any anti-gunner showing up to your house and shooting you.

(in theory!)

But you should watch out for those scary militia types.

Old NFO said...

I am Roy Kubicek, y'all are all poseurs... sigh...

Weer'd Beard said...

He just put another name up that we all knew anyway.

I think he's just going down the list of people on twitter who make him angry and he wishes would just die.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't lose any sleep over anything anyone from one of these anti-Second Amendment groups say.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that trying to intelligently discuss anything with such people is utterly futile.

It is like reasoning with an 8-year old.

Don said...

Oh no! Next they'll be outing all the rest of the bloggers! No longer will I be able to hide behind my clever pseudonym, "Don Gwinn." (It's an anagram of my real name, "Don Gwinn." Really, you can check, all the letters are in there.)

I wonder if they can discover the secret identity of "Molly B.," "MikeW," "TVandermyde," and the ever-elusive "45Superman" (actually, two of those really are pseudonyms . . . have fun Googling which two, CSGV.)

PT said...



BobG said...

"It is like reasoning with an 8-year old."

And a not very bright one, at that.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hey--remember this?

@TrailerDays Yet another blog about us! You just can't help yourself. "Obsession."

This, from the guy who goes scouring the internet to "research" the identities of pro-gun bloggers--most of whom (if not all) haven't been trying to conceal their identities in the first place.

Or remember when I asked CSGV if they denied being 100% lily-white (since Ladd argues that our being white somehow weakens are arguments), and he responded:

@45superman We have a practice of not sharing personal info about our staff with those who advocate violence.

Never naming any examples of my "advocat[ing] violence," and refusing release of a scrap of very general demographic data, then releases much more personal information--full name (middle name included), age, city--about gun bloggers.

jinksto said...

Hey, ThirdPower since you and Ladd are buddies, could you maybe ask him to do me next? My blog needs the publicity.

-Tommy ... err, I mean, JINKSTO