Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How @CSGV #Bigot Ladd Everitt Justifes #Trolling

They convince themselves of what they 'want' to be true. No evidence. No support. Just outright BS.
they've been harassing people - mostly women - anonymously for way too long.
Yep. Ladd Everitt riding in on his sway-backed gelding to defend all those poor defenseless women we're being mean to. They might get a case of the vapors and faint otherwise unless he's there to protect them.

This is all in response to his latest "research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy." that his organization is pursuing in their efforts to restrict firearms.

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Weer'd Beard said...

It would appear that "Mostly Women" means "Joan Peterson".

Unless Ladd considers all the libelous men in his cause "Women".

That wouldn't be fare for the women I know.

Linoge said...

And you will note that despite having all the space in the world available to him in a Facebook comment (rather than the 140 character max in Twitter), Ladd refrains from providing any substantiation for his claims.

Of course, in their world, disagreeing with someone and factually disproving their bigoted arguments is "harassment"...

Roberta X said...

Funny, you never harrassed me. Should I be insulated?

Roberta X said...

Er, "insulted." But hey, I could use new insulation, too.