Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guilty Consciences

In a Twitter/Haiku debate w/ the Texas Branch of 'Keep Campuses Defenseless' , they kept asking me if I watched the HBO fiction series 'The Wire'.
@ @ @ Have you seen the Wire before?
Well no, I don't watch it. So I looked it up and replied:
@ @ @ Set in . Some of the strictest firearm laws in the nation. Your point?
After some word games about correlation and causation, they replied:
@ @ @ You're the one who just indicated correlation between gun laws and crime in Maryland. Yeesh.
Since I 'indicated' no such thing....
@ @ @ : No, I didn't. You chose to infer. Guilty conscience?


Of course during the conversation I was called a 'Troll' for not rolling over and accepting their claims w/o question. The kind of audience they're used to. Of course the fact that they were the ones that engaged ME in conversation escaped them.

Yeah. Texas will get Campus Carry if this is the best the PuSH'ers can put forward.

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1 comment:

jinksto said...

So that form only allows me to agree with them. Are we then to assume that the 15.3 billion people in the world that didn't sign it are against?