Friday, May 13, 2011

Counter attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing is fairly obvious. The antis have been reading the gun blogs and the comment threads on HuffPo in an effort to hone their position and use very specific language to try and frame the debate.

They’re also mimicking us to see if success rubs off.

I just got word that Josh Sugarmann’s latest study “Blood Money” and his rant about the audacity of businesses that make guns and shooting accessories would actually support the NRA and that people buying those products could freely choose to donate, has inspired gun-grabbers to counter the …

“NRA Ring of Freedom Corporate Partners”


“Illegal Firearms Attack Innocent Life,” ……otherwise known as IFAIL.

But let’s review the blatant concept plagiarism and see if you can spot the subtle differences.

Ring of Freedom has seven recognition levels:

Donate 5-10 million and receive the Harlon Carter award.
1-5 million gets the Joe Foss award.
500K-1 million gets the George Washington award.
250K-500K gets the Samuel Adams award.
100K-250K gets the Alexander Hamilton award.
50K-100K gets the George Mason award.
25K-50K gets the James Madison award.

IFAIL’s response???

1. The “Paul Helmke is Unemployed, Colin is King” award goes to anyone who can hold a press conference about gun control with more than one person in the audience. Otherwise known as the PHUCK.

2. The “Sugarmann Uncovering Concealed Carry Killers” award goes to anyone who can convince the Joyce Foundation to pay salaries for a gun control group that actually has more employees than reporters at a Brady Bunch press conference. Otherwise known as the SUCCK.

3. The “Ladd Everitt Malicious Mouth Insisting No Guns” award goes to anyone who knows how to Tweet and play sock puppet for his boss. Otherwise known as the LEMMING.

4. The “Jackass Appealing to Popularity Everyday Talking Elitism” award goes to anyone who can moderate comments down the Memory Hole that destroy their every argument using nothing but their own words. Otherwise known as the JAPETE.

5. The “ Abby Spangler Screeches” award goes to anyone who can force even the most ardent gun-grabber to click stop or at least lower the volume to a level which makes it impossible to actually hear what they’re saying. Otherwise known as the ASS.

6. The “Henigan Enlists Lying Lawyers, Even Republicans”, award goes to anyone who can keep a straight face in front of a camera while stating they have been dealing with 2nd Amendment issues for over 20 years yet still can’t even quote it correctly. Otherwise known as the HELLER.

7. The “Citizen Outrage Now Grows Relentlessly, Everyday the Slippery Slope ” award goes to anyone who actually carves out time to read the legislation our critters are crafting for us. Otherwise known as the CONGRESS.

Satire has its place. If used with some thought behind it, it can be a very powerful arrow in our quiver.

Sure, have facts and raw logic as the opening salvo, but some of the fence-sitters and neutrals don’t really have an “Ahh-Haa” moment until you make them laugh.

Never forget that.

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Miguel said...

[Standing Ovation]

Anonymous said...

i like--time to think up the words to match the raggedyguff or duddeluxe

alcade said...


But don't forget the most recent award for outing pro-gun bloggers, the "Ladd Insists on Advertising Roy's Specs," otherwise known as LIARS.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Mocking our Marxist gun ban effort is a gulagable offense! Cease and desist immediately, or it's the gulag for you! And as you know, all your gulag is belong to us!"

Weer'd Beard said...

I LOL'd!

Wicked hard too!