Tuesday, May 10, 2011

National Attention Leads to Reasoned Discourse

A facebook page got started to try and keep Self Defense off of Texas Campuses. It was all one happy love fest of gun control advocates and ignorant PuSH'ers until those who support equal rights started commenting. Then the SHTF and reasoned discourse took over.

One Texas poster, unable to refute the fact that all of their claims were just hysterical nonsense and appeals to emotion, took the logical fallacies one step further and started asking why out of state gun people were posting there. Of course when it was pointed out he had no problems accepting help from DC based paid gun control advocates at the CSGV, including Ladd Everitt, he got upset, asked us all to leave, then blocked me.

Basically these groups put out the call for support then cry foul when others who don't agree w/ their ideology are also listening and take action.

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Groundhog said...

I'm glad you like to fight them directly. Gives me warm fuzzies.

Theredneckengineer said...

They've been getting people from out of state to call our reps here in Texas in an attempt to block campus carry legislation, and have not been worried about hiding it. Well, up until they get called out on their hypocrisy, that is.

Chas said...

Freedom hating, totalitarian sociopaths aren't nice people. Who knew?

Captain Prax said...

Hey! I WAS there too, until I called out the CSGV on banning and censoring on their own FB page. Then I noticed a second moderator show up for this morning only, all dissenting comments disappeared, then I was blocked. What an epic failure on the anti-gun group part. By failing to recognize the other side of a debate, they prove that they are unwilling to listen to a vocal majority who oppose their insanity. The Brady page does the same thing.

Captain Prax said...

Actually, it's funny. I've been following your blog for a while and just realized you were in the now nonexistent discussion as well. :/