Sunday, May 8, 2011

2 1/2 hours to 'Reasoned Discourse' @Bradybuzz

I was sent another message (this time anonymously) to check out the Brady FB page. This person had posted the empty press room photo from SIH. No disparaging remarks or comments.

Obviously the Brady's recognized what the truth does to their cause as it was removed 2 1/2 or so later.

I guess it wouldn't be very good for morale if their donors saw their money was paying for press rooms & services that no-one bothered to attend.

Update: It was noted that w/ all the moderation that occurs on their FB page, the religious bigotry expressed by their current spokesperson, Andrew Goddard, is still up. So it seems they are in complacent w/ it according to the logic of Ladd Everitt and his other gun banning cohorts.

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DJC said...

I get a kick out of Paulie "shore" Helmke whining about the fact the NRA sent a videographer to publicize the event

Patrick said...

Only made better that it was the "only" videographer. As many have said, he should be thanking the NRA for airing his vitriol. It's the only way it would have gone out.