Saturday, January 5, 2013

Signed, Epstein's mother

Ya, I've been absent Mr. Kotter and here's my BS excuse. I've been seeking answers in long dead philosophers, long dead patriots and current friends/family. Trying to reconcile my core beliefs with what I can see coming is nothing less than torture.

I don't like where we're heading, I don't like the pattern. If that's a little vague, perhaps a google search of general human history can bring a candle to the dark. Standing on a street corner with a candle while dancing in the blood makes me vomit. Shedding light on the truth also makes me vomit, but I do feel better afterwards.

I've spent most of the last 4 months rebuilding my Bug Out Bag(and making some wise investments) while recognizing and accepting that I've already bugged out. I'm not going anywhere.

If the SHTF, you won't find me in the hills scrapping rocks and rotten logs for food. I'll stay right here, going to work, coming home to scoop cat crap out of the litter box, refining the perfect recipe for fried chicken and counting things that come across my focus.

I can survive in the hills, but I can fight more effectively staying right here, being exactly who I am.

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Old NFO said...

Good point, BUT being 'capable' of getting out of Dodge does provide advantages...

kaveman said...

I'm already out of dodge and yes, I can go further.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Chas said...

As I just posted at John Lott's website:

Homicides in Chicago in 2012, Illinois's largest city - 506.

Homicides in Aurora in 2012, Illinois's 2nd largest city - 0 (zero)

I've been saying that Rahm has some explaining to do. Seems he has about 506 explanations to do.

The Aurora story seems to have broken with this report in the Aurora Beacon News, but other outlets, including the Chicago Tribune are picking it up.
506 to 0. What can be said about that?

That's an absolutely staggering difference.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a murder happy psychopath - the numbers prove it. How does someone like that have any credibility whatsoever on the gun issue? Rahm has done such a great job of getting people killed to advance the Democratic Party's gun ban agenda that he should be in prison for murder.
We need to get the word out on this.

skidmark said...

Bugging out is a viable plan only if you bug out before the herd stampedes and the interstates turn into massive gridlock. Your bugout bunker is only good if you can keep everyone from knowing where it is so they can come and take your stuff. (There will be enough who find you and try to take your stuff anyway.)

I'm too old, too crippled, and just too fed up to bug out. But unless it's a far-reaching natural disaster I will be providing the rearguard action needed for those who can to be able to bug out effectively. As for the stampeding herd - no need to go see what trhe grocery or sporting goods stores have left, and no credit card bills at the end of the month. No ned to try to feed off of the fittest when there are so many weak available. (Only the Zombie Apocalypse scares me, as there will be so many newly turned that my current stock sufficient for (mumble-hmm) long could get used up a lot faster.

stay safe.

Mose Jefferson said...

My bug out bag is just to get by until the unfightable federal goblins are no longer in my home - then I go back in my home. I don't see this as a likely event, but it is good to be prepared.

In all normal times, such as the irritating ones in which we currently live, I agree with you - the answer is to keep on keeping on, and continue to be a voice of reason. Before I left Portland for the better locale of Winchester (ha!) I made sure to infect many others with the gun bug. Just got a text from another about the next gun he'll buy, in fact.

Just remember..."you can't take the sky from me".

drjim said...

Aurora's now the second largest city?

I thought it was still Rockford.