Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here's the 'Conversation' They Offer

From someone who's obsessed w/ 'guns':
The longer the weapon, the shorter the tool

owning a Hummer was an obvious sign of a person making up for a physical shortcoming

it's because you have a small penis.

you have a tiny wiener and you're incredibly self-conscious about it

Women who own assault weapons have tiny penises

seek less violent ways to make up for your shortcomings

There are thousands of “natural male enhancement” products out there

Swedish-made penis-enlargement pumps might actually work

there's some product out there that can make up for your puny wiener
  Just to highlight HOW narcissistic this individual is, he thinks that him calling car owners names is what lead to the decrease in Hummer popularity, not the double of gas prices.
This is what passes for a 'sensible conversation' in the anti-gun world. No facts. No evidence.  Just hate filled, rhetoric, ignorance and demonization along w/ an unhealthy obsession w/ other people's genitalia.
The war is far from over but the PuSH'ers have already lost the fight.  This is the best they have to offer. 

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Robert Fowler said...

We have facts and figures, they have penis jokes.

Chas said...

Why would a man want to have a big dick? It doesn't work well for day to day sex. Women don't want to have to put up with a huge penis everyday. They don't want to have to dilate that much all the time. It's the affection and attention that make for satisfying sex for a woman.
Now, if you have a big wallet . . . That they do like. Dinner out most of the time instead of having to cook in the kitchen most of the time . . . I haven't heard any women complaining about a man having too big a wallet - not one complaint.

Weer'd Beard said...

Gun Grabbers wake up every day and think of the penises of happily married men.

Cormac said...


Thanks so much for sharing that link...I really needed a good laugh

An angry woman with a tiny penis buying something called an "assault weapon"?

Any time I've seen a civilian woman with an AR (AK, SKS, SVT, whatever random carbine), she's been having a blast!
No doubt these chicks would be deadly if confronted...there's not much anger at the gun range.

dustydog said...

Basic psychology : When a dude complains that much about other men's penises and guns, it is code for homosexual rape fantasy.

This guy is obsessed with his dream of being raped at gunpoint, and it's not his fault because gun.

All the talk about small guns is his way of begging the world to tell him that his small package is ok.