Friday, January 4, 2013

No 'Groundswell' of Support for Gun Control

More like an attack of gas

There is always a bounce for more gun laws after a well publicized shooting.  This usually lasts until the next new episode of Survivor or American Idol comes on TV but the PuSH'ers always try and take advantage of it, (inflamed by an increase in comments and 'likes' on their FB pages and Twitter) claiming the 'tide is turning' and 'Americans are waking up'.

Well just a few weeks after one of the worst tragedies in recent history, let's take a look at the 'groundswell' of support they're receiving.  In Illinois bills have been pushed through into a lame-duck session calling for every goal of the anti-gun groups.  The ONLY anti-gun organization that has voiced ANY public support for it that I can find is the Joyce funded Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV). 

To show the level of 'grassroots' support they're receiving, on a post made about the same time as one from the Illinois State Rifle Assoc. on the latest SB2899, they've received (as of this writing) 1 Share and 6 likes.  The ISRA, on the other hand, has received 57 shares, 61 likes and 86 comments. A post made 8 hrs previous 330 shares, 132 likes and 109 comments. One yesterday: 506 shares, 503 likes, 85 comments.Those are just the 'on topic' posts made. I haven't even counted in the responses to posts made by the NRA, Illinois Carry, IL-GUNLOBBY, or GSL to name but a few. 

You get the idea.

The ICHV's crowning glory during this was proclaiming 'Victory' by getting the Senate bills out of a rigged committee filled w/ Chicago-crats two days ago.  38 shares. 70 likes and 13 comments.

So what am I getting at?  Again this is evidence that our threats to gun ownership are NOT coming from the public but instead from (often ignorant) agenda driven politicians, left-wing philanthropists and a few die hard anti-gun fanatics (mostly financed by the philanthropists) who use self generated polls and statistics to lie to the media and citizens.

And just to take a look at the quality of lobbying the philanthropists are getting w/ their paid activists, here's a screencap of the ICHV's latest email alert:

Only complacency on the part of firearm owners will let bills like we're seeing in IL pass.  By firearm owners believing "you don't 'NEED' gun X" or "They ain't cummin' for my huntin' guns".  Yes Virginia, they are.  You may not be directly effected by THIS round, but you will be soon if they get their way.  You'ld eventually be restricted to Gov't approved 'shooting clubs' where you store what types of guns they allow you. Just like in England, Australia and much of Western Europe. 

I'm just one guy who writes a 'sh!tty little blog' and volunteers some time helping out the local gun groups and I reach hundreds of people every day.  My legislators know my name and my stances.

Think of what we could accomplish if just a few dozen more people in each area were more active.

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John Richardson said...

The longer we can stall, delay, and hinder the anti's legislation, the less likely they will be to pass anything. We just have to hold on for a bit just like the 101st Airborne at Bastogne.

Thirdpower said...


Chas said...

Like the pathetic leftard character in "Ice Pirates" just before he got neutered, I can hear the CSGV now, "Turn off your machines! Walk off your jobs! Power to the people!"

Chas said...

There's been a groundswell of support for shooting dead any son of a bitch who walks into a school and tries to hurt kids.
The gunless pacifism that liberals have promoted for ages is out the window. Parents want their kids guarded by armed guards. If little Johnny doesn't have a guardian angel with a gun to protect him, his mother is going to want to know why, and she's not likely to be happy with a BS liberal “we don’t think it’s necessary” explanation. Not after the slaughter at Sandy Hook.
The “National School Massacre Lottery” that the Democratic Party set up with their “gun free school zones” is pretty much broken now after Sandy Hook Elementary lost the lottery. Democrats still want to keep it in place, but the rest of the country can’t stomach it anymore. They want guns in their schools to protect their children.